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About Us

Safe Storage USA provides safe, secure self-storage solutions for all your storage needs.

At Safe Storage USA, you are our number one priority. Whether you need extra square footage to store your belongings or a secure space to manage inventory for your growing business, we offer a variety of solutions to meet your storage needs.

As anational self-storage platform focused on consolidating the highly fragmented self-storage sector across the United States, we prioritize the continual optimization of our practices to maximize efficiency and sustainability.

Our online rental portal features a storage sizing guide, itemized invoicing, easy payment options, and the transparency you need to manage your storage space with no surprises.

We also offer a wide selection of supplies to help you move, pack and store your valuables with ease.

While you can complete your entire rental process online, our on-site managers and storage professionals are always readily available to support you and offer guidance on the most suitable solutions for your needs.

Meet The Team

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David Khantses

Managing Partner

David Khantses is a founder and Managing Partner of Safe Storage USA. Before Safe Storage USA, he served as the founder of a notable healthcare startup.

David created his first successful business at the age of twenty-one and has spent the last sixteen years owning and operating several multi-million-dollar healthcare companies, including independent pharmacies and wholesale pharmaceutical companies.

David earned his undergraduate degree in Business from Brooklyn College. He routinely supports local religious organizations and uses his expertise to help others solve problems and build stronger financial futures.

When he’s not cheering on his two sons at their baseball games, David enjoys traveling and spending quality time with friends and family.

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Russell Nersesov

Managing Partner

Russell Nersesov is a Commercial Real Estate Owner, Developer, Operator, and Founding Partner of Safe Storage USA.Prior to Safe Storage USA, he worked within the Real Estate industry for over 18 years managing and owning various commercial and residential real estate assets.

As a licensed Realtor, Russell has developed and sold numerous single-family residences; he also invested in several multi-family projects, eventually leading to his investment in self-storage facilities.

Before beginning his career in real estate, Russell earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Excelsior College in New York and his Graduate Degree in Chiropractic from the New York Chiropractic College and has been a practicing Chiropractor for 23 years. He is fluent in English and Russian, enjoys travel, fast cars, motorcycles, and spending time with his wife, two daughters, and two four-legged friends.

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Matt Wess

Director of

AcquisitionsPrior to joining Safe Storage USA as Director of Acquisitions, Matt Wess started his self-storage career in 2008 where he was in charge of Acquisitions for SecurCare Self Storage. In 2013, SecurCare became one of the three founding Participating Regional Operators (PROs) of National Storage Affiliates (NSA) prior to becoming a Public REIT in 2015. In 2019, Matt transitioned from Acquisitions at SecurCare to Manager of Acquisitions at NSA and was primarily responsible for facilitating the sourcing of acquisitions, underwriting, transaction structuring, due diligence and investment committee review of the Company’s real estate acquisitions. In Matt’s self-storage career, he has successfully transacted on hundreds of facilities worth over $5 billion. Matt holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems from the University of Iowa – Henry B. Tippie College of Business. In Matt’s spare time he enjoys attending his two daughters’ volleyball games / tournaments, hitting the gym, snowboarding, mountain biking and traveling.

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Thaddeus Campbell

Director of Business Development

Thaddeus Campbell brings a diverse background to the Safe Storage USA team. A graduate of Tufts University (BA History/English) and Syracuse University (MS Communications), he began his professional career as a successful Television Anchor. Figuring out quickly that career would keep him far from his family, he left to join his father’s business in Chemical Sales. Using the skills from his television career he quickly found himself building lasting relationships with many manufacturers in the Northeast.

While transitioning into a career in sales, Campbell took up Martial Arts as a way to stay health. A Cross Country and Track athlete in High School and College, he transitioned to Mixed Martial Arts as a way to get back into elite shape. That hobby quickly turned into a passion and within two years of his initial class in 2001, he was a Black Belt and owned his own Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts School. Training directly under the renowned Tiger Schulmann, he went on to run one of the most successful Martial Arts schools in the country.

While running his school, he was also invested in his own growth as a martial artist. That dedication saw him join the New Jersey Tigers in Chuck Norris’ World Combat League. At 34 years old he was at once the least experienced fighter in the organization while also being one of the oldest. In six professional fights he would compete against four opponents who either held World Titles or fought for one!

After a serious injury forced him out of his Martial Arts career, Campbell found his next passion in Real Estate. Starting out in the Residential space as a House Flipper and Wholesaler, he combined the skills of communication, sales and self-discipline from his earlier careers to drive his way up the ladder into commercial real estate.

Now he has found his home in the best industry he has ever worked in. Establishing lasting relationships with developers around the country, his specialty is in building teams to identify the best parcels for ground up self-storage development around the country!

Our Core Values

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Our vision is to continuously and strategically expand our footprint, continually invest in the latest technology to make your self-storage experience effortless and affordable.

Russell Nersesov and David Khantses founded Safe Storage USA to provide a superior, secure self-storage experience at affordable prices.
At Safe Storage USA, we lead with transparency. Providing reliable, sustainable, and ethical service is the bedrock of our business practice. We aim to continue to be of service by educating our communities on the viable pathways to financial stability and supporting St. Jude Children’s Hospital, the Wounded Worrier Project, and other charitable organizations that have a positive life-changing impact on others.

To get started, visit our blog for resources on self-storage best practices, storage tips, and insights.

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About Us - Safe Storage USA (2024)
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