King of Hearts - meg_a_dork (2024)

Day 1 - February 1st

Angel stood at the stove in his and Husk's penthouse, hips swaying to the soft music playing through his earbuds as he sang under his breath.

Husk's hand appeared in the corner of his vision to alert Angel to his presence, and Angel popped out an earbud. "Y'want pancakes?"

"Sure,Principessa. You sleep well?"

Angel nodded with a smile, grasped Husk's hand in his, and lifted their arms in an arch above their heads, spinning Husk in a small circle before kissing the tip of his nose.

"You're in a good mood."

Tossing his earbuds and phone onto the island, Angel shrugged. "Mm. Got an amazin' husband, a half-day'f work, 'n a good night's sleep. I'm allowed t'be in a good mood."

Husk wrapped his arms around Angel from behind, claws combing through his chest fluff and hair. "I like hearin' y'call me your 'husband', y'know. 'T's nice."

"I likesayin' it."

Husk took Angel's top left hand from where it rested on the counter, thumb tracing his simple gold wedding ring and pressing down on the small stone. He smiled against Angel's back.

"Move a scooch; I've gotta grab somethin' from the fridge."

Husk sighed loudly. "Mean." He slipped away from Angel to get himself a mug of coffee, then sit at the island.

"Yeah, yeah." Angel retrieved a container of strawberries and started chopping them into pieces. "Grab me some plates, Handsome?"

Husk obliged easily as Angel flipped the last pancake into the pile beside him. "Kiss?"

Angel leaned down to kiss Husk. He separated the pancakes into two piles, each on a plate, and poured the chopped-up berries onto his pile and spread butter onto Husk's. "Here y'go, Baby." Angel sat beside Husk, pulled him in close to kiss his temple, and whispered, "Good morning."

"Mornin'." Husk held up a finger before Angel took his first bite, making the taller Overlord groan. "Hush. It'll take a minute." Getting up from his stool, Husk retrieved a bouquet of white roses from the stairwell to the roof, handed them to Angel, and approached the elevator as soon as the door opened with ading.

He set a cup of Angel's favorite iced coffee in front of the spider demon, then kissed him. "Happy first day of Valentine's day."

"... Huh?"

"It's February 1st. You're gettin' spoiledevery day 'til Valentine's."


Husk scratched behind Angel's ear as the taller demon ran his fingers over the flowers on his lap.

"Thank you. These'repretty."


Angel took a long sip from the iced coffee, then slipped off of his stool to retrieve a vase from the cabinet in the corner of the kitchen, fill it with water, and trim the bottoms of the flower stems before placing them in the vase. He stared at the flowers for a long moment.

"You alright?"

"I... I haven't gotten flowers in along time."

"How long is 'long'?"

" 'Bout 70 years, give or take."

Husk stood up and offered Angel a hand, smiling when Angel wrapped all six of his arms around him. "You like 'em? I can give 'em t'someone else--"

"Don't youf*ckin' dare. They'rebeautiful. It was just... jarring? I think that's the right word."

"Mm. Any flowers y'don't wanna get?"

"Nah. As long asyou're the one givin' 'em to me, I'm good."

Husk smiled into Angel's chest. "Good. Y'deserveall the flowers I can give ya."

Angel's phone buzzed on the island, and the Overlords pulled away from each other to allow Angel to check it.

"sh*t. I've gotta go."


"Mm. Vox'spissed, 'n Vel needs help calmin' him down."

Husk sighed. "Go get dressed, then."

"I've still gotta eat--"

"I'll pack it up. Y'can take it in the car with ya t'eat on the drive."

Angel beamed and leaned down to kiss Husk. "You're too good t'me."

"No such thing."

Angel kissed Husk three times in quick succession, then left the kitchen to change in the bedroom.

As he pulled on a skintight, pink leather skirt, Husk poked his head in. "Y'want me t'make you lunch, too?"

"Nope. Comin' back here at two, so we can eat together then?"

"Done." Husk left the room.

Angel spritzed himself in perfume and pulled on a black cropped t-shirt, then his black fur coat. He pulled on a pair of knee-high black boots, then combed his hair back from his face in the mirror above the vanity.

When he entered the kitchen, Husk handed him a container. "Pancakes, strawberries, and some chocolates. 'Cause y'usually want a pick-me-up after a couple hours."

Angel grinned. He tugged the container out of Husk's hands and kissed him. "I amso pissed that I've gotta go."


"Ireally wanna suck your dick."

"Maybe later, Sweets."


Husk chuckled and shook his head. "Yeah, Anthony. We'll see."

Angel pressed a few short kisses to Husk's lips before he swiped a hand through his own hair, wiped the corner of his mouth with the pad of his thumb, and bid as he left, "Bye, Toots! See ya at lunch!"

Husk chuckled to himself.

After Angel returned to the casino, bag with Husk's favorite burgers in one of his top hands and his own bag in the other, he knocked on Husk's open office door as he entered.

"Hey, Princess. Gimme a minute; I've gotta finish this 'n get it in t'bookkeeping."

Angel nodded as he sat across from Husk and started unpacking the food, but Husk shook his head.

"We're eatin' upstairs. I need t'stretch."


Husk finished the page in front of him, then placed it in his 'outgoing' mailbox. "Okay. Kiss first, then we'll go eat."

Angel grinned and all but ran around the desk to drop into Husk's lap and kiss him, smiling against his lips. "I missed you."

"Missed you, too,Ange. Can I do somethin' quick?"


Husk tugged up Angel's crop top and buried his face in Angel's chest fluff, letting the loose shirt fall around his head.

Angel hummed and ran his hands over Husk's tense shoulders. "You have a rough mornin'?"

Husk hummed absently. "Just... y'leftfast this morning. Missed you."

With a soft sigh, Angel kissed the top of Husk's head and smoothed down his braids. "I know. But I've just got a few more days this week, then I'mall yours for the weekend."


Angel nodded.

"Can we go out on Sunday?"

"I think so? Cherri 'n I are going out on Saturday night, so... maybe in the afternoon?"

"Yeah, Princess, we can do that."

Angel grinned as he kissed the top of Husk's head. He scratched Husk's shoulder blades as the shorter Overlord nuzzled into his chest.

After a while, Angel pulled Husk out from under his shirt. "Alright, we can continue this upstairs. Full-on tit* out. But I've been sittin' up for too long."

Husk frowned as he re-situated Angel's shirt over his chest. "You sore?"

"Eh. Lil' bit. Kinda wanna just eat, nap, then suck your dick."

"If y'wake up before me, y'can wakeme up like that."


Husk nodded as he helped Angel to his feet, then pulled Angel into a gentle kiss with a soft hand on the back of his neck. "C'mon, Beautiful."

Angel wrapped his arms around Husk's shoulders from behind as soon as the shorter Overlord's back was turned, and Husk paused to not displace him.


"Nothin'. Just wanted t'hug you."

Husk chuckled as he reached up behind his head to scratch at Angel's jaw. "Alright. Tell me when you're ready t'leave."

Angel moved to press his face into the juncture of Husk's shoulder and neck. "Y'smell nice."

"Used aftershave for once."

"Mm. Y'should use it more often."

"I don't shave every day."


Angel gave one more squeeze to Husk's ribcage and shoulders, then released him to grab the bags from the other side of the desk.

The two of them made their way upstairs, Husk's arm landing around Angel's hips. "Did y'get extra cheese fries?"

" 'Course. What d'you take me for?"

"Perfection personified."

Angel cackled and shook his head, pulling Husk close with an arm around his shoulders and kissing the top of his head.

As they sat on the couch and Husk pulled Angel's feet into his lap, Angel set all of the food on the coffee table.

They each picked up their own food and ate quietly, Husk clicking on the TV after a few minutes to fill the silence.

When finished, Angel stood, wiped his hands on the pile of paper napkins on the coffee table, and said, "Bathroom. Meet you in the bedroom when you're ready?"

"Sounds good. Need a few minutes."

Angel nodded before kissing the top of Husk's head. "I've gotta change, anyway. Y'want me t'wait for ya?"

Husk considered the offer, then shrugged, as nonchalantly as he could manage. "Up t'you."


Husk rolled his eyes with a smile. "Go."

Angel entered the bathroom and kicked the door shut behind himself, eyes catching on a bright pink sticky note on the edge of the large mirror.

Anthony is thoughtful

Angel plucked the note from the mirror, turning it over in his hand as though to confirm it was real. He opened the door, without looking up from the note, and called, "Hey, Whiskers?"

Husk looked up from the final bite of his burger, jaw unhinged as he was about to bite into it. "What?"

"You write this?"

"You should be more concerned if I didn't write it."

Angel stared at Husk's scratchy cursive on the note, then asked, "Why?"

" 'Cause I like complimentin' ya. Keep up."

Angel snickered and tucked the note into his pocket. "Thanks, then, Francis."

Husk hummed.

As Angel used the bathroom, he heard Husk leave the living room and move into the bedroom. He scrubbed his hands clean, took out his earrings, and stared at himself in the mirror for a moment before chuckling in disbelief and shaking his head.

Angel stripped out of his skirt and shirt as he stepped into the bedroom, smiling as he caught Husk staring at him through the reflection in the vanity mirror.

"Like whatcha see?"

"Mm. Love it. Loveyou."

Angel grinned and laid down on top of Husk without bothering to put on fresh clothes.

"sh*t. Hold on. Off."

Angel rolled away from Husk.

Husk sat up to pull off his suit jacket, suspenders, and dress shirt, then kicked off his pants. "C'mere."

Angel buried his face in Husk's warm chest with a sigh. "Love you."


"Love you, love you, love you," Angel repeated softly, kissing Husk's sternum between every declaration. "You'reincredible."

Husk smiled against Angel's scalp. "I loveyou, Princess. You have a good first day'f Valentine's?"

"Mm. Yeah. That's somethin' I've been meanin' t'ask you about."

"Go 'head."

"Most people just celebrateday-of, y'know?"

"I'm not 'most people'."

Angel huffed a soft laugh.

"We're not most people.You deserve t'be spoiled all month."

"All month?"

"Er... The first two weeks'f the month, I guess. If y'wanna keep goin' after Valentine's--"

"No, thanks."

Husk chuckled and shook his head, fingers scratching Angel's scalp. "Alright. Tell me if you change your mind."

Angel stroked a gentle hand down Husk's side, then twisted the end of his tail around his palm to stroke the feathered spade on the end.

"Don't start nothin'. I'm half-asleep already."

"Hey, if that's your issue, I can do all the work."

"Mm. Sleep, Tony."

Angel snickered and kissed Husk's throat. "Alright,Lawrence."

Husk pinched Angel's sides to hear the taller Overlord squeal and watch him flail away and nearly fall off of the bed, only caught by one of Husk's strong arms around his waist.


"Watch yourself."

"M'kay. Sorry."

"Don't be sorry," Husk whispered into Angel's hair, claws gently scratching his shoulder blades. "I'm teasin'."

"M-hm." Angel licked a stripe up Husk's neck and whispered against the sharp tip of his ear, " 'M sleepy."

"Thensleep, asshole."

Angel pouted. " 'Mnot an asshole."

Hush cupped Angel's face in both hands, kissed him gently, and whispered, "Sweets, I love ya, but yeah, you are."

Angel snorted, faux-seriousness vanishing in an instant as he smiled into Husk's soft chest. "Love ya, too."

"That wasn't the point'f that sentence."

"I'm cute; lemme take away what I want."

"f*ckin'...fine. dickhe*d."

Angel's smile grew, and Husk laughed into his hair.

Day 2 - February 2nd

Husk awoke early to his alarm, set quietly enough that his enhanced hearing picked up on it, but Angel didn't stir.

After a few minutes of half-asleep cuddling with Angel's sleeping form, Husk extricated himself from Angel's death-grip. He kissed Angel's temple as he pressed his still-warm pillow into Angel's arms and whispered, "Ti amo,Mio Angelo."

Shutting the door as quietly as he could, Husk gathered ingredients, then froze as he saw Nuggets approach him with a curiousoink?.

"You'd better shut your trap, Pig."

Nuggets whimpered and leaned heavily on Husk's calves until the demon picked him up and kissed between his horns.

"Shush. I'll give ya scraps if y'promise not t'wake Anthony up."

Nuggets stared into Husk's eyes.

"I'll take that as accepting. Y'can't sign anything, so..." Husk placed Nuggets on the island. "Sit."

Nuggets followed his direction, co*cking his head while Husk placed ingredients on the counter far away from him.

Husk chopped strawberries and melted chocolate on the stove as the waffle-iron heated up.

With careful hands, Husk spread the batter as evenly as he could over each of the five heart-shaped sections of the appliance, then shut it quietly.

He fried eggs in a separate pan, keeping a careful eye on the light atop the waffle maker.

Once everything was finished and cleaned, Husk plated the food, stacked it on a wooden tray with a mosaic design in the center, and drizzled the melted chocolate over Angel's waffles.

Nuggets squealed sadly as soon as Husk stepped away, and Husk sighed. He set the tray down, helped Nuggets off of the counter, and picked up the tray again.

He opened the bedroom door quietly, Nuggets under one arm and the tray held carefully in the other. Once Nuggets was set down on the bed, Husk set behind Angel and stroked a gentle hand over Angel's side.

"Princess," Husk whispered, shaking Angel.

Angel mumbled something under his breath.

Husk glanced at Nuggets, who was staring intently at Angel, then said, "Get 'im, Nuggs."

Nuggets squealed happily and dove for Angel's face, licking andoinking as Angel sputtered.

"Nuggets! Off!"

"Get 'im!" Husk encouraged, laughter growing as Angel glared playfully at him.

Once Nuggets was laying on his back and getting his belly rubbed, Angel yawned, stretched his two unoccupied sets of arms and asked, "Whatcha got there, Francis?"

Husk offered the tray to Angel with a soft kiss to his forehead. "Happy second day of Valentine's."

Angel beamed. "Did you bring me breakfast in bed?"


Angel cooed and reached up to pull Husk into a tight hug. He kissed the side of Husk's neck, then pulled back to look at the tray in front of him.

"Nuggets helped. So... if there's anything wrong, it's his fault."

"He wouldnever."

Husk chuckled and kissed Angel's shoulder. "Then he made the good parts, 'n I ruined the rest."

"And if it's all perfect?"

"Then you can thank your pig."

Angel pouted.

Husk scooted further onto the bed and scooped Fat Nuggets into his lap.

"Thanks for breakfast, Whiskers," Angel whispered, taking Husk's hand in two of his own and kissing the back of it.

"Yeah. 'Course."

Angel cut everything on the tray into pieces, offering one of the heart-shaped pieces of the waffle to Husk.

"It's yours, Dollface."

"AndI wanna share."

Husk sighed, took the waffle between two claws, and bit into it. "Thanks."

"Mm." As Angel ate, Husk left the room, Nuggets still cradled to his chest, and retrieved a box from the hall closet to bring back to Angel.

"What'd ya find, Kitty?"

"f*ck off."

Angel snickered.


Angel wiped his hands on the dish towel draped over the side of the tray, then took the box from Husk to open it.

He pulled out a soft stuffed whale, colored a pale blue and with soft fur over the entirety of it. "Oh. He's sosoft."

Husk smiled as Angel hugged the animal to his chest and buried his face in its fur. "You got a name for 'im?"

"Whalebert. Obviously."

Husk snorted and nodded. "Sure. Obviously."

Angel nuzzled his face into the plush.

Husk stroked his hair with a smile. "You like it?"

"Love it." Angel moved to place the plush back into the box, then paused, plucking another bright pink sticky note from the box, reading it aloud, "'Anthony is talented'."

"Mm. Yeah, he is," Husk murmured with a smile.


Husk snickered, watching Angel roll off of the bed, stretch, and find his miniskirt from the floor. He fished out the note from the day before, then placed both bright pink slips of paper into one of the many drawers of the vanity.

He turned around, wrinkling his nose playfully at Husk as he asked, "What's that face for?"

"No face. Don'thave a face."

Angel hummed. "That's sad."

"Why's that?"

"Well, no face means you're deprivin' the world'f these roguish good looks," Angel cooed, squishing Husk's cheeks in one hand. "And deprivin'me of myfavorite seat."

Husk blinked hard.

"Yeah. Exactly. So, I ask again: what's the face for?"

"I f*ckin' love you."

"I love you, too. That wasn't your 'I love you' face, though."


"Your eyes go all soft, 'n y'can't stop smilin', 'n your tail goes straight up. This wasn't that."

Husk sighed and leaned up to kiss Angel with a smile. "I just... I love seein' ease. Relaxed. Lettin' yourself enjoy a slow morning 'n breakfast in bed."

Angel smiled as he took his seat again and picked up a piece of strawberry, the slightly-hardened chocolatecrunching as he bit into it. "I like bein' able to. I think life as an Overlord's husband suits me."

"Definitely.You make a good Overlord, too, though."

"I know. But... it's kinda nice t'just let myself be spoiled, I guess."

Husk smiled, pinching the inner corners of his eyes with a sigh.

"Did I f*ck up? sh*t. Sorry, Baby, I didn't mean t'--"

"No.No, Anthony, I'm--" Husk took his hands from his face and gripped all six of Angel's hands in his, whispering, "Ilove hearin' that."


"You-- Years ago, y'barely wanted t'let me buy you a drink and a meal at DickMonald's. Now, y'like bein' spoiled, and y'know you deserve it.

"Yeah, 'cause Ido."

"Damn f*ckin' right." Husk kissed Angel and whispered, "Y'gotta finish your breakfast b'fore it gets cold.I've gotta get t'work in a bit."

"On aThursday?" Angel whined.

Husk hesitated, then offered a weak, "Yes?"

Angel sighed loudly.

"I know. I'mso cruel to you. You have work today?"

"Nope. Did it all yesterday."

"Good." Husk kissed the side of Angel's neck. "D'you wanna come 'n sit with me? Nuggets can come, too, if ya want."

Angel considered the offer, then said, "I wanna go back t'bed."

"Oh. Alright, then. You should do that, then."

Angel reached up to scratch behind Husk's ears. "I have ateeny-tiny request."

"Anything ya want."

Angel set his tray aside and laid down, holding his arms out for Husk.

"Principessa, I'vegotta get t'work--"

Angel snatched Husk's phone from the nightstand, set a timer for 45 minutes, and started it. "I'll let ya go when that goes off."

"No, you won't."

"Exactly why I'm settinganother one--" Angel pressed another button, "-- for an hour from now, so I can have another 15 minutes of last-minute cuddles."

Husk smiled as he laid down against Angel's chest.

Angel's fingers trailed up the back of Husk's neck to fiddle with the bases of his braids. "Thanks, Baby."

"F'r what?" Husk asked, voice already tired and eyes already shut.

"Breakfast. Cuddles. Makin' me happy. I dunno, take your pick."

Husk nodded weakly and squeezed Angel closer. "Y'deserve itall."

Angel awoke a few hours later, blinking his eyes open slowly and lifting his head from Husk's chest. "Francis?"

"Mm?" Husk asked, opening his eyes to glance down at Angel.

"Thought ya had work."

"Couldn't bring myself t'wake ya. I'll head down when you're ready t'move."

Angel nuzzled into Husk's chest.

"Yeah, I kinda figured," Husk chuckled gently, his laugh rumbling through Angel's body. His purring picked up again when he went quiet, and his claws scratched at Angel's scalp to gently detangle his hair.

Angel combed through the fur on Husk's chest with the fingers on his top left hand.

"You feelin' more rested?"

"M-hm. Just... needed a little longer, I guess."


Angel rolled off of Husk with a groan and stretched with a yawn. "The offer t'join ya still there?"


"Alright. I'm gonna shower, then change, 'n we can go?"

Husk nodded. "I've gotta shower, too. You go first, though."

Angel smiled and leaned down to kiss Husk. "I'll be quick."

"'Anthony-quick' or 'Francis-quick'?"

"'Anthony-quick', 'cause I can't take two-minute showers."

"I know."

"Hey! There's a lotta me t'clean!"

Husk laughed loudly and shook his head, fond. "Go,Ange."

Angel kissed Husk a few more times, then left the bedroom to grab a towel from the linen closet and turn on the shower. "Ya wanna join me?"

"We've gotta get t'worksometime."

"No,you've gotta get t'work.I wanna hang out with ya."

Husk shook his head with a fond smile. "I'm gonna make ya shower alone."

Angel poked his head back into the bedroom with a pout.

"Yeah. I am. Go shower."

Angel snickered and shook his head. "Alright. Can ya grab me somethin' comfy t'wear?"


As Angel got into the shower, Husk stood to rummage through Angel's drawers and retrieve him a pair of underwear, a knee-length skirt, and a soft t-shirt from his own dresser. He folded everything on the end of the bed, then got a set of clothes for himself out and placed them beside Angel's.

As Husk filled out paperwork at his desk, Angel sat on the couch in the corner, scrolling absently through his phone.

"Drink some water, please?" Husk suggested as he picked up his own water bottle.

Angel obliged with a hum, then adjusted his positioning to lie on his stomach instead of his back.

"You have a minute?"

"Always, for you, Handsome," Angel purred, dropping his phone to the couch and swaying his hips as he walked over to Husk.

Husk pulled Angel down onto his lap, burying his face in the taller Overlord's neck.

"You alright?"


Angel snickered and massaged Husk's shoulders and neck. "You ready for lunch?"


With a hum, Angel tugged back from Husk's embrace, finding no real resistance. "How 'bout we go get a snack? Just stretch your legs 'nmove."

"Alright. 'T's gotta be quick, though, I've got a phone call in about an hour."

Angel nodded once. "C'mon, Handsome." He stood and tugged Husk behind him, hands holding Husk's tightly as he pressed the elevator button, then leaning down to kiss Husk with a smile and a hum.

"You okay? You been havin' fun?"

"Mm. Yeah. Kinda nice t'turn my brain off."


"Can we sit together while we eat?"

" 'Course."

"I mean 'on the couch' in your office?"

" 'Course, we can."

Angel beamed.

Husk shook his head with a chuckle. "I'm spendin' all this time 'n energy t'try 'n spoil ya, and all ya really want is to cuddle and eat snacks."

"And sit on your face, sometimes," Angel said with a shrug.

"Later this week. Promise."

Angel snickered. "Can it happen a couple'f times?"

"If you ask nice enough."

Day 3 - February 3rd

Angel re-entered the apartment after work at the V's tower, immediately kicking off his boots and hollering, "Francis!"

No response came, so he wandered further into the apartment. "Husky?"

Pulling off his sundress, Angel tossed his clothes into the hamper and changed into a pair of Husk's sweatpants, even though they only ended at about his knees, as well as a baggy sweatshirt.

Nuggets ran into the bedroom, squealing happily when Angel tossed him onto the bed and lunged after him to rub his tummy and kiss his face.

"Hi, Bubby!" Angel laughed, scratching Nuggets' back and sides while the pig squirmed on the bed. "You have a good day? Did Niff come by?"

At the mention of his favorite person, Nuggets squealed and rolled over to stand and run around the bed.

"Yeah? Did you behave for her?"

Husk chuckled from the doorway, and Angel looked up, grinning.


"Hey,Principessa. You have a good day?"

"Mm. Yeah. Missed you, though."

Husk hummed as he unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it towards the hamper. "You up for touch tonight?"


"Mm. Good. Now, I've got a plan already, but lemme know if we need t'change anything."


"I've already got dinner ordered and on its way up. We're gonna set up a blanket nest on the floor, letyou choose a few movies, 'n eat sh*tty movie snacks. Sound good?"

"That soundsawesome."

Husk smiled as he sat on the bed to pull off his pants, laughing when Angel hugged him from behind. "Hey, you."

"Mm...hey." Angel nipped gently at Husk's neck. "Didyou have a good day?"

"Yeah. Quiet, boring. Good sh*t."

Angel grinned against Husk's shoulder and hugged him tighter.

"I'm gonna need ya t'move if I'm gonna get dressed."


Husk smiled and reached up and back to scratch Angel's jaw.

Angel inhaled the scent of Husk's cologne with his nose buried in the crook of Husk's neck. "Love you."

"Love you, too, Princess."

"Missed youso bad today."

"That right?"

Angel nodded. "Yeah. Had a meeting with Oz and Fizz, 'n Oz pulled out your favorite whiskey. Made me think'f you."


Angel nodded again.

"You bring any home with ya?"

"Nah. He said we should schedule dinner sometime soon, though."

"We can work on that. I'll call 'im on Monday."


"It's the weekend. I'm not workin' if I don't have to."

Angel smiled into Husk's fur and nipped his neck.

"Be nice."


Husk snorted and shook his head, reaching back to cup Angel's hip and squeeze gently. "Love you."

Angel grinned wider.

"Alright, I've gotta pee, and dinner's on its way up."

"It is?"

"Y'can't hear the elevator?"

Angel flicked Husk's pointed ears gently as he pulled away. "Nope."

"Right. Just... grab the food, bring it to the living room, 'n grab the blankets 'n pillows you wanna use."

"Can I make the nest?"

"Sure, ya can,Principessa. You wantany help?"

"Bring the comforter with ya when ya come out?"

Husk nodded once as he stood.

Angel moved to the living room, gathered his favorite blankets and pillows from the linen closet, and shoved the coffee table out of the way to make a large open space on the plush area rug in the center of the room.

Husk stood in the doorway to the living room, arms crossed and smile gentle.

"Canyou grab the food?" Angel asked, batting his lashes at Husk from where he was kneeling on the floor.

Husk scoffed and rolled his eyes, moving towards the open elevator doors anyway.

Angel fluffed up pillows, folded blankets into the edges of the nest, and settled some of his stuffed animals around the sides, including the new one he had received the day before.

"Did you bring the comforter?" Angel asked, glancing up at Husk when he came back.

"About that..."

Angel snickered. "Can youplease grab it, Baby?"

"Nope. Got somethin' better."

Angel's brows raised.

"Wait here." Husk handed Angel the food, allowing Angel to place the tray in the center of the nest.

When he returned, he placed numerous folded, ribbon-tied blankets in the nest, each of them brightly-colored, fluffy, and large enough to fit their king-sized bed.

"Francis," Angel breathed, running his hands over the fabrics.

"Before you think that's it, I had Niff make 'em custom, so there's bags attached to each one that they can be folded into, and you can use them ascovers for the weighted blankets we already have."

"Come here," Angel demanded.

Husk sat down on the ground beside Angel with a groan.

Angel kissed Husk roughly, climbing into his lap to sit on his thighs. "I love you. You know meso well."

"Mm. Comes with the territory."

Angel grinned and nuzzled his nose against Husk's before kissing it lightly.

"Grab food. I haven't eaten since breakfast."

"I don't think that'smy fault," Angel scoffed, removing himself from Husk's lap to move the tray of food between them anyway.

Husk handed Angel the TV remote, the screen already displaying the selection of streaming services. "Whatever you want."

"Younever let me pick my movies."

"And I am now. That should tell you how much I love ya."

Angel hummed through his food, dropping his head atop Husk's. "If youreally don't wanna watch somethin', I've got a long list'f things I've been wantin' t'watch."

Husk shook his head gently. "Whatever you want. I mean it. I might fallasleep, 'cause all your, like, Hallmark movies're the same..."


" 'T's a... A movie company? On Earth. All the movies have the same plot, basically. Kinda like the ones you like."

Angel scoffed. "But they're alwayshappy at the end. 'T'snice."

Husk chuckled and nodded.

"I might just... re-watch s'me'f the Disney ones on Vox+."

"Good choice."

"You're not just sayin' that 'cause everything we watch is my choice tonight, are ya?"

"Maybe. But theyare good movies."

Angel nodded as he selected a movie, then kicked his legs over Husk's calves.

"You wanna grab the blankets?"

"Not yet. I don't wanna stain 'em already."

Husk laughed and nodded. "Alright."

Angel stared at the rolling credits on the screen, mouth open in shock. "Holysh*t."

Husk snorted.

"Holysh*t. That wasawful."


"I didn'tknow! It looked pretty!"

"Don't judge a book by its cover, then, I guess."

"Listen!" Angel defended, already grabbing the remote to pick something else, "There wasnothing about a movie called 'Wish' that insinuated that it would be bland,plotless, and boring."

Husk hummed.

"Sorry I put ya through that. Probably not beatin' the 'Tony-has-sh*t-tastes' allegations, huh?"

"You don't havesh*t tastes, they just don't matchmy tastes. Which isfine. Pick somethin' you'veseen before, hm? That way we won't have t'go through...that again."

Angel nodded quickly, scrolling toMoana and hitting 'play'. "Alright, I'm gonna put the dishes in the sink," he said as the opening credits started up. "You want a drink?"

"Whiskey, if ya could?"

Angel nodded, kissed the top of Husk's head, and grabbed the tray of dirtied dishes.

He placed everything in the sink. As he rinsed the dishes and placed them in the dishwasher, Nuggets ran over and sat beside his feet. Angel set his plate down, but Nuggets still stared up at him, expectant.

"Y'can’t lick this one," Angel stated, holding up Husk's plate, which had remnants of pulled pork on it.

Nuggets whined.

"Shush. Don't be a cannibal."

Husk snorted in the next room.

Angel placed everything in the dishwasher, then opened the fridge to spread cream cheese on a piece of lettuce, roll it up, and toss it to Nuggets, who squealed joyfully and snatched the treat out of the air.

Pouring a glass of Husk's whiskey into a glass and lemonade into one for himself, Angel returned to the living room and leaned against Husk's side.

"Thanks, Sweets." Husk took a long sip from his whiskey, then sighed and dropped his head back. "f*ck."

Angel sipped his lemonade as the movie started, humming along quietly to the songs.

Husk reached down to tug the ribbon from around the purple-pink blanket, then spread it out over their laps, and he reached into the bag attached to the side to pull out another pink sticky note. He held it in a closed palm, then kissed the top of Angel's hand when he took it. "Happy third day of Valentine's day, Sweetheart."

Angel unfolded the note.

Anthony is intelligent.

Angel hummed and folded the note to place it carefully on the end table beside the couch. "Thanks, Baby."

" 'Course."

Husk waited for a few minutes, then laid down on the blankets below him to rest his head on Angel's lap.

Angel cooed, stroking Husk's ears with gentle touches. "Hey, Kitty."

Husk's breathing hitched for a moment before his purring started up.

Angel grinned to himself, eyes moving to the screen in front of him as he played with Husk's ears and braids. His middle set of hands moved to scratch at Husk's jaw and shoulders.

"Love ya," Angel whispered as he leaned down to kiss Husk's nose.


Angel snickered. One finger stroking down the bridge of Husk's nose, Angel whispered, "Go ahead 'n sleep, Handsome."


Angel clicked off the TV after a few more hours, Husk's snoring finally deep and loud enough to distract him from the movie.

"Francis, Baby?" Angel whispered, stroking Husk's forehead with his thumbs. "I wanna go t'bed."

Husk grumbled something and turned onto his stomach, cheek squished onto Angel's thigh.

"Husky," Angel laughed, massaging the bases of Husk's wings with his right hands. "Comeon, Baby; this'd be more comfortable in abed."

Husk's ears twitched.

"That sound nice, Handsome?Bed?"


"Alright. Well, ifyou're not gonna move,I'm gonna go t'bed.Alone. It'll be socold--"

"Shutup," Husk chuckled, nuzzling Angel's stomach. "I'll come with ya. Just... need a minute."

Angel stroked Husk's hair, smiling down at the shorter Overlord as he stretched, tongue lolling out and tail extending behind him. Angel tapped his nose with a quiet, "Boop."

"Mm." Husk rolled over and stretched out his legs, staring up at Angel as he stilled. "Hey, Pretty Boy."

"Hi, Baby," Angel chuckled, stroking Husk's sideburns and scratching gently. "You ready for bed?"


Angel helped Husk sit up, then stood beside him to extend his arms over his head and roll his neck and shoulders. "C'mon."

Husk started towards the bedroom, but Angel guided him into the bathroom instead.


"I've gotta wash my face 'n brush my teeth, and I know y'wouldn't wanna be in the room without me, anyway. Soyou can brush your teeth and put your moisturizer in your hair, and I can wash off my makeup, comb out my hair, 'n brush my teeth."

Husk nodded, leaning against the sink as Angel prepared both of their toothbrushes. He accepted it with a kiss to the inside of Angel's wrist over his pulse point.

They brushed their teeth side-by-side in silence, Husk leaning against Angel's side when Angel wrapped an arm around his shoulders.

"Love ya," Husk mumbled through the mouthful of toothpaste.

"Loveyou!" Angel said back, smiling wide and spitting a few flecks of toothpaste onto the mirror.

Husk dropped his head to Angel's shoulder with a sigh, eyes drooping shut.

"Don't fall asleep, yet, Whiskers," Angel said just before he spit into the sink, and Husk followed his lead.

They each continued their before-bed routines, Angel combing his hair back from his face with quick fingers before he scrubbed his face.

When he was finished rinsing all of the soap suds out of his fur and patting his face dry, Angel glanced at Husk only to see him staring intently at Angel's profile.



Angel snickered and twirled once in the small space of the bathroom.

Husk's pupils dilated.

"Alright, Kitty, I think you're gettin' loopy."


Angel guided Husk out of the bathroom and to the bed, laying him down gently. "Hold on."

" 'M not gonnamove."

"I know, Baby." Angel kissed Husk's forehead and stroked his hair back.

With a quick trip to the living room, Angel grabbed the mint-green blanket that had been spread out over the floor, along with his and Husk's pillows and a stuffed pig.

Angel returned to the bedroom to lift Husk's head and place his pillow under it, tossing Husk's pillow to his own side of the bed.

Crawling under the covers, Angel hugged his plush pig to his chest, Nuggets content to doze in the nest still taking up most of the living room.

"Y'wanna cuddle?" Husk whispered, eyes shut as he rolled onto his side to face Angel.

Angel turned his back to Husk, scooted backwards until his back was against Husk's chest, and whispered, "Hug me?"

"Sure, Princess," Husk whispered. His wings wrapped around both of them. "Love you,Mon Ange."

Angel grinned into his pig's fine fur and whispered, "Love you, too, Whiskers."

Day 4 - February 4th

Angel stood in front of the mirror of his vanity, swiping on bright red lipstick as Cherri curled her hair.

The speaker on the vanity blasted early-2000's pop, and Cherri sang along as her hips swayed.

Angel pulled back to inspect his makeup and touch it up, eventually calling out, "Francis, Baby? Can you come in here for a minute?"

"Gimme a sec," Husk said.

Adjusting the neckline of his dress and the hem, Angel brushed out his chest fluff with a round brush so it was accentuated by the push-up built into the tight dress.

Husk came into the room, shamelessly looking Angel up and down. "Hey."

"Hey! What do we think?" Angel spun in a slow circle, intentionally swaying his hips.


"Is it slu*tty enough?"

"Could be slu*ttier," Husk deadpanned with a shrug.

Angel and Cherri snorted in unison.

"How so, Baby?" Angel asked, sauntering to stand in front of Husk.

Husk moved around Angel, gentle hand on the small of his back, and rummaged through one of the drawers of the vanity, saying, "C'mere, Pretty Boy."

Angel knelt in front of Husk so the feline demon could clasp the black velvet choker that matched his dress around his neck, grinning when Husk gently tugged on the O-ring attached to the front.

"There we go."

Angel stared up at Husk for a long moment until Cherri cleared her throat loudly.

Husk helped him to his feet and kissed his cheek, whispering against his ear, "You're beautiful, Anthony. Have a good time tonight, hm?"

Angel smiled, biting his lips closed as he nodded.

"You're still welcome t'come with us, Kit-Cat," Cherri offered.

"No, thanks. Still have achunk of work that I need t'get done if I want tomorrow off. Withoutthis guy--" Angel yelped and Husk clapped a large hand over his ass, "-- distracting me, itshould be done by the time he gets back."

Cherri snorted at the blush coloring Angel's cheeks. "C'mon, Angie. We should go now."

Angel nodded quickly, grabbing his clutch from the bed and giving Husk a soft kiss before he followed Cherri out of the bedroom. "Don't wait up, Baby!" he called.

Husk snickered as the elevator doors closed in front of the two demons, leaving him alone with the still-blaring speaker and Nuggets wiggling excitedly in his own version of 'dancing'.

The speaker disconnected with ading as soon as Angel's phone was too far away to stay connected to it, and Nuggets whimpered.

Husk plucked the pig from the floor, scratching gently at his head as he moved back to his desk. "I know, Nuggs. But you can sit with me while I work. How's that sound?"

Nuggets settled into a ball on Husk's lap as soon as the Overlord sat down, sighing as Husk scratched between his horns.

At about midnight, Husk stood from his desk, everything finished and placed in the folder he would take downstairs in the morning.

Letting Nuggets down onto the floor, Husk poured himself a tumbler of whiskey, along with preparing Angel's drink of choice, and sat in his armchair.

Husk turned on the TV and set Nuggets in his lap again to stroke his back.

His phone chimed Angel's text tone, and Husk pulled the device out of his pocket to find numerous blurry pictures of Angel dancing under club lights in his inbox.

Princess 👑

how's sh*t at home?

nug gets doesnt get mu kisses?

Husk snorted.

No, Anthony, kisses are for you when you get home.

Angel sent back a selfie of his smiling face, which Husk immediately saved to his camera roll.

You're breathtaking

You know that?


Husk set his phone down on the side table and sipped his drink with a smile, settling in with a sigh as the Western movie played quietly on the TV.

Husk awoke to Angel's giggling andshushing, as well as Nuggets' squirming to get off of his lap.

Angel and Cherri shut themselves in the bathroom, opening the door to allow Nuggets in before shutting it again.

Husk snorted to himself as he stood and turned off the TV.

"Fr--" Angel hiccuped and giggled, then asked, "Francis?"

"Yeah, Anthony?"

Angel poked his head out of the bathroom and grinned. "Can y'go get my shoes?"

"Where'd you leave 'em?"

Angel's brows furrowed in thought, and Cherri piped up from behind him, "In the lift!"

Angel nodded once. "In the lift."

Husk chuckled. "I'll go grab 'em. You want somethin' t'sleep in, too?"


Once the bathroom door was shut, Husk moved to the elevator to retrieve Angel's heels and clutch. He brought them to the vanity.

Husk gathered a soft set of pale pink pajamas, along with a pair of Angel's sweatpants and a t-shirt for Cherri.

He knocked on the door gently, and Angel swung it open with a grin.


Cherri pushed past them carefully, hefting her bag over her shoulder until Husk scooped her up with an arm around her waist and put her down beside Angel, shaking his head with a fond smile as she blinked hard and tried to process what had just happened.

"You're not goin' home like this. Here." Husk handed her the set of slightly-smaller pajamas, then gave Angel his matching set. "Get changed, both'f you, and clean off your makeup. Bed's already made."

Angel grinned and turned to Cherri, cupping her cheeks and leaning down to rest their foreheads together. "Sleepover."


Husk chuckled and shook his head again, kissing Angel's shoulder and ordering, "Get changed. Go to bed. I'll put water on the nightstand for both'f you."

Angel shut the door most of the way as he started to try and unzip his dress, but he opened it again to pout at Husk. "Francis, Baby?"

"Y'need help?"


Husk turned Angel around with a gentle hand and unzipped his dress down to the small of his back, then unclasped his choker. He kissed the back of Angel's neck with a smile. "There you go."

Angel shucked off his dress and moved further into the bathroom to get changed into his pajamas.

Husk filled two glasses of of water at the kitchen sink, placed them on the nightstand, and pulled back the blankets of the bed.

Angel came into the room, Cherri hanging from his back, and both of them fell onto the bed.

"Alright, go to sleep," Husk chuckled, " 'r at least keep it down."

Cherri nodded, a poorly-stifled smile creeping across her face. "We'll be good."

"Beso good," Angel whispered, nodding like a bobblehead. "Francis?"

"Yeah, Princess?"

"Princess," Cherri snickered. "Sowhipped."

"Mm. Yeah. Love him." Angel looked up at Husk and whispered, "Kiss goodnight?"

Husk leaned down to oblige him, then pulled back after a moment to comb Angel's hair back from his face. "G'night, Beautiful."

Angel hugged Nuggets to his chest with a grin. " 'Night."

Cherri stared at Husk, who asked, "What, you want one, too?"


Husk leaned over Angel to kiss Cherri's forehead and comb his claws through her bangs to brush them away from her eye. "Sleep. Both'f you."

"Okay!" they chirped in unison, and Nuggets flopped onto the bed between them to receive attention from both of the drunk demons.

Husk grabbed Angel's clutch and left the room, shutting off the lights but leaving a lamp on beside the bed.

Rummaging through the small purse, Husk found the untouched pink note that he had left there earlier in the night, unfolded it to flatten it as best as he could, then used a piece of tape from the junk drawer to secure the slip of paper to the fridge above the ice and water dispenser.

Anthony isfunny hilarious

He laid down on the couch, pulled a blanket from the basket beside the coffee table, and laid it over himself, smiling at the sound of Cherri and Angel's laughter a few rooms over.

Husk awoke to Nuggets licking his face and he sputtered and pushed the Hell-Hog away. "Pig! Down."

Nuggetsoinked happily.

Angel snorted from beside Husk, and his gaze whipped to the side.

Angel was sitting cross-legged on the floor beside the couch, and he dropped his chin to Husk's upper arm. "Hi."

"Hey, Beautiful. What's wrong?"

"Nothin' wrong. Just... Got up t'get more water, 'n sawyou here, 'n just... wanted t'kiss ya."

"And did ya?"

"Mm. Waited 'til you were awake."

Husk reached up to pull Angel into a gentle kiss, then whispered, "How 'bout you go back t'sleep, Princess?"

"Mm. Don't wanna."

"Why's that?"

" 'Cause Cherri'sall skin 'n bones. I love 'er, but she's not as comfy t'cuddle with asyou are."

Husk chuckled. "You wanna cuddle?"

"Mm." Angel lifted the side of the blanket to lay down on Husk's chest, snickering when Nuggets climbed onto his back and curled up into a ball. "Hey, Francis?"


"Didyou have fun?"

"I was doin' work most'f the night, but Nuggets 'n I watched some movies."


Husk nodded, claws scratching Angel's scalp. "Yeah. Nice night, I dunno. Quiet."

"Ya missed me, though, right?"

"Ialways miss ya when you're not here."

Angel rested his chin on Husk's sternum, smiling up at the shorter Overlord. "Really?"

" 'Course. How could Inot?"

Angel shrugged weakly and laid his head back down with a sigh.

"You okay? You want anything t'eat or drink?"

"Mm. Nah. Just... Just wanna cuddle."

"Well, we're already doin' that."

Angel was quiet for a long moment, playing with Husk's wedding band, then eventually said, "I want ice cream."

Husk snorted.


"We can get you ice cream, Sweetheart. You want the strawberry-chocolate one in the freezer? Or somethin' else?"

"Mm... Vanilla."

"I can either order it, or we can go downstairs t'raid the freezers."

"Ooh! Snack heist. Let's do a snack heist."

Husk laughed and kissed the top of Angel's head just before he sat up. "C'mon, then. Let's make it quick. Andquiet, Tony."

" 'Malways quiet."


Angel turned to Husk, all three sets of arms crossed over his chest, but he smacked his shins on the coffee table when he took his first step forward, and he stumbled into Husk's chest, who caught him with a soft grunt.

"Yeah. 'Quiet'. Sure."

Angel snickered as he climbed onto Husk's back to allow him to carry him to the elevator. "C'mon."

Husk carried Angel towards the elevator, but Angel dropped off of his back after just a few steps to inspect the note on the fridge.

"I love these," Angel said simply, poking the note with one of his left hands.

"I'm glad."

"Gonna frame 'em all. Make a lil' thing t'put on my desk at work."

Husk smiled as Angel hugged him from behind. "I can help with that, if you want."


Husk walked slowly with Angel behind him, both of them riding the elevator down to the basem*nt.

"Hey, Francis?"


"Y'really didn't mind that I went out in that dress?"

"Why would I?"

"I dunno..."

"Y'lookedgood. Not just 'good', but... the wordsI wanna use are..."

"Say it."

"I wanted t'take a bite outta you. Push ya down on the bed 'n make youshake. You lookedamazing."

Angel snickered against Husk's neck. "Why didn't ya?"

"Exhibition ain't my thing, Baby Doll."

Angel snorted.

"What? D'you want Cherri t'see you fall apart?"

"Ew. No. Never mind."

Husk nodded as he unlocked the back doors to the cafeteria. "Didn't think so."

Moving to the large freezers, Husk gestured with open arms to the shelves of food. "Go ahead,Principessa. Whatever ya want."

"I can'teat everythin' I want."

"Then we put it in the freezer upstairs 'n save it for another day."

Angel grabbed a box of chocolate popsicles and a gallon tub of vanilla ice cream. "Okay!"

Husk took both containers from him. "You wanna eat down here or upstairs?"

"Upstairs. 'T'scold down here."

"You're standin' in front of an open freezer,Ange."

Angel looked at the freezer, then snorted. "Right. I knew that."

"C'mon, Beautiful," Husk coaxed, guiding Angel away from the freezer so he could close it, then offered, "You wanna grab some other snacks?"

Angel nodded before moving to the pantry. He gathered a few bags of his favorite chips, then one of Husk's and one of Cherri's, and carried them back to Husk. "We can go."

He turned to leave the kitchen, but his hip slammed into the metal island, and he yelped, then dissolved into giggles. "Ow!"

"You alright?"


Husk led Angel out of the kitchen and back to the elevator, then scanned his thumb to make the elevator ascend back to the apartment.

"This was fun."

Husk snickered. "We just raided the kitchen. 'T's not all that excitin'."

"But it wasfun. Wenever committed theft together before!"

" 'T's nottheft; I own the whole building."

Angel sighed. "Just let me have this?"

Husk smiled and nodded, dropping his head to Angel's shoulder to press a kiss to his upper arm. "You can have anything you want; you know that."

When they got back to the apartment, they both dumped the food they were holding onto the island.

Husk grabbed two spoons, then the tub of ice cream, and sat on the living room floor. "Come sit with me."

Angel dropped beside him without hesitation.

"Happy fourth day of Valentine's," Husk whispered, handing Angel one of the spoons and popping the lid off of the ice cream.

"Thanks, Baby." Angel tapped his spoon against Husk's, giggling at theclink.

Husk leaned into Angel's side. "You're gonna sleep in tomorrow, alright?"

"Yeah. Don't gotta tell me twice."

Husk set his spoon down after a while.

"Y'don't want more?"

"Nah. I had dinner a bit b'fore you got back. Niff brought me somethin'."

"She's the best."

"Mm. Definitely."

They sat in the silence of the apartment, Cherri's and Nuggets' quiet snores the only sounds they could hear.

"What're we doin' tomorrow?"


"Y'said we're goin' out the other day."


"Where're we goin'?"


Angel huffed.

"You'll like it. Ipromise. Okay?" Husk took Angel's top left hand and kissed the back of his wedding ring.


"Just... dress comfy. Wear comfy shoes."


Angel stood and stretched, offering a hand to Husk as he asked, "Y'wanna come t'bed?"

"Nah. You and Cherri get the bed t'night."

"She said she doesn't mind if ya join."

"I sprawl. You know this. I'd rather not share a bed with three other beings."


"Youreally think Nuggets would see three of his four favorite people on a bed andnot wanna join us?"

Angel snorted and shook his head. "I guess not."

"Go back to bed, Princess," Husk coached gently as he stood. "I'll put everythin' away."

"Can I at least have a goodnight kiss?"

Husk reached up, cupped Angel's cheek, and kissed him lightly. "Go."

"M'kay. Love ya."

"I love you, too, Baby Doll. Sleep well, alright?"


Day 5 - February 5th

Angel awoke to find Husk pressing soft kisses over his face, and snickered as he pushed the shorter demon away. "Mornin', Francis."

"Morning. Cherri left already, but I made her grab breakfast before she did."

"Mm." Angel pulled Husk down into a gentle kiss. "Hey."


"Thanks for hangin' out with me last night. I had fun."

"I always have fun with you, Sweetheart. But, yes, that was...entertaining."

Angel rolled over onto his stomach to lay against Husk. "Hey,Baby...?"


"Can we have churro waffles for breakfast?"

"I think I could make that happen."

Angel grinned, face buried in Husk's chest. He inhaled deeply, then whispered, "I need water."

"If you come with me to the kitchen, I can grab you some."

"Y'can't just bring it t'yourfavorite husband?" Angel asked, pouting his bottom lip as he looked up at Husk.

"Don't play that card."

"Youlove playing cards," Angel pointed out, pouted deepening.

"Antonio Giovanni."

Angel snorted and rolled over to lay on his back again, then sat up to stretch his arms, neck, and back. "Alright, then. C'mon. Kitchen."

Husk unplugged his phone from the island as soon as they got to the kitchen. As he typed in their order, Angel started the coffee machine.

"DoIhave t'eat a waffle or didyou just want one?"

"Y'can eat whatever you want."

"Well, Idunno. You asked if 'we' could get waffles."

"I more meant 'could you get me a waffle, o, favorite husband?'."

"Right. 'Course, you did."

Angel moved to hug Husk from behind and kiss his neck.

"Did y'all have fun last night?"

"Mm. Yeah. Club-hopped for a few hours. Then we stayed in one place for a while. I danced, Cherri collected my tips. We paid for drinks for the whole bar, 'n she kept the rest."

"Sounds like fun." Husk turned around in Angel's arms to adjust the spaghetti straps of his tank. "You lookedfantastic. Can't say it enough."

"Mm. Yeah?"

"Yeah. You ever wanna bust that out for date night or somethin', y'won't find me complainin'."

Angel grinned down at Husk and nodded. "Alright. Noted."

The coffee machine chirped, and Husk tugged himself away from Angel.


"I'm makin' you coffee. No complainin'."

Angel sighed, draping himself over the island and saying, "Fine. Iguess."

As Husk prepared both of their coffees, Angel got up to retrieve the food from the floor of the elevator.

When he brought it back, Husk placed Angel's iced coffee next to the plate of his food, then his own black coffee next to the rest of the food.

Angel leaned his head atop Husk's, kissed between his ears, and scratched them for a moment before he went back to his food.

"Y'don't wanna keep goin'?"

"After breakfast, Baby."

Husk huffed through his nose.

They ate together in the quiet morning, Nuggets eventually wandering into the kitchen to beg for scraps of Husk's omelette at his feet.

"Nuh-uh. It's got ham in it, Pig. Y'don't want that."

Nuggets whimpered.

"Here, Bubby," Angel cooed, tossing Nuggets a piece of his waffle. "Enjoy."

Husk took Angel's middle left hand in his right, kissed the back of it, and whispered, "Hey,Angel?"


"You wanted t'know where we're goin' today?"


"We're going shopping. For anything y'want."


Husk nodded. "I've got a few stopsI wanna make, but the rest is up t'you."

"f*ck yeah."

Husk laughed and kissed the back of Angel's hand. "Good Boy."

Angel appeared out of the bedroom in a pale purple sundress and matching sneakers, and he kissed Husk on his way to the island to grab his purse.

"Nuh-uh. No wallet today. Everything's my treat."

"I know. But it's good t'have my phone 'n pepper spray."

Husk sighed. "Yeah. I guess it is." He held out his hand, and Angel placed his purse into it, scrolling through his phone aimlessly. Husk tossed Angel's wallet on the counter. "There."

Angel took the bag over his shoulder again.

"Anything else you need before we go?"

Angel shook his head. "Mm... Nah."

Slipping his hand into Angel's bottom left, Husk pocketed his phone and wallet. "Alright, first stop's my tailor."

"... Niff?"


Angel snorted. "You needed t'make a day outta goin' to the basem*nt?"

"No, the basem*nt's just the first stop. I figured you'd preferher t'take your measurements than someone else."

"Fair enough."

Angel leaned against Husk and adjusted his outfit in the mirrored wall of the elevator.

"Here," Husk whispered, turning Angel around to spread out the ruffles around Angel's neckline and shoulders. "Stunning."

Angel grinned down at Husk. "Yeah?"


"Ooh, big word."

Husk snorted and pulled Angel into a kiss, pulling back only when the doors opened into the basem*nt.

"Let's make this quick," Husk said, tugging Angel through the hallway, "I wanna get to the shops."

Angel followed him without complaint, simply enjoying the warmth of Husk's hand enveloping his own.

Niffty popped her head out when she heard Husk's voice, grinning up at him and Angel. "Hi!"

"Hey, Niff. We're just here for a minute. Can ya take Angel's measurements?"

Niffty nodded once and pointed to her pedestal. "Stand! Arms out. Don't move."

Angel followed her direction and wrinkled his nose at Husk through the mirror.

"Why d'you need measurements?"

" 'Cause we're goin'shoppin'," Angel said with a grin.

"Ooh! Can I see when you're done?"


Niffty beamed, marking down Angel's measurements on a piece of paper before she handed it to Husk. "Here!"

Husk folded the paper, slipped it into his pocket, and held out a hand for Angel to help him off of the short pedestal.

"Can I see it?"



"I know what you do when you think about your body for too long. This is supposed t'be a nice day. So we're not doing that."

Angel huffed and tried to grab for Husk's pocket, but Husk turned his back to Angel and said, "Nope."


"Only for you, Darling," Husk deadpanned, taking Angel's hand in his and leading him out of the room. "Bye, Niff. Check on Nuggets at lunchtime, okay?"


Angel kissed the top of Husk's head, trying to reach into his pocket as he did so, but he was able to turn the pocket inside out without finding the paper.

"What thef*ck?"

"Y'can't steal from a magician, Doll. You're not gonna find it."

Angel scoffed. "I have had my tongue and/or hands in most of your holes; I'm not scared by that."


Angel pouted for a moment, then snickered. "Fine. I'll just... I dunno." He huffed.

"You don't need to know your measurements, 'cause you're not the one buyin' the clothes. You get all...dodgy when you think about your body or measurements for too long."

"Yeah, I guess..."

"You're f*ckingstunning, so I dunnowhy, but I get it. And I know that you've dealt with that forforever, and I'dlike to think that you don't deal with it as much anymore."

"I don't."

"So why would I let you go back to that?"

Angel groaned and threw his head back. "I hate when you'reright."

Husk laughed and pulled Angel close to kiss his chest just over his sternum, but he was only able to reach the fluff. He scoffed.


Husk burrowed through Angel's fluff with his claws, then pressed a soft kiss to Angel's sternum. "There."

"Did ya lose the chest in all the fluff?"

"Your fluff'sso pretty, Princess, but, sometimes, I just wanna kissyou."

"Mm. Fluff's part'f me."

"You, Anthony." Husk reached up to kiss Angel once, then trailed a line of kissed down Angel's jaw and neck. "Yourwarmth, yourskin... Not just fluff."

Angel snickered. "Well, I'm not gonna shave head-to-toe."

"Pleasedon't. I've just... I've just gotta dig sometimes."

Angel snorted, head falling back in his laughter. "Dig in my tit*?"

"M-hm." Husk nuzzled his nose into Angel's chest, his purring kicking up after a few seconds.

Angel stared at the unlit panel of buttons, then said, "Weever gonna head out, or d'you just wanna go back home 'n lay in my tit* all day?"

"Nah. We'll go. Just..."

Angel hummed and nodded, all six arms snaking around Husk to hold him close.

After a bit, Husk stepped back straightened out his shirt, and said, "Shall we?"

"Sure, Baby," Angel laughed as he pressed the button to bring the elevator to the casino's garage level.

When they arrived, the car with the driver, Chuck, was already idling in front of the elevator.

"Guy needs a f*ckin' raise," Angel muttered, to which Husk nodded.

"I'll get on that."

They got into the back of the car, and Husk handed Chuck a list of addresses.

"Just start at the top; we'll get to all of 'em today."

Angel glanced at the list as Chuck taped it to the steering wheel. "Jesus. You gonna keep us out 'til midnight?"

Husk snickered. "Maybe. What, aren't you a party animal?"

"I was outso late last night," Angel groaned, flopping onto Husk with a dramatic sigh.

"And whose fault was that?"


Husk snorted and shook his head. "I'd dispute that, but... that sounds about right."

Angel moved to lay his head in Husk's lap. "How far 'til the first stop?"

"We're startin' far, then comin' home 'n hittin' stops on the way. You've got about an hour. You gonna sleep?"

Angel nodded, yawning.

"Go ahead, Princess. I'll wake you when we're there."

Angel turned onto his stomach and nuzzled his face into Husk's lap. "Love ya. 'M lookin' forward t'this."

"Me, too," Husk whispered.

When they pulled up to the first shop, Angel awoke with the stopping of the car.

"I was gonna be gentler than that," Husk promised.

"Eh." Angel yawned. " 'M up."

Husk opened the door to help Angel out, and a few people gaped at him as he stood to his full height.

He struck a pose for a small crowd, one of whom pulled out a phone to take a picture of him.

"Alright, Movie Star, we've got plans," Husk murmured, tugging Angel's hand gently until Angel followed him.

They entered the store and were immediately given flutes of champagne.

"sh*t. We'refancy."

Husk rolled his eyes. "This is pretty basic, actually. You're just cheap."

With a scoff, Angel dared, "You look at your credit card statements after today 'n say that again."

Husk grinned. "I can'twait."

Angel was guided to a rack of clothes with '8-foot+' on top of it, and he looked over the sections with four to six arm holes.

"Remember," Husk said gently, "Niff can always alter anything imperfect. You want more armholes, less armholes, longer, shorter, tighter, looser, anything, we can do that, okay?"


Angel plucked a matte black dress from the rack and held it up to himself. "Ooh! Look't this one!" he said, turning to Husk and smoothing his hands over the two slits on either side of the skirt. "I love these!"

"You wanna try it on?"

"Yeah, but I wanna grab more than one thing," Angel scoffed. He handed Husk the dress, and the shorter Overlord draped the garment over his folded arms with a smile.

As Angel moved through the racks and racks of clothes, he selected garments and either handed them to Husk or put them back on the racks.

"Here," Angel stated, taking the clothes from Husk and folding them over his own arms. "Can ya help me bring these to a dressin' room?"

"Sure, Beautiful," Husk said with a smile.

They brought the hangers to one of the few dressing rooms, Husk slipping the attendant a few bills for them to keep other customers away from the curtained-off changing area.

Angel moved into the dressing room, but held out a hand to stop Husk in his tracks.


"I'm changin'. You're watchin' and droolin' from a distance."

Husk swallowed, then nodded, silent.

Angel's smile fell slightly, and he cautioned, "Is... Is that okay?"

"Sounds good t'me,Ange."

Smile returning, Angel shut the curtain between them.

Husk sat on a bench outside of the changing room, fiddling with his wedding and engagement bands as he waited for Angel to change.

Angel poked his head out of the changing room, asking, "You ready?"

"Always, Beautiful."

" 'N I dunno when I'll wear it-- maybe we can go out somewhere nice soon-- but I think I like it?"

"How 'bout y'let me see it, hm?"

Angel grinned. He stepped out, and Husk's breath caught in his throat.

Angel was wearing a black dress with high slits, laced-up on both sides from mid-thigh to Angel's waist.

"Holy sh*t, Anthony," Husk breathed.


"Yeah.f*ck, Princess. Do a spin for me?"

Angel giggled and turned his back to Husk, wiggling his ass a few feet from Husk's face.

"Behave. I'm not rippin' through this before I even buy it."

Angel hummed but stilled, shivering when Husk's claws trailed over the bare skin of his hips, exposed by the cutouts of the dress.

"I like it," Husk stated, sitting back and folding his arms across his chest. "Looks good on ya."


"M-hm." Husk reached up to kiss Angel. "Next one, hm? We've got a few more stops."

Angel nodded, retreated into the changing room, and shut the curtain with a flourish, making Husk chuckle.

"Dramatic bastard."

"Mm.Your dramatic bastard."

Husk spun his wedding band on his finger with a smile. "All mine."

When Angel next left the dressing room, he was wearingdeep red dress with off-the-shoulder detailing and a high slit on the left side, and Husk stared, licking his lips.

"This one kinda matches your red suit, but I like the shoulder-bobs," Angel said, wiggling his shoulders to emphasise the loose, sleeve-like detailing. "Whatcha think?"

"Alright, Anthony, I say this in love, buteverything you wear today is makin' me wanna push you up against the mirror in the dressin' room 'n make yacry."

Angel snickered, spun once, and said, "That's why I'm makin' ya stay out here." He shut the curtain again, making Husk scoff.



Husk laughed to himself. "Y'know somethin'?"

"I know lots'f things."

"Smartass. I wasgonna say that Ilove doin' this for ya. Love seein' ya enjoy yourself, get all dolled up."

Angel hummed. "Yeah?"


"Well... I dunno, I'm... I'm havin' fun, but it still feels weird."

"I'm sure. You wanna stop atany point, though, we can go somewhere else. Get lunch or coffee, maybe go visit Fizz 'n Ozz?"

"Ooh! We could!" Angel poked his head through the curtain. "This one's stiff. Can ya help me?"

"I'm gonna need t'see ya t'zip ya."

Angel stepped out with a murmured, "Okay," and turned his back to Husk.

Husk zipped the dress carefully, struggling a bit around Angel's waist, but managing to get the zip all the way up to his mid-back, then he secured the clasp at the back of Angel's neck.

Husk looked at Angel through the mirror, inspecting the floor-length burgundy dress made of velvet, with puffy sleeves and a round cutout in the back with strings of pearls criss-crossing over Angel’s shoulder blades.

"This is nice," Husk whispered as he played with the strings of pearls that rested against Angel's back.

"Yeah. I like the poofy sleeves."

"Y'like fun sleeves," Husk noted, helping Angel to fluff up the sleeves further before he rested his chin on Angel's shoulder.


"This looksgreat on ya." Husk squeezed Angel's waist gently. He smoothed out the floor-length skirt.

"It's not as tight as I usually go for."


"I dunno. Don't ya like the tight dresses?"

"If you like it, I like it. This is nice." Husk adjusted the skirts further. " 'T'sclassy. I dunno. 'T's a different look for ya, but... I like it."

"Maybe..." Angel turned from side to side, tugged up the bust and neckline, then shrugged. "I might keep it, I might not."

"Up t'you. If you're lookin' for a decision-maker, though, I vote 'yes'."

"Noted." Angel stared at his reflection.

"What's up?"

"I'm... I don't look likeme. Like, it's notbad, it's just notme."

"And that's okay, too. We can put it back on the rack."

Angel nodded, eyes not meeting Husk's in the mirror. "Y'won't be upset?"

"Nope. Promise." Husk moved to Angel's left side, took Angel's top left hand, and kissed his wedding ring. "Whatever you wanna do, you do. Okay?"


Husk kissed Angel's upper arm. "Go change outta this one, hm? I think you've got one more?"

"Yeah... I don't really like it, though."

"Y'don't have t'try it on. We can just check out 'n go."

"Let's do that. I'm done here."

Husk smiled and kissed Angel, then moved around to his back to unclasp and unzip the back of the dress. "Get changed, then, Beautiful."

Angel paused as he turned back to the changing room, then pointed out to the floor. "Go grab that one for me?"

Husk looked where he was pointing. "Dark red 'n sparkly?"


Husk nodded once and approached the employee who was pulling the dress off of the shelf. "Is that for sale?"


"May I?" Husk asked, hand already out.

The demon handed him the hanger that held the dress, and Husk returned to the changing rooms.

"Here,Ange," Husk said, holding the curtain closed with one hand and passing the dress around it blindly.

"Oh," Angel breathed, and Husk felt the weight of the dress leave his hand. "It'sgorgeous."

"Try it on, then," Husk laughed as he sat back on the bench, "If ya like it that much."

Angel hummed.

There was soft shuffling as Angel changed, and he breathed out a quiet, "Oh."

"You gonna let me see?"

Angel was quiet.

"You don't have to."

"No! No, you definitely can, I'm just... It'spretty."

"You're pretty, Anthony," Husk chuckled, "Y'makeeverything look good."

Angel pulled the curtain aside and held out his arms, only able to release his top set. "What do we think?"

He was wearinga sleeveless red dress, with soft skirts billowing around his long legs. There were sequins covering the fabric and shimmering in the fluorescent lighting of the changing room.


"Right?" Angel laughed, turning his back to Husk to look at his reflection, but Husk wrapped his hands around Angel's waist to turn him back around.

"Lemme look at ya." Husk took a step back to stare at Angel in awe. "f*ckin' Heaven, Anthony. That's...Wow."

"Yeah..." Angel swallowed and looked down at himself. "I want this one. Can we have Niff alter it, though? I forgot how much it hurts t'keep my arms in."

Husk nodded quickly. "Yeah.f*ck, Sweetheart,yeah, we can. Change outta that."

Angel beamed, leaned down to kiss Husk, and disappeared back behind the curtain once again.

" 'N get your arms out."

"Trust me, they are," Angel laughed after a moment. "sh*t, I can'tbelieve I used t'do thatall the time."

"Me, neither."

When Angel stepped out again with the dresses he wanted over his arms, Husk took them from him.

"I thought you didn't want this one?" Husk asked, tapping the deep red velvet dress with the puffy sleeves.

"I dunno. Ilike it, I just don't knowwhen I'd wear it."

"We can get it, if that' your only issue. I'll find a reason t'have you wear it."

Angel grinned and kissed Husk's head between his ears. "I know you will."

They moved to the register and checked out, Husk handing over a card with the hand not holding Angel's.

When handed the cloth wardrobe bags, Husk led Angel out of the store and back to the car. He opened the door for the taller Overlord, then climbed into the car himself and hung the clothes on the back of the passenger's seat.

"Next stop, please, Chuck."

"Yes, Sir."

Angel kicked his legs onto Husk's lap and pressed his nose into his neck.

"You okay t'keep goin'?"

"Yeah. Just need a re-charge."

"I'm proud'f you."

"Only took me, like, five years."

"Hey, we've got forever. Five years isnothin'."

Angel snickered and kissed Husk's jaw. "Hey,Baby?"


"Y'know how y'love meso much?"

"I'm aware."

"Can we get lunch after this next store?"

Husk snorted and nodded. "Yeah,Principessa, we can get lunch. Y'don't need t'act like whenever you want somethin', y'know. You can just ask."

Angel pouted. "I'm cute. Sue me if I wanna use that t'my advantage."

Husk smiled and pulled Angel closer. "Y'can havewhatever you want, no matter what. I'll do my best t'get it for ya."

"I know..."

Husk glanced out the window, then said, "Hey. Almost there."

Angel looked out the same window Husk was staring out of, and gasped. "Wait, that'sso pretty!"


When the car parked, Husk opened the door for Angel, took his hand, and led him into the store.

"This place isso f*cking cute," Angel said, sounding almost angry through gritted teeth. He ran each of his hands over a different rack of fluffy, soft, bouncy, and puffy fabrics. "Wait! Husky, look't this!" He pulled a light pink dress off of the rack.

"Matches your fluff," Husk noted, one clawed hand running over the dress and the other combing through Angel's fluff.

"Yeah!" Angel handed him the dress and moved to another rack. As he piled Husk's arms with clothes, cooing and 'aw'ing at various clothes, he eventually slowed down.


"What's up?" Husk asked, adjusting his hold on the clothes in his arms.

"That's a lot."

Husk smiled and nodded. "Yep."

"We can go t'the changin' room," Angel decided, taking about half of the clothes from Husk and leading him to the back of the store.

Husk chuckled as he followed, sitting on the bench across from the changing room.

"You're so good f'r me," Angel cooed, and Husk scoffed, ignoring the way the ends of his ears heated up.

"Shut up."

"What, I'm not allowed t'compliment mySugar Daddy?"

"Ew. I amnot... that."



"Then what are ya?" Angel asked, leaning in close to press his nose against Husk's.

"Your husband, who's regrettin' takin' ya out every second ya keep this bit up."

Angel snickered, kissed the end of Husk's nose, and backed into the dressing room. "Alright. Shuttin' up."

Husk pulled out his phone after a few minutes, playing a random match-3 game that Angel had downloaded for himself in a fit of boredom, but that Husk had kept.

Angel emerged from the dressing room ina soft pink dress with sheer, off-the-shoulder sleeves, and a short puffy skirt.

"Oh, look't you," Husk cooed, and Angel grinned, hopping up and down a few times to watch how the skirts bounced around him. "Looks nice, Beautiful."

"Iknow!" Angel stuffed his hands into the skirt and exclaimed, "Pockets, too!"

"Can they fit your phone?"

Angel reached for his bag, realizing after a moment that he had left it in the car. "Phone."

"Mine's bigger than yours," Husk pointed out as he handed it over, anyway.

"So, if this fitsyours, we know it'll fit mine." He dropped Husk's phone into the pocket easily, then looked up at the shorter Overlord with a grin. "See!"

"That's good, Sweets," Husk laughed. He accepted his phone back from Angel and beckoned him closer with one crooked finger. "C'mere."

Angel sashayed over to Husk and dropped into his lap, making Husk's face flush red. "Hi."

Husk ran his fingertips carefully over the tulle layers of the skirt. "This is nice. Iwill point out that my claws tend t'shred this material if I'm not careful."

Angel stood up suddenly and ordered, "Then be careful."

Husk snorted.

Angel moved into the dressing room again and shut the door.

Husk played absently on his phone until Angel reappeared.

He was wearing a layered white dress with small red hearts. The puffy skirt swished around Angel’s legs while he spun in the mirror across from Husk.

"It's very... what's the..." Angel pondered for a second as he smoothed his hands down the front of the dress and fluffed up the skirt, then snapped with all six hands and pointed at Husk through the mirror as he exclaimed, "Love-core!"

"I don't know what that is."

Angel scoffed and plucked Husk's phone from his hand again, getting nothing more than a huff. He typed, scrolled for a second, then shoved the phone back in front of Husk's nose.

Husk took it, put on his reading glasses, and squinted at the screen, then looked up at Angel's dress. "Yeah. It is. Looks good."

Angel knelt in front of Husk and kissed the backs of his hands. "You okay? We can go. Come back another day?"

"Nah. Just...Christ, Anthony, Ilove ya."

"Love you, too," Angel whispered, eyes soft. He stroked Husk's cheeks. "You ready f'r me t'move on, or do ya need a minute?"

"I'll be okay," Husk laughed as he kissed Angel's forehead. "Y'look good ineverything you wear; it just takes me a minute sometimes."

"To do what?" Angel laughed as he shut the door again.

"Take it all in, I guess."

Angel hummed softly, barely audible over the rustling of the dress.

He exited the room again, this time wearinga pale pink silk dress with ruffles, bows, and lace. The short skirt ended high up on Angel’s thighs, and there was a puffy train on the skirt that reached the floor behind him. The detached sleeves were slightly loose, so he tugged them up and spread his arms. “You think Niff could make four more?”

Husk nodded quickly. "She'd f*ckin' better."

Angel laughed. "Here, send her a picture," he ordered, striking a pose with the mirror behind him.

Husk pulled out his phone, took a few pictures of Angel in various poses, and sent them to Niffty.


Attachment: 3 images

I'm gonna have you make two more sets of the sleeves on this

If you need more fabric, feel free to buy it

Niffty's response was immediate.


put it on ahannger in my offise

2 days

You're the best, Niff

I know!

Husk snickered, putting his phone away when Angel cleared his throat. "Sorry, Princess. Just messagin' Niff."

"I figured." Angel spun to show off what he had just changed into: a red skirt with white heart details and a bow on the left hip. He was shirtless otherwise, which caught Husk's attention more than the clothing itself. "Whatcha think?"

"It makes your legs lookway too good, but y'won't find me complainin' about that."

Angel laughed, then hiked up a leg to be propped on the bench beside Husk, running a hand up the inside of his thigh to trail the skirt up. "Yeah?"

Husk snagged Angel's calf gently, nipped once at his inner thigh without breaking eye contact with him, and ordered, "Next."

Angel stared at him, wide-eyed, and nodded.

As he waited, Husk crossed his legs awkwardly to hide the erection growing between them.

Angel modeleda light pink dress with strawberries dotting the bodice and skirt, the spaghetti straps adorned with bows on top of his shoulders and a skirt that was ruffled near the bottom and flared out when Angel spun around, thena white and pink gingham dress with short sleeves, a crisp collar, and a white bow at the base of Angel’s throat with a thin belt was wrapped around his waist.

Eventually, he changed into something different, a short light blue dress with cap sleeves and a corset bodice.

“Lace me up, Baby?” Angel purred, turning to Husk and gesturing to the corset-front of the dress. "I can't reach the laces with the corset in the way."

Husk stood and, with trembling fingers, tightened the laces of the corset, then kissed the column of Angel's throat. "f*ck, Anthony."

"Later, Whiskers," Angel laughed, taking Husk's hands from his hips and kissing both of them. "I take it ya like?"

"I wanna tear it off'a ya."

"Don't do that," Angel scolded as he took a step back, much to Husk's chagrin. He struggled to reach the laces, which Husk untied with a single tug to the bow at the bottom.

"Last one!" Angel sing-songed, humming to himself as he changed.

He went quiet after a bit, and Husk prompted, "Princess?"

"This one doesn't fit too well."

"Niff can alter it. You like it otherwise?"

Angel hummed absently.

Husk stood with a grunt, then knocked twice on the door. "Mon Ange? You mind if I see?"

Angel opened the door a crack, intentionally staying behind it as Husk slipped in. He was wearing a yellow, polka-dot dress with a halter bodice and a bow at the base of his neck.

Husk reached up to wipe the tears streaming down Angel's cheeks. "What's that face for?" he whispered, hands migrating down Angel's arms to rest on his slim hips.

"I'm... I don't like this one."

"Okay. Then you don't have to get it."

Angel turned back to the mirror, hands running over the small amount of fat on his lower stomach and hips.

"Alright, I'm gonna stop ya right there," Husk cut in, stepping between Angel and the mirror and releasing the halter top. "Take it off. Y'can't get this one if it makes ya this sad."

Angel nodded without bothering to argue, changing back into his own sundress and stepping into his sneakers.

Husk wrapped his hands around Angel's waist, ignoring his weak protests. "Hey."


"Gimme a color, Anthony."

"Yellow? I dunno, I just wanna go... think I'm hungry?"

"We'll go, then," Husk decided. He gathered the clothes that Angel had decided that he wanted, intentionally leaving the yellow dress that Angel hadn't liked on the hooks.

As Husk handed his card to the cashier, Angel took his opposite hand in all three of his own right hands. Husk squeezed in silence reassurance.

They left the store, Angel better able to hold the long wardrobe bags with his added height.

"Take us to the nearest DickMonald's, please, Chuck."

"Yes, Sir."

Husk tugged Angel towards him, and Angel curled into his side immediately.

"D'you wanna be done?"

"No. Just... what's the word I'm... Cill likes t'call it 'hangry'... angry 'cause you're hungry. I think I get like that, but I getsad instead."

Husk hummed. "Interesting. Y'know if ya have a history of diabetes in your family?"

"The f*ck?" Angel laughed, making Husk smile into his hair. "I dunno. Wasn't reallya thing that got diagnosed when I was alive."

"Mm. Just curious. Your blood sugar seems t'justdrop sometimes, so..."

"I think it's just 'cause Ieat a lotta sugar? Gives short bursts of energy, then I'm ready for more."

"Maybe eat some protein or somethin'."


"Hey, your body, your food. Whatever you wanna eat is fine by me. I'm just sayin' that, if ya want more energy, y'gotta give your body themeans t'make more energy."

"Yeah, yeah," Angel groaned, nuzzling his face further into Husk's neck. "Hush. I'm gonna start gettin' mean if y'keep talkin'."

Husk nodded softly, claws carding through Angel's hair.

"Your usual orders, Sir?" Chuck asked from the front seat, and Husk replied, "Yeah, that'd be good."

Angel smiled into Husk's fur.

"That okay, Princess?" Husk whispered, and Angel nodded. Husk kissed his forehead and continued to stroke his hair and chest fluff.

With Angel fed and back to his usual, chipper self, the pair continued to a store in Pride, and Angel froze inside of the doors.

"Sweetheart?" Husk asked, pausing mid-step. "You okay?"

"I don't wanna shop here."

Husk nodded once and immediately turned on his heel to lead Angel out of the store.

"Next stop, please, Chuck."

Chuck nodded once.

Angel sighed and rubbed his wrists, the nervous tic immediately stopped by Husk, who massaged his palms gently.

"You wanna talk about it?"

"Nah... Just... Val had me film there a long time ago. It all came back, 'n I... didn't wanna."

"He... in aclothing store?"

"Mm. The tailor got horny while measurin' me, felt me up, 'n f*cked me while chokin' me with his tape measure."


"The f*ck you mean'ew'?" Angel laughed, elbowing Husk playfully.

"Just...ew. I dunno. Not somewhere y' that."

"Bold words coming from the man who f*cked me over his desk a couple weeks ago."

Husk snorted. "That's not apublic place, though. I know who's been there, and it's cleaned regularly."

Angel shrugged, watching the city fly past as he said, "Not the worst place I got f*cked."

Husk kissed his shoulder gently.

"Christ, I haven't thought about that in awhile," Angel breathed as he scrubbed his face with his palms.

"Y'wanna think about somethin' else?" Husk asked, and Angel nodded. "Did I ever tell ya about the time Niff got stuck in her fabric shelves 'n no one found 'er 'til, like, three days later?"

Angel snorted and shook his head.

"Well, she wassupposed t'be...

When the car pulled up to the next store, Angel was giggling at the stories that Husk was telling him.

"You feelin' better?" Husk asked, thumb carressing Angel's cheek.

"Yeah. Thanks f'r... Thanks."

"Yeah, Princess, ofcourse."

Angel looked out at the next store, then said, "This place'sfancy."


"You sure?"

"Y'can haveanything y'want here," Husk confirmed. "We can either get 'em tailored here, or have Niff do it."

"Niff," Angel decided quickly.


Husk helped Angel out of the car and held his hand as they walked in together.

Angel squeezed his hand, looking around the store, unsure of where to start.

"Here," Husk offered. He led Angel to a rack of clothes and held up a few garments. "What about these?"

Angel took them one at a time, then shook his head. "No. Sorry."

"No 'sorry's. If y'don't like 'em, we put 'em back.

As they moved through the racks, Husk gathered a few hangers over one arm, the other hand still holding one of Angel's.

"Alright, Sweets," Husk said, hanging everything on a hook in the changing room they entered. "You wanna change alone?"


"Y'want me t'stay in here?"

"Yeah. Eyes closed, through. I liked seein' your reactions."

Husk scoffed, closing his eyes anyway.

Angel used his shoulder to steady himself in the small space.


"You're sturdy!" Angel defended.

Husk snickered.

"Alright, go ahead."

Husk's eyes opened, and he grinned when he saw Angel in a skintight black mini-dress with a sheer black skirt showing off his long legs.

"Oh, Ilike this," he said simply, reaching out to squeeze Angel's hips gently.

"It's a little short..."

"So? Y'got nice legs."

"Y'really want me flashin' my puss* to the whole casino?"

"No, Princess,that's mine. We can have Niff make it longer, though."

Angel hummed. "Alright, eyes closed again. This is a keeper."

"That was fast."

"You're literally drooling. I'd say it's a good decision."

Husk wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, then said, "Amnot."

"No, you weren't, but the fact that ya believed it means yadid like it."

Husk scoffed.

Angel kissed him, whispering, "Keep your eyes shut."

"You're too smart for your own good. Or formy good."

"But it does alotta good for everyone else, doesn't it?"

Husk smiled to himself. "Yeah, it does, Princess."

Angel kissed Husk's nose and whispered, "Alright. Open 'em up."

Husk grinned at the black sequined co*cktail dress with a cutout that exposed his chest fluff and three delicate ribbons leading down to the bottom of the cutout. "That's nice." He traced the ribbons in Angel's fluff, saying, "Y'can't really see these, can ya?"

"Eh. Y'think it's even worth it t'remove 'em?"

"Whatever you want."

Angel hummed. "I kinda like 'em."

"Then we keep 'em in."

Angel kissed Husk again, adjusted his chest fluff through the cutout, and whispered, "Eyes shut."

"I've seen ya nakedhundreds of times."

"And I like seein' ya shut down for a few seconds when ya see me in pretty dresses."

Husk snorted.

"Open 'em up."

Angel ran his hands down the tight black dress he was wearing with criss-crossing cutouts across his midriff and high slits up both legs. "This"

Husk nodded, eyes wide. "Touch?"

" 'Course, Baby."

Husk reached out, fingers migrating under the strips of fabric to stroke Angel's skin. "f*ckin' Heaven."

Angel snickered.

"This is a 'yes'. Even if y'don't think you'll wear it, I want it so y'have the option."

"I'll wear it everyday if it gets this reaction from ya."

Husk stared at his reflection in the mirror, tail puffed up behind him, wings fluttering slightly, and pupils dilated.


Angel placed a hand over Husk's eyes, and Husk shut them easily.

The second-to-last piece that Angel tried on was a little black dress consisting of little more than a tight skirt and a bralette, covered with a delicate layer of lace.

"I like this," Angel said simply as he adjusted the lace detailing.


Husk shut his eyes again, and Angel kissed the tip of his nose.

"Youare bein' good for me, Baby," he whispered. "I appreciate you spoilin' me t'day."

"Yeah. You deserve it."

Angel hummed happily. "Alright. Last one."

Husk stared at Angel, who was clad in a tight black dress with a plunging neckline. The mermaid skirt flared out near the floor, the dress was covered with sequins, and there were mesh-lined cutouts along Angel’s neckline, waist, and hips.

Husk nodded wordlessly, eyes wide.



"You brought me here on purpose, didn't you?" Angel laughed. "Y'likeeverything here."

"No, I just knewyou'd look good in everything here.

Angel laughed as he unzipped and pulled off the dress, not bothering to have Husk close his eyes again.

"Hey, Anthony?"

Angel hummed softly as he hung everything back on their hangers.

"I love you."

"Love you, too, Babe."

"Thank you for lettin' me drag you out t'day."

"Hey, not like I'm not gettin' anything outta this. Y'said we could stop places that I want, too?"

"Sure, we can."

"I wanna stop at Hellta for more makeup; my eyeliner's out. 'N go by a VoxTech store, 'cause my earbuds are dying."

"We can do that."

Angel grinned, stepping into his shoes before he dropped into Husk's lap to kiss him. "How mad d'you think they'd be if I sucked your dick in here?"

Husk looked at the locked door, then huffed. "Make it quick, Dollface."

Day 6 - February 6th

Husk awoke Angel with a soft kiss the next morning, and Angel groaned and rolled onto his lap.

"Shush. Lemme sleep."

"It's almost noon, Tony," Husk laughed, claws combing through Angel's hair. "You've gotta get up if y'wanna sleeptonight."

Angel blinked his eyes open, smiling up at Husk.

"Hey, Princess," Husk whispered. "I brought you a grilled cheese."

Angel gasped. "Really?!"

"Yeah," Husk chuckled, "It's lunchtime."

Angel rolled out of bed, helped Husk to his feet, and kissed him roughly.

"Whoa, okay," Husk whispered as he pulled back. "Breakfast."

"Lemme use the bathroom, first. I didn't last night when we got back, so I've gotta go."

Husk grabbed Angel's hand quickly and said, "Lemme come with you."

"I'm not gonna fall in--"

"Just...come on," Husk huffed, pulling Angel behind him gently.

Angel leaned down to kiss the tip of Husk's right ear, then nipped it lightly.

"Here," Husk said, gesturing into the darkened bathroom.

Angel flipped on the light, then gasped.

The bathtub, which had formerly been just the right size to fit Husk, was replaced with a larger tub, longer and wider so Angel's lanky limbs and Husk's bulky wings could fit in it comfortably.


Husk laughed as Angel pressed soft kisses all over his face. "I take it you like it?"

"Are you kiddin'?" Angel, still fully-clothed, laid down in the tub and grinned over the edge at Husk. "Ifit!"

"You do." Husk sat on the edge of the tub. "This is onlypart'f today's gift."


"Once you eat 'n wake up a lil' more, I'm gonna set up a bath for ya. All the... smelly sh*t, 'n candles. Make it nice."

Angel beamed.

"Sound good?"

"Yeah. It'd sound better if you'djoin me, but... I like it."

Husk hummed. "I can join yaafter I get some work done."

"What time's that?"

"Just need, like, four hours."

Angel nodded, sinking further into the cool tub.

"Are you just gonna stay here all day?" Husk asked, laughing.


"Hey, I won't stop ya. Lunchis in the kitchen, though, so..."

Angel stood up, stretched, and shooed Husk away. "Lemme piss."

Husk rolled his eyes as he left. "Love you, too."

"Ilove you~" Angel called after him as he shut the door.

Husk scratched Nuggets under the chin and whispered, "I love spoilin' your Pops."

Nuggets squealed, spun in a single circle, sat down, and extended a single hoof to Husk, clearly awaiting a treat.

Husk snorted, reaching up to the counter to grab a treat from the child-locked drawer that he used to keep the bag away from Niffty and Nuggets. "I guess that comes with spoilin'you, too, huh?"

As Nuggets enjoyed his treat, Angel poured himself a coffee and sat at the island to dress it.

Husk kissed Angel's shoulder and slid the tray of his lunch in front of him. "You mind if I get started on work while you eat? Sooner I start, sooner we can get your bath started."

Angel nodded, mouth full.

"Good Boy." Husk kissed his neck. "Let me know if ya need anything else."

With one more nod from Angel, Husk migrated to the desk in the corner of the living room.

On the living room couch, Angel typed on his laptop, then looked at the wall clock. He hummed to himself, logged out of his work account, and set the computer on the coffee table.

He moved to stand behind Husk, who was focused intently on his own work. Arms winding around Husk's shoulders from behind, Angel cooed against his ear, "Francis?"

"Yeah, Princess?"

"Y'know how y'said y'only needed t'work forfour hours?"


"It's been almost six. At least take a break."

Husk blinked at the clock on his desk, then shut the folder, turned around in his swivel chair, and pulled Angel into a kiss. "Have I been neglectin' ya, Sweetness?"

"Nah. Just wanted t'kiss ya, make sure you take a break, y'know. You takesuch good care'f me, so I'm doin' the same. Get up, take a stretch break, grab some water 'n a snack."

"I've got a better deal."


"I'm gonna start your bath, make a tray'f snacks 'n drinks, and I'll come sit with ya, if you want?"

"One step better, then sure."

"How so?"

"Sitin the bath with me? There's enough space, now."

Husk smiled and nodded.

"Sweet," Angel said with a grin. "Yeah, we can do that."

"Alright, go pick out some comfy clothes-- forboth'f us-- for afterwards, then wait f'r me t'come get you."

Angel nodded once.

Husk watched him go into the bedroom, pluck Nuggets from his bed beside the vanity, and kick the door shut with a light tap of his foot.

Spurred into motion, Husk entered the bathroom, started the tub, and pulled out the paper grocery bags from under the sink with bath salts, bath bombs, and the glittery bubble bath. He set everything along the shelf above the tub, then turned on the tap. After testing the temperature and adjusting it, he opened the bubble bath and salts to add them both to the tub.

Husk lit numerous candles from under the sink and spread them around the sink, the edge of the tub, and the shelf over the faucet.

With one more look around the bathroom, Husk moved to the kitchen, grabbed the box of Angel's favorite strawberry-chocolate bonbons from the bottom shelf, where Angel couldn't see them, and poured each of them their favorite drinks.

He taped the note from the previous day,Anthony has a fantastic sense of style, atop the box. He opened the junk drawer to fish out the hot pink sticky notes and wrote another:Anthony is passionate.

After he set the tray of snacks and drinks on the stool beside the tub, Husk knocked on the bedroom door. "Princess?"

Angel swung the door open with a smile, then inhaled deeply. "That smellsso f*cking good," he breathed. "Is it eucalyptus?"

"Y'have t'look at the bottle," Husk said with a shrug. "I'm not asmells guy. Smelled good, I was like, 'Anthony'll like this', so I got it."

Angel smiled down at Husk. He handed him a bundle of clothes.

"Alright, Princess," Husk said, leading Angel into the bathroom.

"Unholyf*ck. You really went all-out, huh?"

"Yep." Husk pulled Angel into a soft kiss. "You deserve it."

Angel smiled. "Help me outta this, would ya?" he asked, turning his back to Husk.

"It's a t-shirt."


Husk helped Angel out of the shirt, working each of the sleeves off of his arms. "Y'want help outta your pants, too?"

"Yeah," Angel said with a pout, barely hiding his cheeky smile.

"You're so f*ckin' spoiled," Husk muttered as he tugged Angel's pants to his ankles and helped him step out of them. He kissed the small of Angel's back before he stood back up. "Get on in there, Pretty Boy," Husk ordered.

Angel sunk under the water with a happy groan. "f*ck."

Husk smiled as he sat down on the toilet lid.

"Nuh-uh. You said you were willing t'join me."

"I am, I just didn't know if you--"

"Come cuddle me?" Angel asked with a pout.

"Alright." Husk kicked off his slacks, took off his collared polo shirt, and removed his boxers. "In front'f you or behind you?"

"I..." Angel considered the question, fingers playing with the water to watch how the glitter in it shimmered in the flickering candle light. "Will your wings be okay if you're behind me?"

"Sure, they will."

Angel moved forward to make room for Husk, then immediately leaned back into his chest.

"Alright," Husk whispered against Angel's ears. "We've got a bath bomb on the shelf up here," he said, tapping the shelf with his foot, "And snacks and drinks on the stool next to us."

Angel grinned. "Snacks?"

Husk plucked the box from the stool and presented it to Angel, his chin hooked over the taller demon's shoulder to ensure that it didn't fall in the water.

"You got mebonbons!"

"Yes, I did."

Angel picked the note off of the top of the box, read it silently, then repeated the process with the note peeking out from under the box, before he whispered, "Is this yesterday's?"


"Youcoordinated them?" Angel laughed.

"Not intentionally! Just... that one wasaccurate."

"They're notall accurate?"

"They are.Obviously, they are. It wasaccurate to that day's activities."

Angel hummed, taking Husk's hand from the side of the tub to place one of the chocolate treats into his palm. "Here."

"Y'don't need t'share--"

"But Iwill, 'cause I love you."

Husk grinned against Angel's neck and kissed his skin, lingering there for a few long seconds before he pulled back to whisper, "Love you, too,Principessa."

They sat in the tub, Angel eventually turning around to lay in Husk's lap and rest his head on the shorter Overlord's chest.

"Your legs okay?"

"Not even touchin' the other side."

Husk smiled against Angel's hair and sipped his whiskey.

Angel sighed heavily and relaxed even further into Husk's embrace.

About two hours later, with the water cooled just enough to be uncomfortable, Angel sat up with a groan and stretched, "I'mpruny."

"No," Husk deadpanned, hand on his chest in feigned shock. "After sitting in a tub for, like, three hours?"

Angel snickered.

"C'mere," Husk ordered as he stood and grabbed a towel.

Angel immediately let Husk hug him tight and scrub the towel over his fur.

When he took over drying himself, Husk took another towel from the bar beside the tub to towel off his fur and wings.

"C'mere," Angel ordered, his towel tied around his waist. He took Husk's towel from him, turned him around with a gentle touch to his shoulder, and started to dry his wings. "Can I help ya clean these?"


"Mm. After I get put my dick away, maybe."

Husk snickered. "If y'want me t'suck your dick while y'do my wings, I think we could make that happen."

With a soft chuckle, Angel leaned down to kiss Husk's neck. "Another day. I'm all...boneless."


"Yes, including the dick-bone, har-har. Real funny, asshole."

"It'syour f*ckin' joke!" Husk laughed, and Angel joined him after a moment. "If y'want, we can turn on Vox+ and put a movie up. I can play with Nuggets, you can help with my wings..."

"If you hand-feed me bonbons when I ask for 'em, you've got a deal."

"I can do that."

Angel moved around to Husk's side to shake his hand, and the room glowed gold with the sparks that initiated from the touch.

"You're a dick."

"Mm. Boneless dick."

Husk snorted, devolving into full belly-laughs and doubling over to try and catch his breath.

Angel simply watched him laugh, a wide smile gracing his face.

When Husk righted himself, he pulled on a set of boxers and pajama pants.

Angel kissed the top of his head and ordered, "Living room floor, Baby. Take the snacks with ya."

Husk picked up the tray, kissed Angel with a smile, and left the bathroom.

Angel pulled the stop from the tub, watching the glittery water swirl into the drain. He stepped into his own nightgown and a clean pair of underwear.

When he sat behind Husk on the couch, he carded his fingers through the Overlord's braids. "Can I re-do these sometime this week?"

"Y'just did 'em last week."

"Did I?"

"Mm. Yep."

"sh*t. Feels like longer."

"Been a long week, Princess?" he asked, squeezing Angel's ankle gently.

"Ugh.Yeah.So long."

Husk settled back against Angel's calves and said, "What happened?"

"Ugh, so y'know how Vox wanted t'start on those bugs? The flies, the fake ones, with the cameras?"


Angel combed his fingers through the feathers on Husk's wings. "He's goin'on and on about how it'd be such agood investment, and all his investors are just... sick'f it? So he's takin' everything out on me 'n Vel."

"'Taking it out on you'?"

"Not physically," Angel assured him, one hand stroking firm lines down Husk's head and the back of his neck. "He's justpissed about everything. And Vel eventually goes--" Angel snorted, "She goes 'Y'don't need t'make bugs; just take the ones outta your arse!'" Angel laughed, mimicking Velvette's thick accent. "Y'should've seen his face, unholysh*t!"

Husk snorted.

"Eventually, he just blue-screened 'n shut off, so Vel and I went to lunch without 'im."

Smiling, Husk massaged Angel's calf and said, "He's a dick, anyway."

"Eh. He's better without Val around, but he still likes t'think he's in charge of the V's."

"What, you think you are?"

"Oh,f*ck no. Vel is. She and I both agree, and it's two-against-one."

Husk's snort woke Nuggets, who wandered over from under Husk's desk to curl up in his lap.

Angel leaned down to kiss Husk's cheek from behind. "Next side. Need a break?"

"Nope. Just get it done, hm?"

Angel nodded, kissed his cheek again, and leaned back into the couch.

As he dried Husk's feathers, section by section, Angel whispered, "Thank you for spoiling me."

"Sure, Princess."

Angel wrapped his legs around Husk's waist lightly, and Husk stroked the tops of his feet with the pads of his thumbs.

"Alright, you're done," Angel stated, sliding off of the couch to sit on the floor between it and Husk and hug him tightly around the middle.

"You just... wanna sit on the floor?"


Husk huffed, but took Angel's hands in one of his. "Alright. Open up."

Angel opened his mouth.

Husk reached over his shoulder to place a chocolate on Angel's tongue, scoffing and yanking his hand away when Angel tried to suck on his thumb. "Stop that."

"M'kay. Thanks, Baby."

Husk nodded silently, dropping his head back to the crook of Angel's throat.

They sat there for a while, both of them stroking Nuggets' back and head.

"Alright, my ass is fallin' asleep," Husk stated into the silence, and he stood, followed quickly by Angel. "C'mon. Couch or bed?"

"Couch. Not tired yet."

Husk gestured to the couch with an open palm, so Angel fell into the leather cushions with a huff.

"Drink?" Husk asked as he took the empty glass from Angel's drink.

"Water's okay."

Husk smiled, nodded, and left the living room.

Angel picked up Nuggets from the floor to kiss his snout. "Go get Daddy, Bub." He set Nuggets on the floor and cackled as Nuggets sprinted after Husk.

"Hey, Pig. Your Pops bein' a dick?"


Husk was quiet, then he hummed. "Yeah. He does that."

Nuggets squealed, to which Husk responded, "No sh*t? I didn't know that."

Elated that someone was engaging him, Nuggets ran laps around the kitchen, much to Husk and Angel's amusem*nt.

Husk returned, careful to not trip over Nuggets, and handed Angel a glass of water with a maraschino cherry atop it.

"Why thef*ck--?"

" 'Cause you like cherries."

Angel snickered. He plucked the cherry from its stem with his teeth, then popped the stem onto his tongue. He struggled for a moment, then took the stem, freshly-knotted, out of his mouth with a, "Ta-da!"

"Nicely done." Husk pulled Angel close to kiss him. "You wanna turn the TV on? Any movie you want."


Husk paused, then supplied, "I get one veto?"

"Yeah, I figured." Angel clicked through the TV, scrolled Vox+ for a few minutes, then picked Pig Heroes 7. "This look good?"

"Looks fine,Ange."

Angel turned on the movie, then laid down across the couch with his arms extended to Husk. "C'mere, Kitty. I wanna cuddle ya."

Husk immediately curled up on Angel's chest, nuzzling his chest fluff and purring as he settled into the gentle touches that Angel applied over his head, wings, and back.

Nuggets climbed onto the couch and laid between Husk's knees.


"Or Niff," Angel teased, making Husk snicker against the column of his throat.

"Fair enough." Husk relaxed further with a heavy sigh, tail flicking contentedly against his legs.

Angel scratched his ears.

" 'M gonna sleep."

"You do that."

"Love ya. Happy Val'ntine's."

"Happy Valentine's Day, Baby," Angel laughed softly, making Husk smile.

Day 7 - February 7th

After 12 hours at the V's tower, with his back sore and feet aching, Angel stepped into his and Husk's apartment.

He kicked off his heeled boots and socks, simply tossing them next to the shoe rack and wandering further into the penthouse.

"Francis? You up here?"

No response came, so Angel pulled off his blouse and pants as he walked into the bathroom. After reading the note stuck to the mirror--Anthony is strong-- with a smile, he turned on the shower and stepped into the steaming water.

He stood still under the water, letting the day get rinsed off of him.

Nuggets sniffed at the bottom of the bathroom door and whimpered.

"Door's open, Bub," Angel told him loudly.

Nuggets whined again and sat down hard just outside.

"Justpush it."

Nothing happened.

"Yeah. Of course."

The door opened, and Angel cheered half-heartedly. "Yay, Fat Nuggets!"

"... That's a new one."

"Andthat's husband, not pig." Angel sighed and massaged his temples. "Sorry. Been a long day. I was tryin' t'get Nuggets t'push it open."

"Well, he's in here now."

Angel hummed.

"Whatcha want for dinner?"

"I'm not hungry."

Husk hummed. "Okay. That's fine, Sweets. D'you want me t'grab you your robe?"


"I'll be back in a minute."

"Take your time. I'm stayin' here 'tilI evaporate."

Husk laughed quietly. "Okay."

Angel stood silently in the shower until Husk returned.

"It's on the hook, and I put a fresh towel."

"Thanks, Francis."

"Yeah. You need me t'stay in here?"

"Nah. Go get changed; I'm not lettin' you outta bedall night."

"Bad day?"


"Anthony. Was it a bad day?"

Laughing breathlessly and without humor, Angel stated, "It sucked."

Husk hummed. "Alright. I'll meet you in the bedroom. Take as long as you need, though."

Angel listened to Husk leave the room, then called, "Francis?"

"Yeah, Princess?"

"I need a kiss. And for you t'take over for my brain tonight."

"I can do that." Husk waited until Angel opened the curtain, then pulled him in for a soft kiss. "Hey."


"You're doing great. You're on top'f the world, you're takin' care'f your souls, and you're doingso much good for everyone around you. Got it?"

"Got it," Angel whispered.

"You areloved, you arestrong, and you arekicking Hell's ass."

Angel snickered.

"I love you, Anthony. I'll be waiting for you in the bedroom."


Husk kissed Angel once more before leaving the bathroom with Nuggets under one arm.

Angel sighed, grabbed his shampoo, and poured a bit too much into his palm to start scrubbing his hair and fluff clean.

Once clean and dry, Angel slipped on the pink bathrobe with feather detailing around the hem, the wrists of all six armholes, and the neckline.

He moved to the bedroom and sat on the empty bed. Using the scented lotion from the bedside table, Angel massaged his calves and wrists.

"Hold on," Husk said as he entered the room, holding a vase with a dozen pink roses in one hand and a large bowl of individually-wrapped snacks.

"What are you--"

Husk knelt in front of Angel after placing the vase on the vanity and the bowl of snacks on the bed beside Angel.

"What's sore?"

"Feet 'n ankles."

"You okay with me touchin' your feet?"

"Not a lot, but a little's okay."

"Tell me when you're done," Husk said as he pressed a soft kiss to the inside of Angel's thigh. He massaged Angel's left foot, quiet.

"How wasyour day, Whiskers?" Angel asked, playing with Husk's ears to distract himself.

"Eh. Made a few new deals, renewed a few contracts, did some... maintenance."

"Do I even wanna know what that means?"

"Prob'ly not."

Angel shrugged absently as he massaged the bases of Husk's ears. "M'kay."

Husk moved to his other leg. "How can I love on ya tonight,Angel?"

Angel shrugged.

"Do you wanna talk about your day?"

"No. I wanna forget about it."

"And you said you wanted me t'be in charge'f 'brain things'?"


"D'you want attention?"

"Yeah, think so?"

Husk released Angel's leg and stood in front of him, leaving Angel face-level with his chest. "Robe off, then."

Angel stood, let Husk help him out of the long robe, and sat back on the bed, looking up at Husk.

"Lay back, get comfy. I'm just gonna turn out the lights 'n light a few candles."

Angel nodded, eyes already glassy.

"Hey." Husk cupped Angel's face gently. "I just need ya with me for a few more minutes. Then y'can turn off that--" Husk kissed his forehead, "-- beautiful brain'f yours."

Angel snickered. "Okay. Sorry."

"No bein' sorry. You've had a long day, I get it."

Angel nodded.

Husk stepped away from the bed, leaving Angel to crawl under the blankets and settle back against the pillows.

When Husk returned with Angel's reusable metal water bottle, freshly-filled, he sat on his side of the bed, kicked off his slippers, and laid down beside Angel.

"What's happenin' in your head, Sweet Boy?"

"Had an appointment with Vel t'day, 'n she had t'let out one'f the dresses she'd been makin'. She tried t'be nice about it, but... I felt like sh*t."

Husk sighed and cupped Angel's face. "I'm sorry. That must've sucked."


Husk kissed Angel's throat as he tossed the blanket to the side of the bed. He moved to prop himself over Angel, kissing every inch of his face until Angel was snickering and pushing him away playfully.

"Stop!" Angel laughed, "That tickles."

Husk smiled against Angel's neck and kissed his throat. "Deal with it. Unless y'safeword, I'm gonna keep goin' 'tilI'm satisfied. Got it?"

"Got it." Angel cleared his throat gently, then asked, "Can I have a drink, first?"

"What kind?"

"Just... pass me my water?"

Husk obliged.

Angel sipped at the water, then upended the bottle until it was empty. "sh*t."

"You haven't had water today, have ya?" Husk chuckled as he put the bottle back on the nightstand.

"I... forgot?"

Husk nodded against Angel's chest fluff and kissed his sternum as best as he could through the thick fur. "You want a refill?"

"Later. Do what you're gonna do."

"You okay with me eatin' you out tonight?"

Angel nodded, eyes wide.

"Words, Principessa."

"Please,f*ck, I need t'cum, 't's been so long--"

"How long, Sweetness?" Husk asked, caressing Angel's sides with gentle touches.

"Dunno... just..." He shivered when Husk's claws brushed a sensitive spot under his top set of arms, "Just haven't had the energy, I guess. 'Nyou've been busy--"

"That's not a real reason, and you know it." Husk pinched Angel's sides gently, and the taller demon flinched with a soft yelp. "Be honest."

Angel sighed and relaxed into the pillows behind him. "I just... I didn't wanna bother you, 'n I haven't...liked lookin' at myself a lot recently? So..."

Husk sighed, pressed a few kisses to the bottom of Angel's ribcage, and whispered, "Okay. I get that."

Angel sniffed weakly and reached down to play with Husk's braids.

"Are yousure you're okay with me--"

"Please. Need it. Just... might keep my eyes shut?"

"Alright. Whatever you need, Princess."


"Just 'Anthony' tonight?"

Angel nodded.

"Alright. Thanks for tellin' me, Anthony."

"Your mouth better be too busy t'even call methat, though."


Husk leaned down to press his lips to Angel's inner thigh, making him hum happily.

As he kissed towards the opening of Angel's puss*, Angel's grip on his braids tightened.

"You okay?"

"Mm. Yeah."

"Remember your taps 'n safewords--"

"Yep. Go. Stop stallin'."

Husk laughed gently. "Youthat desperate?"

"I wouldn't be if--" Angel went quiet as he looked down at Husk, whose brows were raised.

"Keep going."

"... No. I think I was about to make a mistake."

Husk smiled against Angel's inner thigh and bit down hard enough to leave indentations of his sharp teeth. "GoodBoy, Anthony."

Angel relaxed back into the pillows.

Wasting no more time, Husk dragged his tongue over the wet skin of Angel's puss*, making the demon on the bed groan and arch off of the mattress.


Husk smiled against Angel as he pressed a kiss to his hooded cl*t. He lapped at it with the tip of his barbed tongue, then moved down to slip his fingers into the dripping hole opened to him.

Angel's legs clamped in tight around his shoulders as he whined.

"Color," Husk demanded, fingers freezing in place.


Husk nodded and resumed his firm licks over Angel's cl*t and his stroking of his g-spot.

"F-Francis,please, need ya t'touch my dick--"

Husk, instead of responding, wrapped his opposite hand around Angel's dick and stroked it with languid motions. As his tongue brushed Angel's cl*t again, Angel's legs slammed shut around his shoulders, he cried out, and Husk's chin was suddenly dripping with his org*sm.

Husk's hand slowed until Angel arched into the touch, pleading, "Please, please, please..."

"Y'wanna cum there, too?"

"Mm. Please, Francis,need it, feels too good--"

Husk continued his slow stroking, and all six of Angel's hands twisted and balled themselves in the sheets as he writhed and whimpered.

"There's my Good Boy," Husk whispered, if only to hear Angel's cries grow louder for a moment. His hand on Angel's dick sped up, as did the fingers stroking his inner walls, and Angel's co*ck erupted over Husk's fist.

Angel whimpered at the overstimulation after just a few moments, so Husk slowly pulled away allow him to breathe.

"I'm just gonna grab a towel and a cloth," Husk whispered as he pressed a soft kiss to Angel's forehead.

Angel murmured something, and Husk smiled fondly as he left the room to dampen a washcloth with warm water and wash his hands.

When he returned to the room, he helped Angel roll to the other side of the bed so he could lay the towel down over the wet spot on the bed.

"Alright c'mere," Husk muttered as he laid behind Angel.

Angel moved backwards to press his back to Husk's chest, silent.

"You okay, Anthony?" Husk whispered.

Angel nodded.

"I'd like words, if y'can, or you can squeeze or tap." Husk took Angel's hand in his, and Angel squeezed twice, their signal for 'yellow'."Okay. Can y'roll over?"

Angel turned around so he could bury his face in Husk's chest with a sniff.

"Oh,Anthony, you're okay, Ipromise." Husk stroked his hair as Angel cried silently against his fur. "I love youso much, 'n y'didso good for me. Looked sopretty when y'came, Iloved takin' care'f you."

Angel's sniffles quieted as he whispered, "Looked pretty?"

"Yeah, Sweetness,Anthony, youalways lookstunning, but Ilove the way y'look when you're fallin' apart for me."

"Y'don't want me t--"

"No, I don't. You relax, lemme hold you for a bit."

Angel's grip on the sides of Husk's sleep shirt tightened as he nodded.

"I'm sorry. I interrupted you. I shouldn't have done that. What were y'gonna say?"

"Y'don't want me t'suck you off?"

"No, I don't, Anthony. Thank you for the offer, but tonight's aboutyou. I don't wanna cum."


Husk scratched at Angel's scalp, making the taller demon sigh into his thick fur.

"Alright, Anthony, as nice as this is, you need t'use the bathroom. Don't want a UTI."

Angel huffed.

"I know. I'll carry ya, though."

With another petulant huff, Angel sat up, stretched out his arms, and croaked, "Bathroom, please."

Husk laughed, swept Angel into a bridal carry, and kissed his cheek. "Anywhere you want."

As he placed Angel on the toilet, he asked, "Can I stay in here?"


Husk turned his back to Angel to refill the water bottle he'd grabbed on the way out of the bedroom.

"Love you," Angel whispered.

"I love you, too, Anthony."

"Sorry I was bein' weird."

"No need to be sorry. I get bad days, and you deal with 'em without complainin'. Ilike takin' care'f you. Any way that I can, anything I can do for you, I want to do it."

Angel hummed, staring absently at the floor next to the tub across from the toilet.

"You done? Or d'you need a minute alone?"

Angel's response was immediate. "Don't leave."

"I won't. I'm here." Husk took his and Angel's toothbrushes out of the medicine cabinet, along with a bottle of pain medication. "Do you need meds?"

"Maybe just one?"

Husk handed him the water bottle and said, "Open up."

Angel stuck out his tongue to allow Husk to put the pill on it, then downed a large sip of water. "f*ck."

"So you've said."

Angel chuckled weakly.

"D'you have plans t'morrow night?"

"Nah. Was gonna see if the theatre needed me t'take a slot, or see if the cute owner'f this place needs some arm candy?"

"'Arm candy' sounds good. Niff's almost done with tailorin' your dresses, too, so you can take your pick of which one y'want."

Angel grinned. "I already know which one!"


"It's asurprise." He stood from the toilet on still-shaky legs, flushed it, and stood beside Husk to brush his teeth. "Y'don't get t'see it yet," he said through the mouthful of toothpaste.

Husk scoffed and rolled his eyes, pulling Angel in with an arm around him between his second and third sets of arms. "Can't wait."

They continued brushing their teeth, then Husk lifted Angel onto his back to bring him back to the bedroom.


"You know how I love youso-o-o much?" Husk asked, voice higher to mimic Angel's register.

Angel snorted and giggled. "You do! So you'd be willing t'go make me popcorn?"

Husk smiled softly down at Angel. "I wouldloveto,Principessa."

Day 8 - February 8th

Angel stepped off of Husk's private elevator about an hour after Husk had gone down to the casino for the night.

Heads turned and jaws dropped as he passed tables, but Angel bypassed everyone in favor of sneaking up behind Husk to stroke his ears.

"That'd better be my husband, or someone's dyin' t'night."

"No one's dyin," Angel chuckled, and Husk turned around to smile at him.

When he saw Angel's fluffy pink dress, he beamed. "Oh, look atyou!"

"Look at me!" Angel said with a smile as he stood and gave Husk a spin. The dress flared out around him, and the billowy sleeves settled on Husk's shoulders as Angel laced the fingers of his top set of hands behind the feline Overlord's neck. "I look like cotton candy."

"Looksstunning," Husk corrected in a whisper, leaning up to kiss Angel. "You need a drink?"

"Think I'll grab one. You need a refill?"

"If you're goin' anyway..."

Angel snickered as he took the tumbler from the card table behind Husk, then poked Husk's nose with a free pinky. "Your game's still goin', Handsome. No one looks too happy with ya."

"They candeal," Husk hissed, turning around to stare at the other demons around the table with his glowing gold eyes, and they all averted their gazes.

"No, that'sCarol'sjob," Angel corrected, giving a finger-wiggle wave to the dealer at the other end of the table, who returned it with a wide grin. "She deals.Everyone else-- including you-- plays."

Husk scoffed as he sat back in his chair.

"Your boy's lookin' good t'night," one of the demons-- who Angel recognized as a low-level Overlord-- said to Husk after Angel stepped away.

"Eyes to yourself, Umber. Hands, too. You touch him, youlook at him in a way he doesn't like--"

"Hey, Honey," Helen, the bartender, greeted Angel, drawing his attention away from the conversation a few yards away, "What can I get ya?"

"Whiskey f'r the Boss-Man, something... sweet for me? Cherry, pink... you know what I like."

"Damn right."

Angel took the tumbler from her as soon as Husk's whiskey was poured, then watched her make his drink.

"Thank you~" he chirped before turning away and sauntering back to Husk's table. When he placed the glass down, Husk moved his chair away from the table to give Angel the silent invitation to sit on his lap, which Angel accepted with a happy sigh.

Husk's clawed hand landed on his hip, and Angel sipped his drink as he watched the demons around the table roll dice desperately.

Angel leaned back and down to kiss the top of Husk's head. "Hey, Baby?"

"Yeah, Princess?"

"Can ya move your hand a lil' bit?"

Husk let his hand hover over Angel's hip as he accepted the dice from Carol. He rolled the dice three times, then passed them to his left. "Where d'you want it?"

Angel placed Husk's hand on his waist, still watching the game. " this?"

"whor*'s Dice."

Angel snickered, and Husk bounced his knee slightly with a smile.

"Everyone's tryin' t'get exactly 100. If y'go over, it loops back t'zero."

"And what'reyou at?"

Husk tugged Angel down to his level and pointed around the table as he whispered, "43, 18, 57, 59, and I'm at 88."

Angel nodded in understanding as he watched the next demon roll.

When the dice were passed back to Husk, Angel held out his hand with a pout.


"Can I roll for ya, Baby?"

Husk sighed. "Don't f*ck me over, Princess," he warned playfully.

"Hey, either I win for ya, or you take over rollin'."

Husk smiled into Angel's shoulder as he shook the dice and whispered, "Fair enough."

Angel released the dice, grinning down at Husk when two sixes were displayed.

Husk squeezed his waist.

"Husker wins!" Carol announced, and the rest of the demons a the table groaned, one of them simply getting up and walking away from the table.

"GoodBoy, Anthony," Husk whispered against the shell of Angel's ear, making Angel shiver. "You my good luck charm for tonight?"

"I'malways your good luck charm."

Husk smiled and nodded. "Next game, Princess. Up."

Angel stood. He took Husk's hand as soon as he stood, and was led to the poker table in the center of the large room.

Husk sat down, and Angel dropped to his knee again.

As the game started, Angel averted his gaze from Husk's cards, knowing his poker face would give anything away.

The game continued, and Angel's focus bounced around the room to the various slot machines, fast-moving card and dice games, and the laughter at the bar.

"Hey, Sweets," Husk whispered, "Grab that pile for me, hm? I'd do it myself, but I don't wanna make ya move."

Angel looked where he was pointing, then stood to slide the pile of chips towards Husk's own.


Angel nodded and moved to stand again, but Husk's grip tightened on his hip.

"What do you need, Sweetness?"


"Then I think you're fine here."

Angel hummed, picking at the chipped nail polish that Cherri had helped him apply on all six hands before their night out.

Husk kissed his bare shoulder, then untwisted his middle left sleeve.

As the games started and ended, Angel became more and more restless on Husk's lap.

"You alright, Doll?" Husk asked.

Angel nodded weakly.

"What's your color?"

"Like... orange?"

Husk released his hip, handed him a metal playing card from the inside pocket of his suit jacket, and said, "Go t'my office, take some deep breaths. Grab a drink, if y'want one; I'll have someone bring you some water. You need company?"


"Okay. There's snacks in the drawer of my desk."

"I know."

"Go," Husk coached, kissing the top of Angel's bottom left hand before releasing him.

Angel moved quickly and swiftly through the bustling casino, top set of hands covering his ears.

He burst into Husk's office, shut the door behind himself, and slumped against it, the silence shocking after the noise of the main room.

With shaking hands, Angel poured himself a glass of Husk's whiskey and fell into his desk chair with a sigh.

As he sipped the drink, someone knocked on the door and set something down outside.

He finished the drink in his hand, then stood to retrieve the water pitcher from the floor.

After he downed a few glasses of water, he moved to the private bathroom off of Husk's office.

He stared at his reflection as he took deep breaths.

With one last inhale-exhale pattern, Angel shook out his arms, adjusted his sleeves and skirt of his dress, and left the office to re-join Husk at the poker table.

Husk looked up at him in surprise. "You okay?"

"Yeah. Just... overwhelmed for a minute. Loud. 'M better now."

Husk smiled and nodded. "Okay. You want something t'eat?"

"Not really."

Husk returned to his game, the hand on Angel's hip stroking firm lines up and down to ground him.

Hours later, as the casino's floor was emptying, Husk helped Angel to his feet and offered him a hand, smiling when he accepted.

They walked to the Husk's elevator together, silent but comfortable in each other's company.

When the doors opened to the penthouse, Husk knelt in front of Angel to unzip his boots and work them off, then peel off his socks immediately.

"C'mon," Husk whispered, leading Angel to the bedroom.

Angel sat on the bed.

Husk unzipped his dress and helped pull it off over Angel's head and hang it delicately on the hanger that was placed on the vanity.

Angel took Husk's hat off of his head, placing it on his own.

"Whatcha think?" Angel asked as he had a thousand times before.

"Dapper," Husk replied with a wink. "Now, I know I haven't given ya t'day's gift."

"Yeah! What's that about?"

Husk laughed and said, "I had Niff help me with this, so I'll be right back."

He left the room, leaving Angel on the bed in his underwear.

When he returned, he placed Nuggets on Angel's lap and put a box onto the bed next to him.

Nuggets was wearing a pink and blue tie-dyed hoodie, and Angel gasped.

"Oh! Look atyou! Are youso comfy?"

Nuggetsoinked happily.

Husk opened the plain white box to reveal another hoodie, which he held up to show Angel that it had enough arm-holes to fit him properly.

"We canmatch?" Angel asked with a grin as he accepted the garment from Husk.

"Yes, Sir."

Angel pulled the soft sweatshirt over his head, then stood up to tug it down so it would cover him to his mid-thigh. "It's sosoft!"

"I'm glad y'like it," Husk said with a smile. He handed Angel the pink note from the kangaroo-pouch pocket: Anthony is the best part of every day. "Come here, Sweetheart." He sat on the chair at the vanity, and Angel sat on his lap, still petting Nuggets.

Husk dampened one of the cotton pads from the vanity with a makeup-removing solution.

When Angel closed his eyes, Husk carefully wiped his eyeshadow and eyeliner off, being extra-delicate around the corners of his eyes.

After he wiped off Angel's lipstick, Husk kissed him.

"You're sobeautiful."

Angel beamed and leaned down to kiss Husk again. "Thanks, Baby. Can y'get my neck, too? Had t'cover up that hickey from this morning."

Husk chuckled as he wiped the foundation from the juncture of Angel's neck and shoulder. "Sorry."

"Nah, I like 'em, it just didn't go with thefit, y'know?"

Husk rolled his eyes with a soft smile.

Angel leaned in close to the mirror so he could check that all of his makeup was cleaned off, then he turned to Husk with a crooked grin.

"You got it all!"

"Hey, I'm gettin' better," Husk bragged lightly. "Only took, like five years."

Angel laughed and leaned down to kiss Husk. "C'mon. Lemme return the favor."

"Princess, this was--"

"Nope. On the bed."

Husk huffed as he got up to follow Angel's direction.

Angel knelt in front of him to gently remove his shoes, toss his socks into the hamper by the dresser, and unbutton his slacks.

Husk stood to allow Angel to pull off his pants, unbuttoning his shirt and working it off around his wings.

"Now, doyou have one'f the cute matching sweaters?" Angel asked, clearly teasing, but Husk was quiet, eyes wide. "Oh,f*ck, you do?"

"I... didn't mean to? Niff kinda... took it on herself."

Angel snorted. "Where is it?"

"Linen closet, bottom shelf."

Angel left the room and returned with the box, larger than the one that his own sweatshirt had been in. He opened the box and presented Husk with the sweatshirt, specially made with holes in the back for his wings.

"Here ya go, Whiskers," Angel said, grinning as Husk pulled the sweatshirt over his head and worked his wings through the holes. "Unholy sh*t, come here," he demanded, grabbing Nuggets in one arm and his phone with another hand.

He pulled Husk close, grinning into the camera until Husk followed his lead, then snapped a picture.

"We're sof*cking cute!" he laughed, showing Husk the picture.

"Sure, Sweetheart." Husk kissed the side of Angel's head when the taller Overlord cuddled into his side. "Don't... post that anywhere, please?"

"I wasn't gonna." Angel pressed a few buttons, then showed Husk that he had made it his phone's wallpaper. "See? Just for me."

"Just for you."

"And you, I guess. I sent it t'you, too."

Husk nodded, eyes closed as he relaxed against the headboard with Angel pressed up against him.

"You okay?" Angel asked.

"I'm comfy," Husk chuckled, "Just... enjoyin' your company, Sweetness."

Angel nodded as he set his phone aside. He nuzzled Husk's chest.

Nuggets curled up between their legs with a heavy sigh, the hood of his sweatshirt falling over his eyes.

Angel snickered as he grabbed his phone and snapped a few pictures of the pig. "This is nice."

"Enjoy it. Thesearen't my colors."

"Y'can wear it, anyway."

Husk shook his head, smiling gently. "Might end up retirin' it to the closet. I dunno 'bout it."

"Maybe just wear it t'sleep?"

"I don't usually wear shirts t'sleep, Honey," Husk reminded him.

Angel sighed heavily, and Husk hugged him closer.

"We match alot of the time, Anthony," Husk whispered, and Angel nodded with a smile. "Now that you've got more black dresses, we can matcheven more."


Husk sighed. "Alright, consider it in rotation."


"Sure,Mon Ange."

"Y'don'thave to, I'm just--"

"Sweetheart, it's something I'm doin'for you. You want me t'wear a sweatshirt that matches you 'n your pig? I'll do that. It's a small thing I can do for ya."

"Y'say that like he's notjust as much your pig."

Husk snorted. "I know, he is." He reached down to stroke Nuggets' head between his horns, then scratched Angel's scalp. "I'm... Youreally wanna match that bad?"

"It's cute!"

Husk opened his mouth, then shut it, considering his next words before he said, "We have wedding rings."

"Yeah? And?"

"'And' nothing," Husk laughed. "It's comfortable, anyway."

Two of Angel's left hands slipped under Husk's sweatshirt to stroke his stomach and chest. "You'rewarm."

Husk sighed, then lifted up the sweatshirt, muttering, "C'mere."

Angel beamed, laid down on top of Husk, and joined him in the oversized sweatshirt. "You know meso well."

Day 9 - February 9th

Angel's phone buzzed next to him on the desk, but he flipped it screen-down to continue writing.

A few of the actors at d'Amore Studios had gone on strike when a movie had flopped, and Angel was left picking up the slack.

A phone call came through, and Angel picked up the phone with a snappy, "I love you. You've got two minutes."

Husk was quiet, then asked, "Bad day?"

"Awful. I'mso f*cking busy, 'n everyone's incompetent, all of a sudden, so I have t'do everything myself. The workers are still strikin' after the flop, so everythingthey're supposed t'be doin' is onmy plate. I didn't even know it needed t'be done 'til I came in this morning."

Husk hummed. "I'm sorry, Princess. Have you taken a break yet?"

"No time. Everything's due t'Vox by midnight, 'n I've gotpiles t'do."

"Okay. Take a deep breath."

Angel inhaled shakily, then relaxed to drop his head to the desk with athump.

"Was that your skull?"


Husk laughed quietly. "Alright. Grab a drink--water-- and I'm gonna come visit. You need a break."

"I don't havetime--"

"Youneed a break. It'll all seemway less overwhelming once you've eaten something."

"Okay. Fine. How long?"

"Half an hour."

"I'm gonna work 'til then."

"Go ahead. Remember your water, too. I love you, Anthony. You're doing great, Ipromise."

"You sure?"

"I'm sure."

Angel sighed and massaged his temples.

"That's my two minutes," Husk noted. "I'll be there in a bit."


Husk hung up the phone, and Angel sighed, picked up his pen, and kept filling out the payroll form before him.

Angel looked up from his desk when Husk opened the door.

"Hey, Princess," Husk said, voice tender.

Angel smiled weakly.

"How 'bout you c'mon over here, hm?"

"Just a minute." Angel flipped the page over, and Husk sat in the chair across from him.

"This would almost be a nice change'f pace if you'd actually pay attention to me," Husk noted after a few more minutes.

Angel snorted, not looking up from his work. "Yeah, yeah."

"What d'you want for lunch?" Husk asked.

"Um... the... f*ckin'..." He looked up at Husk from his work, rubbing his temples for a moment before he said, "Apple-strawberry salad from Chelsea's."

"Sounds good. Anything else?"

"Sweet potato fries. Maybe a drink?"

"Pink lemonade or root beer?"

"Root beer."

Husk nodded, and Angel looked back down at his work.

As he filled out and signed page after page, Husk stood from his chair and moved around the desk.

"There's a chargin' cord in the top drawer," Angel guessed, but Husk simply hummed and pushed his chair back from the desk, causing Angel's pen to drag across the bottom of the sheet. "Hey!"

Husk knelt under the desk and pulled Angel's chair back towards himself. He hiked up Angel's skirt, tore through the crotch of his lacy pink underwear with his claws, and nuzzled his inner thigh.

"What are you--"

"Keep working, if y'want," Husk cut him off just before he pressed his rough tongue to Angel's cl*t. "I'll entertain myself."

"Smug f*ckin' bastard," Angel breathed, lower set of hands tangling in Husk's hair to guide him to suck the head of his dick into his mouth. "You knew what you were doin'."

Husk hummed softly.

Angel confirmed that the door to the office was locked, then thrust deep into Husk's mouth. "Y'really think I won't notice that you're just here t'play with me? Hm? Y'just need my dickthat bad."

Husk scoffed and tried to pull off, but Angel's hands kept his head in place.

"You interrupted my work-- on thebusiest day I've had in along time, by the way-- just t'suck me off?"

Husk's eyes teared up as he pressed himself further onto Angel's length, whimpering enough that Angel released his head, but Husk stayed where he was.

"You say it's t'relax me, but it's just distracting."

Husk tugged off to take in gulps of air, stroking Angel's co*ck as he whispered, "Don't wanna distract ya. Wanna make y'feel good."

Angel huffed. "You really wanna make me feel good?"

"Yeah." Husk kissed the tip of Angel's dick. "Just wanna make y'feel good."

"You hopin' I makeyou feel good in the process?" Angel asked, tipping Husk's face up with a firm grip on his jaw.

"Your choice."

Angel hummed. "Stand up, then."

Husk did as he ordered, wiping his mouth with the pad of his thumb.

"Bend over the desk, Handsome. Let's make this quick." Angel pushed his skirt down around his knees, kicked off his underwear, and ground his pelvis into Husk's ass.

He pulled Husk's pants down, licking his lips when he saw the simple metal plug in Husk's ass.

"Oh,Baby," Angel purred, pulling out the plug and leaning down to lap up the lube glistening around his hole, and Husk grunted. "Y'got yourself ready f'r me t'f*ck you?"

Husk nodded, arms folded under his head on the desk. "Wanted t'make ya feel good. Let ya take out your day on me."

Angel smiled, leaned down to kiss Husk's neck, and tapped the head of his dick to Husk's hole. "You know meso well, Kitty. Y'really want this?"

"Mm. Want itso bad."

"Y'haven't bottomed in a while, have ya?" Angel asked as he lined his co*ck up with Husk's hole and pressed in slowly, both of the Overlords groaning at the sensation.

"N-No. Been too long."

"I'msorry, Francis," Angel cooed, and Husk whined as he bottomed out. "You've beenso good t'me this week, 'n I've been ignorin' you."

As Angel's hips started to grind into Husk's ass, he continued, "Ilove makin'you the center'f attention; you know that."

"I know--" Husk gasped as Angel changed the angle at which he was thrusting. "Iknow."

Angel cooed. "You look sogood under me. Y'know how long I've been imaginin' taking you on this desk? Huh? How much I wanted t'be on the other end'f this?"

Husk mewled, his wings fluttering enough to knock most of the papers off of the desk.

"You made amess," Angel scolded lightly, using it as a weak excuse to grab Husk's hair and pull him back until they were pressed together. "You gonna help me clean up?"

"Yes! Yes, anything you want, Princess."

Angel grinned as he sped up his thrusts, his bottom set of hands gripping Husk's waist, the middle ones braced on his wings to pull him back onto his co*ck, and the top set tangled in his hair and resting gently on the front of his neck. "Damnright."

Husk cried out loudly.

"Don't cum yet, Baby, I'm still goin'."

"Y'can keep goin'-- Ineed it."

Angel cooed, almost patronizing. "Youneed it. Poor Baby. Alright. Go ahead, Babe. Cum for me, lemme hear ya."

Husk cried out, hands scrambling for purchase on the smooth wooden desk as he came.

Angel kissed the side of his neck, hips still pounding into him. "There's mygood Francis. Oh, Baby, y'made amess on the desk."

"I'll clean it, I'll do whatever y'need me t'do. Just want you t'feel good--" He whimpered at the overstimulation of Angel pounding into his prostate repeatedly.

"I know you will." Angel released Husk so he could relax onto the desk, holding his hips still as he came inside of Husk. "Oh, what aGood Boy." Angel pulled out, quickly replacing his co*ck with the metal plug on the desk next to him.

Husk grunted at the cold metal. "Jackass."

"I just f*cked ya over my desk, 'n I'm a 'jackass', now?"

Husk shrugged as he turned over onto his back, softening co*ck hanging over the front of his pants as he stared up at Angel, panting.

"Was that okay?" Angel asked, stroking Husk's cheek with his top right hand as his middle left rummaged in the desk for wet wipes.

"That wasfantastic, Anthony," Husk laughed. "Exactly what I was goin' for."

"Youplanned this?!" Angel gasped, feigning shock. "Howcould you?"

"Yeah, quickie in your office, I'm areal criminal mastermind."

Angel snickered as he wiped Husk's shirt off as best as he could and tucked his co*ck back into his pants. His shirt tucked in enough that the drying cum wasn't visible. "There we go. No one'll even know." He looked at Husk's face, then said, "Once the flush is gone. And I fix your hair."

"What's wrong with my hair?" Husk asked, reaching up to fix it until Angel smacked his hand away.

"Sex hair. Lemme enjoy it 'til ya go."

Husk rolled his eyes and knelt in front of Angel, wincing as the plug shifted inside of him. He pulled up Angel's skirt, then slipped the wet panties into his pocket. "These're mine, now."

"Not like I'm wearin' 'em again anyway!" Angel laughed, "Ya ripped a hole in 'em!"

Husk grinned crookedly and shrugged. "Easy access.And a souvenir."

Angel swallowed and said, "Not a souvenir? Just..."

"Then it's just easy access." Husk kissed Angel's chest in a silent apology. "Didn't mean it like that."

"I know."

Someone knocked on the door. "Delivery!"

"Leave it outside!"

"You need to pay."

Angel huffed, stormed over to the door while pulling his wallet out of his bag, and tossed a $100 bill at the driver. "Keep the change. Gimme my lunch."

The demon's eyes widened as Angel slammed the door in his face.

Husk snorted as he moved to the couch and beckoned Angel over with one crooked finger. "C'mere. We can cuddle while we eat, 'n you can vent."

"I think I'm feelin' better," Angel said with a shrug, but he fell into Husk's chest and handed him the food. "Thanks for... lettin' me f*ck ya, I guess."

"Not like I didn't get anything outta it."

Angel shrugged, nuzzling into Husk's chest just to hear him purr.

"I thought y'needed t'get back t'work soon?"

"I need cuddles more."

Husk chuckled, grabbed Angel's phone from his bag, and set a timer. "If we spend the 30 minutes I'm here cuddling, can youpromise that you're gonna eat when I leave?"

"Yeah. I will."

"Good. And I'll refill your water bottle before I go."

"It's full."

Husk sighed.

"I forgot!"

"Change of plans, then. Get up."

Angel sat back, watching Husk retrieve his water bottle from the desk.

Husk sat back beside him and said, "Drink. At least half."

Angel sighed, then started to chug the drink through the straw as Husk unpacked their food from the bag.

When the clear water bottle was empty, he set it on the coffee table in front of the couch with a sigh.

"You haven't had water today."


Husk handed him the plastic bowl with his salad, already tossed with dressing.

"You're anangel," Angel sighed, kissing Husk's temple before he took the fork from him.

He devoured his salad in just a few minutes, then moved on to his fries. With a sip of his drink, he fell into Husk's side and pulled his arm around his shoulders.

"Good food?"

"I wasstarving."

"Yeah? What'd ya have for breakfast?"

"Left without it. Vel called, and I had t'run out."

Husk hummed. "I'm sorry, Princess."

"Hey, I was more upset that I had t'leave without a kiss." He kissed the top of Husk's head and smoothed down his braids to emphasize his point.

"You could've woken me--"

"Don't think I didn't hear ya come t'bed at 4 o'clock."

Husk looked away from Angel and took a bite of his burger.

"Yeah. Is your back actin' up again?"

"Nah. Just couldn't sleep."

"Sorry, Baby. How late did ya sleep in?"

"Your alarm went off at 8, so... about then."

"sh*t, sorry. I was in such a rush that I didn't turn it off--"

"Relax," Husk chuckled. "I needed t'get up anyway. Missed you, though."

Angel hummed and pulled Husk close to kiss both of his ears.

"I wish y'didn't work all the way across Pride."

"Yeah, well... I love it here. Most'f the time. Just... overwhelmed today."

"Anything I can do?"

"Nah. Gotta do it all myself."

Husk sighed, reached up to comb his fingers through Angel's hair, and said, "What time're ya comin' home?"

"Probably after you're in bed, unfortunately."

Husk dug in his pocket for a moment, then handed Angel his pink note for the day:Anthony is resilient.

Angel smiled and handed it back to him with a soft kiss to his temple. "Can ya put it in my drawer by the other ones when ya get back?"

"Sure, I can."

Angel laid down on the couch with a yawn and rested his head on Husk's lap. "Wake me up when the alarm goes off?"

"Yes, Dear."

Angel snickered, turning his head just enough to kiss Husk's thigh before he shut his eyes.

Angel awoke when his alarm blared from Husk's pocket just next to his head, and shot back from where he was laying.

"sh*t. Sorry, Anthony, I forgot that was in there."

Angel scrubbed his eyes and nodded. "I don't wanna go back t'work."

"I know." Husk held out a hand, and Angel placed both of his bottom hands into it. "But you've got this. Just 'til midnight, right?"


"Here. Lemme help clean up."

"Oh, I can get it--"

"I told ya I'd clean up. I made the mess, anyway."

Husk led Angel to the desk, sorting finished and unfinished papers into two different piles.

"See?" Husk asked as soon as the piles were finished. "You've done, like, two-thirds of it! Just a few more hours."

Angel nodded weakly.

"It's a lot. I know." Husk kissed Angel's shoulder. "I get it. But you've got this."

"I've got this," Angel echoed.

"Good Boy. Remember the rest'f your fries 'n drink; keep your blood sugar up. Remember t'take deep breaths when you start t'get overwhelmed."

"I will."

"Nuggets 'n I will be in bed, waitin' for you t'get home. Ipromise."

Angel sighed, dropped to his knees, and wrapped his arms around Husk tightly to bury his face in the shorter Overlord's neck.

"Alright, Sweetheart," Husk whispered, fingers straightening out Angel's hair. He kissed the side of Angel's head and whispered against his ear, "You're gonna do great. Just a little longer, then you can come home, shower, change into your comfy pajamas, and come t'bed. Doesn't that sound nice?"

"Soundsso nice. Y'sure I can't just... come home with ya?"

"I'm sure." Husk pulled Angel back gently, stood him up, and sat him in his desk chair. He grabbed the fries and drink from the table beside the couch to place them on the desk.

"Oh, here, before you go," Angel said, beckoning Husk over when he got within a few feet of the door.


Angel fixed Husk's hair and the fur on the back of his neck. "Sex hair."

Husk laughed. "Am I presentable?"

"Always, to me. But presentable for the public, yeah."

Husk smiled, kissed Angel's once more, and whispered, "I love you. You're gonna do great. I'll see you at home tonight."

"Okay," Angel breathed. "Love you, too."

Husk pressed one more kiss to his forehead, put his hat back on, and left the office.

Angel stared down at the papers in front of him, then took a drink from his pop and picked up his pen with a sigh.

Angel arrived at the penthouse at around 2 in the morning, kicking his shoes off beside the door and approaching the bedroom.


No response came, so he opened the door, snickering at the sight he found.

Husk was curled up on Angel's side of the bed, his arms wrapped around Nuggets as both of them snored.

Angel kissed the side of his head and whispered, "I'm just gonna shower, then I'll come back."

Husk grumbled something in his sleep.

Angel grabbed himself a set of pajamas before moving into the bathroom, kissing Husk's head one more time before turning off the light.

When he got back to the bedroom, his hair and fluff dried, his pajamas on, and his teeth brushed, Angel slipped into bed on the opposite side of Nuggets.

Husk grumbled softly, feeling along the bed for Angel.

"I'm here," Angel chuckled, moving Nuggets out of the way so he could curl into Husk's chest.

"There's my Sweetheart," Husk cooed, claws gliding up Angel's side to squeeze his waist. "How're y'feelin'?"


Husk nodded and kissed his forehead. "Just go t'sleep, okay? No alarms in the morning?"

"One, but at 10."

Husk nodded. "Sleep in, then. We'll have breakfast together, slow morning whenever y'wake up."

"f*ck, that soundsso nice."

Husk laughed and hugged Angel closer, smiling wide when Angel nuzzled his chest.

"Love ya. Thanks f'r treatin' me so good t'day."

"Ofcourse. Y'needed it."


"I love you, too,Principessa. I'mso proud of you."

Day 10 - February 10th

Instead of waking to his alarm, Angel awoke from a text from Velvette, simply reading 'stay home, blockheads having an update'.

Angel smiled, turned off his alarm, and scooped up Nuggets from the foot of the bed to cuddle him to his chest.

Husk stirred and sleepily kissed Angel's forehead. "Y'okay?"

"No work today. Vox needs an update, so... whole place is shut down, no one allowed in 'til he's up 'n runnin' again."

Husk smiled into Angel's hair. "So... you're all mine t'day?"

"All yours. Might try t'get somethin' donehere, if you need t'work--"

"Nope. No work for you t'day." Husk blinked his eyes open, yawned for so long that his tongue lolled out, and said, "No. I've already got somethin' lined up, but I've gotta make some calls."


"Just... wait here." Husk rolled out of bed, snatched his phone from the bedside table, and left the room. He returned after a moment to kiss Angel. "Good morning."

"... Morning."

Husk smiled and left the room again.

Angel cradled Nuggets close, smiling when the pig snorted in his sleep and started rooting in Angel's chest fluff.

Angel listened to Husk's voice in the living room, unable to make out any specific words. He reclined further into the pillows with a sigh.

After a bit, Husk came back and sat on the edge of the bed. "Alright. Here's the deal: you're takin' an Anthony Day."

"... 'Anthony Day'?"

"Yep. Scheduled a whole day at the spa: massages, mani-pedis-- I still hate that phrase, by the way, so... know how much I love ya, that I said those words to someone-- hair- and fluff-trims, facial... anything you want. Okay?"



Angel grinned. "Really?"


"All day?"

" 'Til you're ready t'come home... er,or 'til it closes at 7. Whichever comes first. Chuck's gonna drive ya-- he specifically asked to drive sometime this week, so don't feel bad about it-- 'n wait nearby until you're ready t'go."

Angel smiled as he sat up and set Nuggets aside, grabbing Husk's upper arm to pull him into a kiss. "Thank you, Baby."

"Yeah. 'Course."

Angel combed his fingers through Husk's chest fur and kissed his neck. "You really have been spoilin' me this week."

"You deserve it."

"I... I kinda feel bad that I haven't done anything for you."

Husk shook his head, stroking Angel's hair gently. "I'm... not a great gift-receiver. I'd rather watch you enjoy yourself, okay?"


"Y'know somethin' y'can do for me?"


Husk held up Angel's top left hand and kissed his wedding band. "Get a pretty nail color. Somethin' y'think I'd like."


"I'd like that," Husk whispered with a smile.

"Okay." Angel leaned down to kiss Husk, then straightened up. "I should go! Make the most'f the day."

Husk nodded and sat on the bed, watching Angel grab a matching set of sweats as he pulled Nuggets into his lap.

Angel got changed, putting on a show for Husk as he did so.

"You're sopretty."

"Iknow!" Angel laughed, falling onto the bed beside Husk's legs. "I've got a sweet husband who pays for all my upkeep. I'm high-maintenance."

"Not really," Husk chuckled as his fingers carded through Angel's hair and fluff. "You just like t'look nice. Not too high-maintenance."

Angel shrugged.

"You should get goin', Beautiful," Husk whispered, not wanting to stop playing with Angel's hair.


Husk tugged Angel up gently by the front of his sweatshirt to kiss him. "Alright. Go. We're gonna stay here all day if y'don't."

"Would that be so bad?"

"Yeah. Go get a f*ckin'..."

"Say it."

"A..." Husk groaned. "Amani-pedi."

Angel giggled wildly, kissed Husk once more, and left the room with a quick scratch to both Husk's ears and Nuggets' back.

That evening, after a full day at the spa, Angel climbed into the car and smiled at Chuck. "Home, please!"

"You got it, Boss," Chuck laughed, asking as the car started to move, "You have a good time?"



Angel putzed around on his phone for a while, texting Husk, 'omw home :3'.

Husk replied with a simple thumbs-up, so Angel put his phone away and relaxed into the car door with a contented sigh.

When Angel arrived back at the casino, Husk was leaning against the columns by the main door, arms crossed in front of his chest.


"Hey, Sweetheart," Husk said with a smile, holding his hands out for Angel. "How was your spa day?"

"I feel likesoup."

"... Is that a good thing?"

Angel snickered and nodded, taking Husk's hand in his to lead him inside.

Husk fell into step with Angel, walking quicker than he usually would to keep up with Angel's long steps.

"Sorry," Angel murmured as they got to the elevator, Husk breathing heavily.

"Don't worry about it." Husk reached up to tug Angel into a kiss, smiling against his lips. "I'm glad y'had a good day, Princess."

"This was a good idea," Angel admitted. "Apparently, I'm the mosttense person the massage lady had ever seen."

"I believe it," Husk laughed as they stepped onto the elevator together. He pressed the15 button.

"Can we get food?"

"Dinner's already on the table."

Angel beamed and pulled Husk close with an arm around his shoulders to smack a wet kiss to the top of his head. "You know meso well."

"Mm. Well, y'were comin' all the way from Sloth; I had a while t'get it ready for ya."

Angel hugged Husk closer. "I love you. You'reso good t'me."

"Of course, I am. You're easy t'be good to."

Angel smiled into his hair.

When the elevator stopped and the doors opened, Nuggets immediately barreled into Angel's shins, squealing happily and bouncing around.

Angel laughed and picked him up to kiss the top of his head. "Hey, Bubby! Did y'have a good day with Daddy?"

Husk rolled his eyes. "He's a spoiled brat."

"And you love him!" Angel cooed, holding Nuggets up to Husk's face so he could lick the Overlord's cheek.

Husk scoffed. "Yeah. I know. Shush." He handed Angel a single red rose, to which Angel gasped.

"Thank you!"

"Sure, Anthony." Husk offered him an elbow, which Angel looped an arm through with a smile.

Husk led him to their two-person dining table, covered with a white tablecloth with pink lace detailing and set with the nice plates from the cabinet. There was a vase with Angel's pink roses in the middle, and two plates with spaghetti at the seats.

Husk pulled out Angel's seat for him, kissing the back of his neck as he pushed it back in. "Thanks for joinin' me."

"Are ya kiddin'?" Angel ran his fingertips over the petals of the pink roses. "How could Inot? I feel underdressed, though."

"No such thing," Husk said with a smile as he sat. "You look beautiful."

"So d'you!" Angel reached across the table to take Husk's hand and kiss the back of it. "Seriously. Thank you. This f*ckin' sweet."

Husk chuckled as he picked up his fork. "I've been told I fit that bill."

Angel took his first bite, moaning around it. "f*ckin' Heaven, Francis, this isdelicious."

Husk smiled. He took his own bite, eyes fluttering closed as he chewed.

"You made this?" Angel asked around his mouthful of food.

Husk nodded wordlessly.

"sh*t, Baby, I've gotta keep ya, now," Angel laughed. "My Nonna'd be proud."

Husk smiled.

Angel devoured the meal, then sipped at his wine.

"You want more? There's more."

"I don't think so? I think I'm good."

Husk smiled and squeezed Angel's top middle right hand, still in his left. "Let me know. There's dessert, too, for whenever you're ready."

"What's for dessert? Did y'makethat, too?"

"Mm. Yeah. Brownies and ice cream."

"sh*t, Francis, you'reperfect."

Husk laughed, shaking his head. "Far from it. But I'm happy you're happy."

Angel poured himself another glass of wine. "What'dyou do while I was out all day, hm?"

"Ugh... I had aton of tax 'n insurance forms, so... I signed my name, like, 10,000 times. My wrist iskillin' me."

Angel removed the fork from Husk's grip to take his right hand in his middle set, massaging the meat of his palm and forearm. "I'm sorry, Baby. But it's the weekend, now! You've got tomorrow, at least, off!"

Husk smiled and nodded. "Yeah. That's true. We can go out somewhere f'r breakfast, if y'want?"

"I think I wanna stay in tomorrow."

"We can do that."

Angel grinned and released Husk's hand. "You done, or d'you want more?"

"I'm done."

Standing up, Angel picked up all of the dishes.

"Don't youf*ckin' dare," Husk growled, making Angel snicker, run to the kitchen, and start the sink running.

Husk grabbed him from behind and tried to pull him away from the sink, but Angel kept himself anchored with all six hands against the edge of the basin.

"You cooked, I clean!" he crowed, laughing loudly when Husk tried to protest. "Nope! That's our rule! You made it. Y'gonna break your own rule?"


"Nope!" Angel turned around, kissed Husk on the nose, and pointed to the dining table. "Go get the glasses, Baby?"

With a heavy exhale, Husk followed the direction, leaving Angel to scrub the plates clean and place them on the drainboard.

Husk wrapped his arms around Angel from behind as soon as the glasses were placed beside the sink.

"Hi, Handsome," Angel whispered.

"Mm. Hi. Missed ya."


"Always miss ya when you're out."

Angel smiled to himself, reaching back with his bottom set of hands to hold Husk's hips.

"Y'smellso good," Husk breathed.


" 'T's a good thing. Y'always smell nice, but... this is different."

Angel hummed. He cleaned out the wine glasses, set them aside to dry, and turned around in Husk's grasp to kiss his forehead. "Any other plans for the night?"

"Dessert, but, otherwise, just doin' whatever you want."

"Come on, then." Angel dragged Husk to the bedroom and fell into bed with a groan.

Husk curled around him from behind, wings wrapped around both of them as he kissed the back of Angel's neck.

"Oh! I forgot t'show you!" Angel turned around in Husk's arms and held up his hands, showing off his red, gold, and black manicure. "Ta-da!"

"They look every nice, Princess," Husk laughed, kissing the backs of Angel's top set of hands. "Did y'let 'em do your feet, too?"

"Nope. Left my socks on all day."

Husk laughed again and asked, "Did y'get naked for the massage?"

"Except for the socks? Yeah."

Shaking his head, Husk leaned up to kiss Angel with a smile. "I love ya. I'm so glad y'had a nice day."

"It wasgreat."


Angel shut his eyes.

"I didn't give ya your note yet."

"Mm. It can wait."

Husk rolled his eyes but pulled Angel closer. "Alright. Tomorrow, then."


Husk kissed the side of Angel's neck.

Day 11 - February 11th

Husk woke Angel up from a nap on the couch with a kiss to his temple. "Princess..."


"I've gotta get to a meeting. I'll be back in a few hours."

"M'kay." Angel tugged him down by his tie and kissed him sweetly. "Have fun, be good, don't be a jackass."

Husk laughed. "I'll try."

Angel nodded once and whispered, "Love ya."

"I love you, too, Princess." Husk kissed his forehead, stroked his cheeks with his thumbs, and tucked the blanket in around him. "Sleep well."


Husk left the apartment, and Nuggets ran to Angel from the bedroom, climbing onto the coffee table before he jumped to the couch.

Angel smiled and pulled his pet close, stroking his head. "C'n youbelieve this is my life?" he whispered.

Nuggets squealed softly and nudged Angel's chin with his nose.

"I'm an Overlord. I've gotanother Overlord as myhusband-- I have ahusband!" He sighed and dropped his head back to the couch. "This never would've been my life when I was alive."

Nuggetsoinked, licking Angel's neck and chin.

"I like it here." He scoffed at the statement. "If Nonna heard me sayin' that Iloved my life in Hell, I'd've been disowned."

Nuggets curled into Angel's lap.

"That's okay. She doesn't have t'know." Angel sat up, set Nuggets gently on top of the blankets he had taken off of himself, and tucked them in around him. "I should do somethin' nice for Francis, shouldn't I?"

Nuggets blinked up at him sleepily.

"I should." Angel got up to look through the fridge and pantry, then grinned. "I have thebest idea," he told Nuggets in the next room.

When the elevatordinged hours later, signalling Husk's arrival, Angel ran over to him and kissed him hard.

"Hey," Husk laughed, reaching up to cup Angel's cheek. "I missed you, too."

Angel kissed the top of Husk's head and placed his hat on the island.

"So... Can I ask what this is about?"

"Thought you'd appreciate homemade dinner." Angel led Husk to the kitchen, showing him the food still cooking on the stove. "There's a salad in the fridge, baked potatoes in the oven, and the steak is almost done."

Husk hummed as he sat at the island. "And... the outfit?"

Angel snickered and spun in a circle, showing Husk that he was wearing only an apron and a pair of lacy underwear.

"That's not exactly safe, now, is it?"

"Nah, but all the important bits are covered," Angel said with a shrug.

Husk laughed and said, "Alright, c'mere."

Angel glanced between Husk and the stove. "Can you comehere? I don't wanna... leave the stove unattended."

Silently, Husk moved away from the island and stood beside Angel. "I appreciate you, Princess. Y'treat meso well."

Angel hummed, flipping the steak over. "You've been treatin' me so well this whole week; figured the least I could do is make you dinner."

"Do youstill think you owe me?" Husk asked simply.


"I tell youall the time that I'd doanything for you. That I want you to behappy, 'n to take advantage of what I can do for you. I thought I'd been clear that youdon't owe me anything."

Angel stared at him, then sighed. "I have no idea how t'put this in a way that makes sense."

"So say it in a way that doesn't."

"This--" Angel gestured to the stove and counters, covered in the mess caused by his cooking, "-- is how I love you."

Husk's brows furrowed.

"You... Yougive me things, and youdo things for me, 'n Iknow you love me, even without 'em. 'Cause you make itobvious."

Husk nodded, taking Angel's middle right hand to kiss the back of it.

"I... feel like I'm not doin' enough t'make it obvious. Like... Ido love you.So much. You're the best thing that'sever happened to me, in lifeor afterlife."

Husk smiled weakly.

"I don't need tothink about if y'love me, I justknow it."

"And you think Idon't know that you love me?"

Angel sighed, turned off the stove, and hopped to sit on the island, watching smoke curl up from the pan for a while.

"I'm... I don't know. Okay? It's... It's something that's been... kinda...instilled in me, I guess, is the word?"

Husk nodded, leaning against the counter opposite Angel. "I know. I'm not blamin' you, I'm just tryin' t'understand."

"You doso much for me, 'n I do, like,nothing for you."

"You feel like we're uneven."

Angel nodded.

"Alright." Husk took Angel's top left hand in his left, pointing to their wedding bands with the first two fingers of his right hand. "What are these?"

"Our... Is this a trick question?"

"Not a trick."

"They're our wedding rings."

"Good Boy. Y'know what they mean?"

"That we're married?"

Husk rolled his eyes with a soft smile. "Yeah, Princess, but theyalso mean that we'retogether, no matter what. Whether you doeverything for me, ornothing. Ilove you."

"Iknow that--"

"But italso means that I have the right t'call you out on your bullsh*t."

"What?" Angel laughed.

"You are one of thesmartest people I know. You areso f*cking smart that it'sscary, sometimes."

Angel snickered.

"But you haveno f*cking idea how this whole...thing works, do you?"


"Marriage, Anthony."

"I mean, it's been almost a year, I think I'm gettin' better."

"Sure. You're..." Husk sighed and slipped off of the counter to stand between Angel's knees, "Sweetheart, you haveno idea how much you do for me, do you?"


"Every mornin', I wake up 'n you'rethere next to me. When I need a break from work, y'eitherremind me, or y'bring me a drink and snack. When I'm havin' a bad day, y'take care'feverything around the apartmentand in the casino. Youcook the mostamazing food--" Husk gestured to the stove behind him, "-- and y'treat meso well. I canbe myself with you in a way that I'venever been able to be."

Angel smiled and kissed Husk's nose.

"Justhaving you in my life iseverything to me. And the fact that you do more than that is...mind-blowing to me."

"I can blow your mind, Baby," Angel purred, but Husk held up a hand.

"You're putting on a face. Don't do that. Listen to my words."

"I'm listening."

Husk cupped Angel's face between both hands and leaned in close to kiss the tip of his nose. "Ilove you. Iknow you love me. You don't need to 'prove' it, you don't need todoextra things for me to know that. You prove it to mejust by being my husband. You agreed to that, so Ibelieve that you love me. Okay?"

Angel sniffed and whispered, "Okay..."

"Now, whatI wanna do now is eat thisdelicious-smelling dinner with you, sit together for a bit, and get ready for bed. Does that sound okay?"

Angel nodded, silent tears streaming down his face.

"D'you need a minute, or d'you need company?"

"Need a minute," Angel managed.

"Okay. Should I move, or do you want to?"

" 'M gonna go t'the bathroom."

Husk nodded with a soft smile. "Okay. I'll have dinner ready in 15 minutes. Is that long enough?"

"Should be?"

"Take as long as you need," Husk demanded softly. "Okay? Don't rush your feelings on my account. Take your time, take some deep breaths 'n get a drink, then-- and only then-- should you come back to eat dinner."


Husk kissed Angel's nose lightly. "Go. I'm not goin' anywhere."


Husk dug in his pocket to hand Angel his car keys and fold his fingers around them. "Promise."

Angel stared at the keys, then slipped off of the counter and wandered to the bathroom, almost in a daze.

Nuggets trotted after him happily and laid down on the bath mat when Angel sat down in the bathtub, staring at the keys in his hand.

Husk's keychain was a cheap heart-shaped souvenir from LuLu World, his and Angel's smiling faces crammed into a photo-booth photo.

Angel sniffed and ran his thumb along the smooth surface of the keychain to soothe himself.

Nuggets propped his front hooves on the side of the tub, and Angel picked him up to set him in the tub between his legs. Nuggets licked at the drying tears on his cheeks and chin.

" 'M sorry, Bubby," Angel sniffed. "Havin' a lotta feelings today..."

Nuggets curled up in his lap with a content sigh, watching Angel through drooping eyelids.

After a few more minutes of deep breaths, Angel stood, Nuggets under one arm, and left the bathroom to join Husk at the dining table.


Husk smiled and set his phone face-down. "Hi. You feelin' better?"

"I need a hug."

Husk nodded once and stood, smiling wider when Angel dropped to his knees to wrap his top set of arms around Husk's waist. His other sets of arms were around Husk's hips and thigh, and his head was pressed against Husk's stomach.

For a few long minutes, Angel simply knelt in front of Husk, sniffling into his fur.

"Okay," Angel whispered, " 'M good."

"I'm not," Husk said, tugging Angel into his chest again when he started to move away.

Angel laughed wetly and sniffed. "M'kay."

Husk combed his claws through Angel's hair. "I love you, Anthony. Okay? You don't doubt that, do you?"


"So why would I doubt thatyou loveme?"

Angel shrugged weakly.

"Exactly." Husk crouched down in front of Angel and cupped his face. "Are you ready to eat? Or d'you need a bit?"

"I need food. Haven't eaten since this morning."

Husk nodded, stood up, and helped Angel to his feet. "Well, myincredible husband made me dinner. I'd be willing t'share with you, though, 'cause you seem sweet."

Angel snickered as he nodded and sat across from Husk.

Husk cut up one of the steaks, then placed that plate in front of Angel. He cut up his own.

"Who were you meetin' with?" Angel asked, already chewing part of his dinner.

"Oz 'n I had an appointment."

"Oh. What'd you need fromhim that I couldn't help ya with?"

"Believe it or not,he needed somethin' fromme."

Angel gaped at him. "What didhe need?"

"Well, he and Fizz--" Husk stared down at his plate, mouth full of food. "Anthony. You areincredible."


"You... You just..." Husk stood suddenly, rounded the table, and kissed Angel hard, Angel laughing against his lips.

"What thef*ck?"

Husk sat back down. "It just hits me sometimes. Y'made my favorite dinner. I was too distracted by your dumb lil' outfit earlier--"

"I lookincredible--"

"Your whole ass is out. I wasn't listenin' t'you talk about what was cookin'."

" 'Cause you were staring at my ass?"

"I'monly a man, Sweetheart. You're not any better."

Angel snorted.

"This was myfavorite dinner when I was on Earth. Medium-rare steak, buttered mashed potatoes, spinach salad with tomatoes. Did I ever tell you that?"

"... No?"

Husk shook his head in disbelief. "You areamazing. Incredible."

Angel snickered and took a bite of his own potatoes. "What kinda wine would y'have had?"

"Somethin' dry 'n red."

Angel wiped his mouth with the napkin from his lap and stood, putting an extra sway into his hips as he walked away.

"You're not subtle."

"Never claimed t'be!" Angel laughed. He picked a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from the wine rack in the cabinet, opened it, and brought it, along with two wine glasses, to the table. "Here y'go, Handsome," Angel purred, filling both glasses with wine.

"You areso good to me," Husk breathed in awe.

Angel smiled around the lip of his glass.

As Husk took his next bite, Angel asked, "So... whatdid Big Oz need?"

"Needed a recommendation for a...discreet tailor. His other one... got offed. Somehow."

Angel hummed. "A lingerie tailor?"


Angel chuckled. "Did ya give him Niff's number?"

"I respect Asmodeus and Fizzarolli too much to let my gremlin tailor get her grubby lil' hands all over 'em."

Angel cackled, throwing his head back as he grasped his stomach with his bottom set of hands.

"Am Iwrong?!" Husk asked, also laughing.

"No! That's why I'mlaughing."

"She's so f*cking perverted," Husk chuckled, sipping his wine. "I don't trust her t'do that for them.They'd be scared off byher horniness."

Angel snorted and nodded. "The hornie*st demons in Hell would be scared off by our 2-foot-tall tailor who wields needles and stabs co*ckroaches."

"As they should be." Husk placed his fork and knife on the edges of his plate. "You, Anthony Husker, aremy favorite."

Angel beamed. "Y'never called me that before."

"Haven't I?"

"Nope. Always the whole name."

Husk hummed, suddenly overly-interested in the way the wine swirled in the bottom of his wine glass.

"I don'tmind it," Angel whispered. "I like it. Just... I never heard it... said like that."

Husk hummed. "Speaking of..."


"I've got somethin' for ya."

"You don't need to--"

"Shush. Let me love you." Husk left the room, returning almost immediately to hand Angel a small jewelry box. "Here."

Angel opened it. Inside rested a simple gold cuff bracelet, engraved with the nameHusker inside in Husk's own handwriting.

"T'remind you who you are."

Angel sniffed. "I already cried today."

"No judgment if y'do it again."

Angel sobbed softly, putting the bracelet on and moving around the table to kiss Husk roughly. "I love you. I'mso sorry I was--"

"No apologies. Okay? I know. I get it. Come here." Husk pulled him into his lap, kissing the side of Angel's neck. "You areso loved, Princess.Please know that."

"I d-do. Ido."

Husk smoothed his hands down Angel's bare back, exposed by the apron he was still wearing.

Angel sniffed against Husk's neck.

"Are you cold?"

"Freezing," Angel agreed instantly.

Husk barked a laugh and pulled Angel back from his neck gently. "Come on." Husk carried Angel to the bedroom, set him on the bed, and picked out a pair of soft pajamas, dark blue and printed with little white bunnies.

Carefully keeping his claws out of the way, Husk untied the apron, pulled it off of Angel, and helped him into the pants and matching shirt.

"Stay here," Husk coached, leaving the room for a few minutes, until he came back with a pink note in each hand. "Happy 11th-- and 10th-- day of Valentine's."

The notes read'Anthony is a good listener' and 'Anthony lights up every room he enters'.

"Alright," Husk said simply, taking the notes from Angel to slip them in the vanity drawer. "Come here." He scooped Angel into his arms and laid on the bed, making Angel laugh and nuzzle into his chest.

"I love you," Angel whispered, and Husk smiled into his hair.

"I know you do. I love you, too."

Angel was quiet for a moment, then replied in a barely-audible voice, "I know."

Day 12 - February 12th

As Angel got ready for the day and Husk picked out his clothes before his shower, Husk reminded him, "We've got dinner with Oz and Fizz tonight at 7, remember?"

Angel nodded, mouth open to apply his lipstick. "Uh-huh. Fancy?"

"Yeah, think so. We're meetin' at a place in Envy."

Angel nodded again, then swiped his mascara over his lashes.

Husk placed a hand on the back of Angel's chair, watching him apply his makeup for a moment before asking, "Kiss?"

"No, thanks. Not... Not now. When I get back, though--"

"Hey. It's okay. I'll see you later." Husk blew Angel a kiss, making him snicker as he pretended to catch it and swallow it.

"Love ya!" Angel called after him.

"Love you, too!"

Angel looked down at Nuggets, who was curled up between his feet, and brought his legs up to cross under him.

Nuggets sighed at the loss of his pillow and got up to move to his bed beside the vanity.

Angel arrived back at the penthouse after work, dropped his bag on the island, and immediately stripped out of his dress and kicked off his shoes.

He moved to the bedroom and fell onto the mattress with a groan.

"Sweetheart?" Husk asked from the doorway.


"You okay?"

Angel turned his head, not bothering to open his eyes, and said simply, "My head hurts, my back hurts, and my neck hurts. I wanna nap 'til we have t'leave."

"We only have about an hour."

"So I'll sleep for an hour."

"We can cancel, Princess," Husk said as he sat on the edge of the bed, frowning when Angel flinched away from him. "Can I touch you?"

"Please don't?"

Husk stood and crouched beside the bed instead of sitting on it. "I'm gonna let you rest for a little bit, but I think I'm gonna call Oz and reschedule. Okay?"

"But we already made the plans--"

"And I'm sure ourfavorite hornie*st-demons-in-Hell would appreciate the chance t'spend a night ineach other's company instead of ours."

Angel sniffed and wiped away the tears from the corner of his eyes. "I wanted t'-- t'go out--"

"And we will. On a night that you feel back at home in your body. If you go outtonight, you're gonna feel like crap the whole time."

Angel nodded silently.

"So, what we can do instead is get changed into something you're comfy in, whatever that is, and curl up with a dumb romance movie, a buncha snacks, and something fun t'drink. Okay?"

"My skin's too tight."

Husk nodded softly.

"My fur's too hot, my arms are too heavy, 'n my legs are too long. Everything feelswrong, and it's not mine."

Husk nodded again and whispered, "I'm sorry. What can I do?"

"Need a cold shower. 'N clothes aren't good for me t'day."

"As nice as havin' you walk around naked would be..." Husk attempted to joke, but Angel just sniffed and wiped away tears, "I think it'd be best if y'hadsomething. Either my clothes, which would be looser, or wrap up in a blanket or sheet or somethin'."


"Okay. I'll work on that. How 'bout you go take your shower. Stay in there for a bit, turn on some music or a podcast t'turn off your brain. Got it?"

Angel nodded.

"I'll have food and drinks and a sheet ready for ya whenever you're done."

Angel sniffed once more, nodded, and sat up, scratching at his ribcage.

"I'll call Oz, but you take as long as you want in the shower. Wait 'til you feel back in your body, okay? Positively or negatively."


Husk left the room, already dialing a number on his phone.

Angel stripped out of his underwear and moved to the bathroom to crank the water as cold as he could. When he stepped under the water, he yelped and grabbed the bars along the side of the tub that Husk had had installed for his bad pain days.

"You okay?" Husk called from just outside of the door.


Husk laughed. "Yep. Kind the point." He knocked on the door. "Fizz wants t'talk t'you."

"Did you--"

"I told 'em both we're not comin'. He just wants t'say somethin'."

Angel extended a hand outside of the shower, followed closely by his head. "Yeah?"

"Hey! You're feelin' like sh*t?"


"f*ck, dude, thatsucks. Hope y'feel better.D'you wanna get together for, like, breakfast or coffee or somethin' sometime next week?"

"I should be fine by then."

"f*ck yeah. I'll text ya in a few days, okay? No pressure to respond right away, either."

"Thanks, Fizz. And, hey, if you and Oz still wanna go out 'n take the reservations, youtotally should."

"We might just... stay in?"

"And f*ck?"

Fizz giggled wildly. "Yep!Talk soon!" He hung up the phone, and Angel handed it back to Husk.

"They're stayin' it t'f*ck instead of usin' the reservations."

"Fair enough."

Angel stepped back under the cold spray of the shower and said, "Francis."

"Mm. Yeah, Princess?"

"My stomach hurts. Can y'make me some toast? Nothin' on it, just... need something bland."

"I'll get on that."

Angel smiled to himself, eyes shut as he stood in the cold water. "Thanks."

Husk left the bathroom, followed closely by Nuggets' quick hoof clicks.

Angel scrubbed his hair with Husk's shampoo, the smell alone working to calm the rapid beating of his heart that hadn't stopped all day.

As he stepped out to towel himself dry, Husk held a large towel through the crack between the door and its frame. "Fresh outta the dryer."

Angel took it with a smile. "Thanks."

Husk hummed.

He scrubbed himself dry as quickly as he could, lingering just a little longer on his fluff and hair to ensure they wouldn't drip on the finer fur covering the rest of his body. He wrapped himself in the thin sheet that laid folded on the edge of the sink.

Angel exited the bathroom but froze at the edge of the living room.

Husk had set up his blanket next in the center of the floor, all of the many pillows and stuffed animals from their various hiding spots around the apartment were lining the edges of the space. A large sheet was draped over the armchairs on either side of the space and the back of the couch, creating a crude blanket fort. The small lamps around the space were covered in sheer pieces of Angel's clothing to dim them further.

"Look okay? Anything else y'want?"

Angel shook his head silently.

"Any snacks or drinks?"


"Hey," Husk whispered, stepping in front of Angel to break his line of sight. "What's wrong?"

"I wanna hug you, but my body's gonna make mecry if I do that, but I'm gonna cry if I don't, 'n I don't know what todo."

Husk smiled softly. "C'mere. Sit down."

As soon as Angel was seated, Husk handed him his pillow, cradling Angel's to his chest. "Now it smells 'n feels like you're holdin' me, but you're not. How's that?"

Angel sniffed and nodded, burying the lower half of his face against the pillow.

"DoesThe Princess Bride sound okay t'watch?"

Angel nodded again. "I wanna kiss you."

Husk sighed.

" 'M sorry."

"So--No, don't besorry, I'm just sad that I can't do anything."

Angel slowly lowered himself down to rest his head on Husk's lap, and the shorter Overlord lifted his arms to rest along the couch behind him so he wouldn't be touching Angel.

The movie started softly, and Angel reached down to grab a stuffed dog and play with its ears as he cradled it against his chest.

"Your toast is on the end table, here, if y'want it."


Husk hummed. "Please know that I amviolently shoving down the desire to play with your hair."

Angel sniffed and nodded, scrubbing his eyes with the edge of the sheet still wrapped around him.

"I love you, Precious. That doesn't change, from your good days to your bad days. Got it?"

"Got it... Love you, too. Sorry we had t'cancel dinner."

"Eh. We eat dinnerevery night. It's nice t'have a change of pace."

Angel snickered weakly, sniffing loudly. He kissed the top of Husk's thigh through his pants.

A few movies later, Husk had moved to the couch, leaving Angel to lay in his blanket nest with multiple pillows and stuffed animals tucked in around him.

"Francis?" Angel whispered.

Husk didn't respond.

"Are you awake?"

Instead of a verbal response, Husk's snore answered Angel's question.

Angel set aside the stuffed animals he was holding, stood up, and laid down on top of Husk as gently as he could.

Husk's eyes shot open as he inhaled quickly, and he stared down at Angel for a moment.


"Hello," Angel whispered, almost sheepish. "Didn't mean t'wake ya."

"I thought y'weren't feelin' up to touch?"

"... I'm feeling better?"

Husk laughed lowly and ran his hands up and down Angel's shoulder blades. "Okay. C'mere."

Angel moved up his body a few inches to bury his face in Husk's neck.

"Missed ya, Princess."


"If we're gonna fall asleep, maybe the bed is the best place for this?"

Angel shook his head. "I like the fort."



"Haven't made one'f these...ever? I don't think? Didn't know if I got it right."

"It's nice. Missin' some string lights, but it's cozy."

Husk hummed and asked, "You wanna help me set it up next time?"

"'Next time'?"

"Sure. If y'like it that much, we can make it tradition."

"Then it's not as special."

"I seeyou every day. Does that makeyou any less special?"


"The answer you're looking for is 'no'."

Angel snorted. "Y'didn't even give me chance to answer."

"What was your answer gonna be?"

Angel was silent.

"Yeah, I thought so. I know ya, Anthony. We've been together foryears."

"Yeah, yeah, shutup. I had a bad day. Lemmesleep."

Husk carded his claws through Angel's hair lightly. "Dunno if I can sleep here with my back."

"Y'can move to the bed, if y'want?"

Husk huffed. "Butyou won't be there."

"Alright,Princess, then don't."

Gasping, Husk brought a hand to his chest. "I am not the 'Princess' here!"

Angel snorted and buried his nose in Husk's chest to inhale deeply. "Mm. Okay. Whatever y'say."

Husk squeezed Angel tightly around the chest, but Angel squirmed until he let go.

"Ouch," he whispered.

"Sorry, Princess."

Angel nodded and yawned.

"Sweetheart, Ineed t'move."

"Carry me t'bed?"

Husk sighed, turning to sit up and cradle Angel to his chest. "You're f*ckin' lucky I love ya."

Angel grinned into Husk's neck as he stood. "Yeah. I am."

As he was set down on the bed, Angel pulled Husk down into him and hugged him tightly to his chest.

"I've gotta use the bathroom, Princess," Husk grumbled, thumbs kneading Angel's lower stomach lightly, almost unconsciously.

Angel hummed. "Just another minute?"

Husk kissed his shoulder and nodded.

" 'M sorry we couldn't go t'dinner."

Husk nodded softly into his chest. " 'T's okay. I liked stayin' in."

"And y'got t'make a blanket fort for the first time."

Husk snickered. "I did."

Angel released him after another few minutes.

Husk left the room.

Standing up, Angel stretched his arms over his head and wandered to the vanity, grinning at the note in the center of the mirror:Anthony is beautiful (insideand out)

Angel climbed under the blankets with a yawn.

Nuggets squealed from beside the bed until Angel picked him up to hold him to his chest.

"Okay, Nuggs, I love ya, but you areso warm."

Nuggets nuzzled Angel's chin to get closer to him.

Husk returned to the room and plucked Nuggets from Angel's arms. "C'mere, Pig. I'll hold ya."

"Daddy loves you," Angel cooed, kissing Nuggets' head.

"Yep. Somethin' like that."

Angel turned his back to Husk and Nuggets.

"You wanna be held?"

"Don't think so..."

Husk hummed. "That's okay, Princess. I'll be here if ya do."

Angel smiled softly to himself and reached back blindly until Husk slipped his hand into Angel's.

"Love ya," Angel said, yawning.

"Love you, too, Sweetness. Sleep well, feel better."

Angel hummed under his breath and squeezed Husk's hand.

Day 13 - February 13th

Angel sat at the island, the entire surface, as well as some nearby counters, covered with tax forms, contracts new and old, and a number of letters to and from other Overlords.

Husk approached from his own desk in the corner, waiting until Angel extended an arm to the side to invite him over.

"Hey, Beautiful," Husk whispered, one arm around Angel's waist and the other hand pushing his hair back from his face. "Time for a break."

"Mm. I have, like, anhour left, 'n I'm gonna lose momentum if I stop now."

"Alright. Finish up, then. What d'you want for dinner?"

"Lucifer Burger."

"Done. Your chicken sandwich or the burger?"

Angel blinked hard, then turned to Husk slowly. "You're makin' itreal hard t'focus."


Angel kissed him, stated, "Chicken, please. And walk away so I don't accidentally suck your dick."

Husk snorted, shaking his head as he walked away to place their dinner order.

Angel turned back to his paperwork, one of his top hands propping his head up and the other signing yet another page.

When he turned his last page over, Angel turned to slip off of the stool and sprinted to Husk's desk, slipping for a moment as he skidded to a stop.

"What thef*ck are you--"

Angel yanked Husk up by his suspenders to kiss him hard. "I have--" He kissed Husk again, "--missed you--" He pressed a kiss to Husk's nose, making his eyes cross, "--all day."

"You were just--" Husk was cut off by another kiss to his lips, "--in the next room."

Angel shrugged weakly and wrapped all three sets of arms around Husk to lift him in the air and carry him to the living room, ignoring Husk's grumbles.

"You okay?" Husk asked as Angel laid down on his legs and pillowed his head on his chest.

"Mmph. I just worked for 14 hours. Without a break."

"Nobreak? At all?"

Angel shook his head weakly.

"Have you had water?"

"Filled it once this morning, but not since it was empty."

Husk huffed. "Sit up."

Angel groaned and hugged Husk's middle tighter.

"Anthony. Situp."

Sitting up, Angel huffed when Husk got off of the couch. "Why are youleaving?"

"Shush. Stay there, I'm gettin' you a drink."

"Somethin' pink?"

"Water, dickhe*d. Y'can have somethin' pinkafter, butwater first." Husk returned with a glass of water that he handed to Angel. "Drink."

Angel chugged the entire glass, and Husk handed him another as he turned to bring the empty glass to the kitchen.

Angel set the partial glass of water on the coffee table with a sigh and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "f*ck."

Husk chuckled as he sat beside Angel. "Dinner'll be here in about 15 minutes." He handed Angel a martini glass with a bright pink drink. "Sour cherry schnapps, lemon-lime soda, and cherries mixed in."

"You--" Angel kissed Husk gently, "-- areincredible."

"Y'say that a lot. I need t'fix my credibility."

Angel snorted, his drink expelling through his nostrils and onto his skirt. "f*cker!"

Husk cackled, taking a handkerchief from his pocket to dab Angel's lap clean.

Angel breathed in deep through his nose. "f*cking Heaven."

"You alright?"

"I just reverse-snorted sour schnapps," Angel rasped, coughing up a bit more of the drink into the kerchief that Husk handed him. "How d'youthink I'm doin'?"

Husk laughed and pulled Angel close with an arm over his shoulders. "Drinkslower. Don't laugh."

"Don't be f*ckin'funny, then."

Husk mimed zipping his lips shut, watching Angel sip his drink and sigh.

Angel placed the drink on the coffee table, then laid down on the couch to rest his head on Husk's lap. "I love you."

"Love ya, too, Princess."

Husk played with Angel's hair in the silence of the living room, Angel's eyes shut and posture relaxed.

"You'rebeautiful," Husk whispered in awe.

Angel smiled, eyes still closed. "Aren'tyou lucky?"

"Mm. Theluckiest."

Nuggets ran in from the kitchen and sat beside Angel on the floor. He whined softly.

"Whatcha want, Bubby?" Angel asked, head turning and one arm dropping from where it was folded on his stomach to scratch Nuggets' chin.

Nuggetsoinked loudly and tried to climb onto the couch.

"Alright, hold on," Angel laughed, leaning down to lug Nuggets onto the couch and rest him on his stomach. Angel placed his head back in Husk's lap as he stroked Nuggets' head, chin, and back.

The buzzer doorbell sounded loudly through the penthouse, and Angel flinched.

Husk shushed him, leaned down to kiss his forehead, and whispered, "I'll be back in just a minute. Ipromise."

Angel nodded as Husk stood up.

Sitting up, Angel cuddled Nuggets close to his chest.

When Husk returned, he placed the bags of food on the coffee table. "Chicken sandwich, tater tots, and a chocolate sundae for you, a burger, coleslaw, and a vanilla milkshake for me."


Husk rolled his eyes. "My milkshake."

"It brought a boy to your yard!" Angel exclaimed, cackling wildly at Husk's confused expression.

"What thef*ck?"

"It's... Nothin'. It's a song."

Husk chuckled. "Alright. If you say so."

Both Overlords started to eat, Nuggets trying hard to steal food from Angel's hand when he wasn't actively eating.

"Ts! No! That'smine!" Angel scolded, holding his partial sandwich high in the air so Nuggets couldn't reach it.

Husk reached over, plucked Nuggets from Angel's lap, and placed the pig on the floor. "Go lay down."

Nuggets, with one last petulant huff, left the two men to lie down under Husk's desk.

"Spoiled brat."

"You love him."

Husk scoffed.

"Youdo, and we all know it."


Angel laughed and leaned into Husk's side, kissing the tip of his right ear once before he returned to his food. "f*ck, I always forget t'eat while I'm workin', don't I?"


Angel sighed into Husk's hair. "Sorry."

"Why're you apologizin' t'me?You're the one suffering."

"Yeah, but you're always tellin' me that Ishould eat, and Iforget."

"'Forgetting' and 'intentionally ignoringfriendly advice from someone who loves you'," Husk emphasised, "arevery different things."

"Same end result, though."

Husk huffed and jostled Angel gently with his shoulder. "Did youintentionally not eat?"


"There ya go."

With a sigh, Angel slipped off of the couch to lean back against it between Husk's thighs.

Husk leaned down to kiss his head. "I'd play with your hair, but my hands're busy."

"So're mine."

The two men ate quietly, Angel's cheek dropping to Husk's inner thigh to rest there as he ate.

"Don't go t'sleep yet," Husk chuckled, bouncing hi knee twice to nudge Angel awake. "I've still got today's gift for ya."

"C'n ya give it tomorrow?" Angel asked just before he yawned loudly.

"Nope. It's got to do with tomorrow's gift."

"Which is...?"

"Nice try," Husk laughed, "I'm notthat stupid."

"You're not stupidat all. I was just askin'."

"And I'm not sayin' anything else."

Angel groaned, set everything in his lap on the coffee table in front of him, and turned around to rest his forearms on Husk's thighs and drop his chin atop them. He fluttered his lashes up at Husk and whispered, "Francis?"

Husk sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose for a moment before looking down at Angel. "What?"

"What's tomorrow's gift?"

"I'll tall ya once I give you today's."

Angel sighed, leaned forward just enough to kiss Husk's stomach, and murmured, "Okay..."

Husk wiped his fingers on a paper napkin, then reached down with both hands to stroke Angel's hair and watch him melt. "Youwill know. I'm not keepin' anything bad from ya; I know you're gonna like it all. Have you liked all the rest'f the gifts so far?"


"So why wouldn't you like these next ones?"

"I dunno."

"You have trauma, thats why," Husk said plainly, and Angel nodded with a snort.

"Yeah, I guess. Waitin' for the other shoe t'drop."

"No shoes. Er... well... y'get shoes as part'f tonight's gift. But that's all I'll tell you!"

Angel grinned. "Are they pretty?"

"You'll like 'em, so you'll wear 'em.That'll make 'em pretty."

Angel waited until Husk put everything aside on the end table, then climbed into his lap to kiss him. "Flatterer."

"Not if it's true."

Angel kissed Husk again, deepening it easily when Husk's claws tightened on his waist.

When the two pulled back for air, Husk's pupils were dilated, his wings fluttering behind him, and his tail straight up against the back of the couch.

"We're not doin' anything more than this."

"Kinda figured."

"Iwould like another kiss, thou--"

Husk cut off his request with another kiss, sweeping Angel off of his lap to lay him down on the couch and prop himself over the smaller demon.

Angel beamed as he pulled Husk down to kiss him again.

Almost two hours later, Husk's head rested on Angel's chest as Angel played with his braids, staring up at the ceiling.

"Y'know," Angel started, "Inever, in life or in death, thought I'd...enjoy just makin' out with someone."

Husk laughed, still somewhat breathless. "No?"

"No. But,every time I just... kiss ya, I'm... 'satisfied' isn't the right word, I don't think, but it'senough."

Husk hummed, moving to rest his chin on Angel's sternum and look up at him. "That right?"

Angel nodded, licking his lips.

"Well, I'm happy thatI'm the one y'let satisfy ya."

Angel snorted and pulled Husk up to kiss his nose. "Yeah. Comes with the 'husband' territory, I think."

Husk laughed into Angel's chest.

The two of them laid there for a while longer, then Husk sat up with a groan, cracked his back, and offered a hand to Angel.

"What are we--?"

"We got distracted." Husk picked up the melted ice cream and partial milkshake from the coffee table.

Angel whined. "I was gonna eat that!"

"We can re-freeze 'em," Husk laughed.

Angel sighed. "Yeah, I guess. I dunno how much I trust dairy products that've been sittin' out for a few hours, though."

Husk hummed, dropped the containers into the trash can underneath the sink, and said, "I'll order more, if y'still want it in a bit."

"Why not now?"

" 'Cause I've still gotta give ya your gift."

Angel smiled.

"Yeah, I thought you'd like that." Husk took all three of Angel's left hands in his right and dragged him to the bedroom. "Sit. Eyes closed, if y'can."

Angel did as he was told, eyes shut and fingers twisting the blanket under him.

"Hey," Husk said from just in front of him.

Angel blinked his eyes open.

"Relax. I'm not gonna hurt ya, I'm not gonna kill ya; I'm givin' you agift. Somethin' you'lllike. Ipromise. If y'don't like it, I'll sleep on the couch for the next week."

"With your back?" Angel laughed. "Yeah, right."

"I will."

Angel sighed and dropped his head to Husk's chest, smiling when the shorter demon stroked up and down his back.

A while later, Angel lifted his head, eyes already shut, and said simply, "I'm good, now."

Husk kissed his forehead, his nose, and, finally, his lips. "Good Boy."

Husk left the room, and Angel listened for any clues that might tell him what was happening.

The door to the rooftop balcony opened, then closed.

Husk's footsteps returned to the bedroom, and he moved behind Angel, his claws brushing the bed and smallclicking sounds the only sounds Angel could make out before Husk returned to stand in front of him.

"Alright, Princess," Husk whispered, millimeters from Angel's lips. He kissed him once. "Stand up, eyes still closed."

Angel took Husk's hands and let the shorter man lead him around the bed, eyes fighting to stay shut.

"Open 'em up," Husk whispered, kissing the back of Angel's shoulder as his eyes fluttered open.

On the bed laid a dark red velvet dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves, a long skirt, and a sweetheart neckline. Next to it was a pair of black ankle boots with gold detailing around the eyelets and zipper.

Angel ran his bottom set of hands over the smooth material of the dress, breath caught in his throat.

"This isn't it, by the way," Husk said softly from behind him.

Angel hummed absently, almost pained to tear his eyes away from the dress in front of him. He looked back at Husk.

Husk opened a black velvet jewelry box, showing Angel a rose gold necklace with dripping lines of diamonds along it. There was also a pair of matching earrings.

Angel shut the box and closed his eyes, shaking his head.

"N-No?" Husk asked, voice tight.

"I can't take these."

"Why not?"

Angel, not wanting to sit on the dress or shoes on the bed, simply dropped to the floor, legs crossed under him.

Husk tossed the box onto the bed and knelt in front of Angel, hands taking Angel's in his.

Angel was shaking, clearly holding back tears.

"Take all the time y'need," Husk whispered, kissing the backs of Angel's hands.

Angel dropped his head back to the bed behind him, furiously blinking back tears.

Eventually, Angel whispered, "I can't take those."

"Okay. Why not?"

"I don'tdeserve them."

"Why not?"

Angel sniffed, wiping his nose with the back of his forearm. "I'm not... I shouldn't get nice things."

"Says who?"

Angel scoffed and gestured vaguely around himself as he spat, "Everyone? Ever? I'm not... I'm not the type'f person t'get nice things."

"What kind'f person is that?"

"A... A sugar baby? A trophy wife? Husband... whatever. Washed-up p*rn star, ruthless Overlord... Dunno. Take your pick." Angel, for the first time during the conversation, looked down at Husk.

Husk was staring up at him, eyes watery.

"Sorry. I know y'probably picked 'em out, but I... Ican't--"


Angel sniffed again, mouth pinched shut.

"You arenot a sugar baby. You arenot a trophy husband. You are... Okay, fine, I guess youare a washed-up p*rn star, you... kinda hit that one on the head."

Angel snorted, shaking his head. "You're bad't this."

"Yeah, well... doin' my best. Shush."

Angel nodded with another sniff, wiping his eyes with his palms.

"Youdo deserve nice things. You areeverything to me. I don't know how else I can say that. I know I say it all the time, but... I dunno what I'm doin' wrong that you haven't gotten that through your skull."

Angel opened his mouth, but Husk held up a finger, silencing him.

"You can talk when I'm done. But Ineed you to listen to me."


"Ilove spoiling you. Okay? I'm gonna tell ya somethin' that I don't think you realize." Husk reached up to grab the jewelry box, not opening it, just holding it up. "My net worth isliterally in the tens of billions."

Angel's eyes widened.

"These?" He shook the jewelry box, and its contents rattled. "Worth less than pennies to me. But, toyou, they're more expensive. I don't say that t'hold it over your head, I say that to prove to you: Ijust want you to behappy. To feel andknow that you're loved. I can do that by getting you nice things. Or... noteven nice things! I like gettin' you dinner on your break, or treating Nuggets to a new toy, or giving you a little stuffed animal I find in a shop I pass on my way to a meeting. In my mind, this--" He rattled the box again, "-- costs the same as that. So why can you accept those but not these?"

Angel stared at the box, still in Husk's palm.

"If youreally don'twant them, they can go in a drawer somewhere and get forgotten. If you just feel like you don't 'deserve' them, I'm gonna doeverything I can t'tell you that youdo."

"Can... Can I see them again?" Angel asked, voice raspy.

Husk opened the box and offered it to Angel, who shook his head.

"You hold it."

Husk nodded as he held the box open in front of him.

Angel stared at the necklace, then, after a minute, extended a hand to run his fingers along the diamonds hanging off of the necklace. "This is too nice for me."

"Why's that?"

"I... I'm not... Idon't--" Angel groaned and threw his head back. "It's notme."

"Whatis, then?"

"I'm... I'm cheap plastic stilettos, and old, chunky mascara that clumps my lashes together, and... and flat pillows, and stained mattresses, and ratty blankets... I'm used goods."

Husk sighed again, closed the box, and took Angel's hands in his. "Sweetheart."

Angel didn't respond or look up from his lap.

"Anthony Husker."

Angel sniffed as he looked up at Husk.

"There you go. Hi."


"You arenot... You aren't what you've been given. You arenot what has been done to you. You areway more than what you think you deserve. Are you hearing me?"

Angel nodded weakly.

"What you've beentold you deserve and what youactually deserve arecompletely different." Husk kissed the backs of Angel's hands. "I would say that I have no idea who told you all of this, but I've got a hunch."

"Shock of all shocks," Angel laughed hoarsely.

Husk kissed Angel's wedding band. "But where is he now?"

"Gone." Angel looked at Husk's fingers, which were twisting his wedding band around his finger. "Dead and gone. We watched him die."

"We did. So why should we care what he thinks?"

Angel shrugged.

"Exactly. So, what Iwanted to do with this--" Husk gestured at the dress, boots, and jewelry box, "-- and what wecould do without it, if necessary-- is take you out to dinner tomorrow night. Just us. I reserved a private room at a nice restaurant, so we don't need t'worry about bein' recognized."

Angel looked down at Husk's hands, still holding his and stroking his manicured nails.

"We don't have to, if it's too much."

"It... Iwant to. I want toso badly, Francis," Angel whispered. "I wanna go out with you, 'n sit 'n have a fancy dinner, with wine and candles and plates that probably cost more than a car."

Husk snorted.

"Weshould. Ido want to. I... Iwill.We will. I just... I'll need you. There. With me."

"And I will be. Y'think I'd just leave ya there?"

Angel shook his head and scrubbed his eyes again.

"Ilove you, Sweetheart. You'reeverything to me. Your happiness isso important to me."

"Iam happy! It's not... That's not the problem.

"I know you are. And I know it's not. I get it. But Ihate that you... that you can't...just be happy. There's all the other sh*t y'got with it, too."

Angel nodded.

"So... we can go out to dinner tomorrow, then head out whenever you're ready."


"I'll leave it up t'you to decide whether or not you wanna wear the earrings 'n necklace. Alright? No hard feelings either way."


Husk kissed Angel's knee, tongue flicking out for a split-second to make Angel giggle.

"C'mere," Husk urged as he stood, pulling Angel to stand in front of the mirror above the vanity. "Stay there."

Angel sat in his chair to dampen a cloth with makeup remover, then wiped away the mascara and eyeliner that had started to stream down his cheeks.

Husk returned and simply watched Angel wipe his face clean.


"Here," Husk whispered, kissing Angel's temple from behind as he handed him a pink sticky note. "If y'throw out the others, keep this one. Y'need the reminder sometimes, I think."

Angel stuck the note to the mirror over his reflection:Anthony is loved.

Husk sat on the bed behind him, propping himself up with his arms behind him as he watched Angel remove his makeup, brush his hair, and go through the steps of his skincare routine.

After a while, Husk stood from the bed to hang the dress on the back of the door, set the shoes beside it, and placed the jewelry box on the only empty corner of the vanity.

Angel stared at its reflection through the mirror.

"No pressure. It's there if you want it."

Angel reached behind him to snag the back of Husk's shirt. "I need a kiss."

Husk obliged him easily.

Day 14 - February 14th

Angel stared blankly at the dress that hung on the back of the door, dressed only in a pair of lacy black panties. He chewed on his top right thumbnail, and his other arms were wrapped around his torso.

"Anthony," Husk said, knocking rapidly on the door. "C'mon. We've gotta get goin'; reservation's in an hour."

Angel nodded and said, "Yeah. Yeah, I'm... I'm almost dressed."

"Can I come in? My shoes're still by the closet."

Angel opened the door, deflating slightly under Husk's gaze.

Husk moved across the room to pick up his shoes, then said simply, "Alright. D'you need help, or d'you need t'be alone?"


Husk smiled. "Alright. C'mon, then, Anthony." Husk took the dress from the back of the door carefully, unzipped it, and took it off of the hanger. He crouched down, the top of the dress open, and looked up at Angel. "Step in."

As directed, Angel stepped into the dress, allowing Husk to pull it up his body and settle it around his shoulders, one set at a time.

Husk zipped the dress up and kissed the back of Angel's neck. "Stunning."

"Yeah?" Angel spun in a circle, grinning at the way the skirt fluttered around him.

"Love it. Loveyou."


Husk shook his head minutely. "Just the truth."

Angel moved to the vanity, ran his fingers over the jewelry box, and, in one motion, scooped it into his hand, turned around, and presented it to Husk. "Help me out?"

Husk's smile split his face in two, and he accepted the box.

Angel sat in the chair at the vanity. He reached out with a shaking hand for the deep red lipstick he was wearing, smudged around his mouth from when he was nibbling on his fingernails.

Husk's warm hands smoothed over his neck and shoulders once to smooth out his fine fur, then carefully draped the necklace over Angel's collar bones and clasped it at the base of his neck.

"Beautiful," Husk whispered, claws stroking Angel's hair gently to fix a few flyaways.

"Earrings, too?"

"Of course." Husk knelt in front of Angel, extracted the dangling earrings from the box, and slipped them, one at a time, through the holes in Angel's earlobes. "You arebeautiful," Husk breathed, thumb stroking Angel's jaw.

"I know," Angel said with a grin.

Husk chuckled, stood back up, and offered a hand to Angel. "Come on. We're probably already late."

Angel stepped into his boots, grabbed his clutch from the bed, left the bedroom, and called out, "Let's go, Francis! Time is money!"

Husk rolled his eyes to himself as he followed Angel out.

Husk offered Angel a hand as he climbed out of the limousine, then linked their elbows together.

"Reservation for Husker-d'Amore?" Husk said to the host, who nodded once and signalled for another waiter to lead them to a private dining room in the back of the restaurant.

The dim lighting, as well as the candles flickering on every table, caused Angel to have to squint at the menu. "f*ck, they've gotta get better light bulbs."

Husk laughed and turned on his phone's flashlight to offer the device to Angel.

As Angel read the menu, someone on the restaurant's staff approached their table. "Can I get you gentlemen something to drink?"

Angel looked to Husk, who responded, "We'll just start with a pink moscato. Cherry, if you've got it?"

"Yes, Sir. That will be right out." He left the dining room.

Husk winked at Angel with a cheeky grin across the table. "Anything look especially good t'you?"

Angel looked back down at the menu. "I dunno. It's all...all fancy enough t'be good."

Husk laughed softly. "If you're looking for a suggestion...?"


"The rack of lamb ribs isdelicious, but I know you're not usually a fan of lamb."

"They're just little babies!" Angel defended, lower lip jutted out.

"I know. Alright, then... maybe the Matsutake mushrooms?"

Angel blinked. "Say that word again."

"... Matsutake?"

"Is... that Japanese?"


"So... When was I gonna learn that you spoke Japanese?"

"Me knowing the name of a dish on the menuin front of me doesn't mean I speak--"

"Yeah, but yourpronunciation does."

Husk chuckled softly, shaking his head. "Yeah. Whatever. Barely fluent. I speak... what, seven languages? They kinda get--"


Husk shushed Angel softly, grinning as he looked around the restaurant. "Yeah?"

"Why thef*ck--?"

"I dunno! I got around?"


Husk snorted, covering the lower half of his face as he laughed. "I guess. Yeah, sure."

"That'swild. What other languages y'speak, hm? English, Japanese...?"

"Russian. German. Italian. Spanish. Mandarin." Husk ticked off languages on his fingers, trailing off when Angel's jaw dropped. "What?"

"You speakItalian?"

"Anthony. I haveliterally never hidden that from you."


"I call you 'Principessa'!"

"I thought y'just... used Voogle Translate, or somethin'!"

"Why would I--?" Husk laughed.

"Y'know I'm Italian! I dunno, people've done dumber sh*t than that t'get me to like 'em!"

Husk snorted, scrubbing his face. "Christ, Anthony... You are the dumbest smart person I know."


"Not--" Husk sighed. "Not like that. Just... When have Iever doneanything like that?"

Angel shrugged.

"I was... I dunno. I was a learner in life. Anything anyone would teach me, I'd learn it."

"Like what?"

"Well, I started t'learn French, but that neverfully happened. Magic tricks when I was a kid; I loved watchin' the performers do 'em, so I made 'em teach me. I was a lil' snot about it, too."

Angel snickered. "I hope you know that I'm gonna make ya do magic for me sometime."

"I hope y'do." Husk smiled up at the waiter when he filled both of their wine glasses. "We're ready to order."

"Of course, Sir. What would you like?"

"I'll take the rack of lamb ribs with the side of caviar, and he'll have the Matsutake mushrooms with the side of the spinach salad."

"Please," Angel added.

"... Please."

The waited nodded, barely stifling a smile. "Of course. I'll bring those by in a bit."

Angel looked back to Husk. "Don't think you're getting outta that."

"Outta what?"

"Whatelse can y'do?"

"Count cards."


"I can play some instruments?"

"sh*t, really?"

"Saxophone and piano. Passably."

"You need to play me--"

"I amnot playing youCareless Whisper."

"How thef*ck--?"

"That's theonly saxophone songanyone knows!" Husk laughed, nudging Angel's foot with his under the table. "No oneever requestsanything fun."

"Then... Taylor Swift."


Angel gasped, and Husk groaned, dropping his head into his hands.

"This is gonna be athing, isn't it?"

"You don't knowTaylor Swift?" Angel whisper-yelled, conscious of the people just outside of their dining room.


Angel scoffed.

"You can lecture me later. Wewere havin' fun."

"I think it'd beso fun if I played you herentire discography."

"How long would that take?" Husk asked.

Angel thought, then pulled his phone out of his clutch to type into Voogle. "20 hours and 46 minutes." Angel looked up at Husk and grinned. "You don't mind stayin' here for that long, right?"

Husk, eyes wide, whispered, "Please don't?"

Angel laughed.

"Seriously. Make a list'f, like, anhour's worth of songs,maybe. That'sinsane."

"She's a little insane. I love her."

Husk shook his head with a smile. "Alright. Another day, though."

Angel nodded.

They lulled into quiet, the only sounds coming from the ambient noise of the restaurant outside of their room.

Angel fiddled with his necklace, watching the candles flickering in the center of the table.

"Hey. Thinky. What's goin' on in there?" Husk asked with two soft taps to Angel's forehead across the table.

"Just... Fire's pretty."

Husk stared at the candle. "I... guess it is."

"It's always movin'. Mesmerizing, I guess."

Husk hummed.

"We should use the fireplace more often, when it gets colder, at least."

Husk nodded, hand sliding across the table to lay atop Angel's. He fiddled with Angel's wedding band.

"And I think we should re-paint the bathroom. There's water damage to the paint around the shower."

"Alright." Husk tugged gently at Angel's fingers as he asked, "What color?"

"I think the deep red's nice? It's just gotta be cleaned up."

Husk nodded again.

"Maybe get a new rug for the living room, too. The one we've got now is ratty assh*t."


Angel looked down at Husk's hand in his. He ran his opposite fingertips over Husk's wedding and engagement rings.

The two Overlords sat in silence for a while, Angel playing with Husk's fingers.

"Do you have to trim your claws?"

"Nah. They're... I dunnowhat they're made of, but it's not organic."


Husk shook his head. " 'T's why I can fight with 'em without hurtin' myself."

Angel inspected the claws against his palm. "Y'know somethin'?"

"What's that?"

"I don't think I'veever seen yareally fight anyone."

"Yeah. I don't tend to, if I can avoid it."

Angel nodded, stroking the undersides of Husk's claws with his thumb. "I mean, there was that one time with Val, but... that's the most I've ever seen outta you."

"My Sweetheart was in trouble," Husk said with a lopsided grin and a wink. "I didn't have any other choice."

Angel snickered. "Well, it wasvery hot."

Husk rolled his eyes, still smiling.

The waiter popped into the room to place a basket of bread sticks in the center of the table. He refilled their wine glasses, then left again.

Angel looked around, then moved his chair to the side of the table to Husk's left instead of across from him.


"Hi." Angel leaned over to kiss his ear.

"Can I ask why you moved?"

" 'Cause I can't kiss ya all the way over there."

Husk smiled, slipped his fingers into the hair at the back of Angel's neck, and pulled him into a gentle kiss. "Well, we can't have that."


Husk tugged Angel close again, kissing his lips, jaw, and neck a few times each before he ran his claws through Angels hair. "Alright. Keep it PG."

"PG-13," Angel tried to reason.

Husk rolled his eyes and moved Angel's chair a few inches to the left, towards where he had previously been sitting.

"Be nice!" Angel laughed, holding on tight to the edge of the table and Husk's suit jacket.

Husk grinned. "Come here." He kissed Angel, then whispered, "If you're good durin' dinner, y'can sit on my face when we get home.In the dress."

Angel's eyes widened.

"Iwill admit, that may be more for me than for you, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it, too."

Silently, Angel moved his chair back to the side of the table opposite Husk.

"There's a Good Boy," Husk chuckled, kissing Angel's hand. He looked behind Angel, then said, "Wait here for a second."

He stood and left the dining room quickly, and Angel whirled around just in time to see his tail and wings disappear from the doorway he had left through.

"Francis?" Angel called weakly after a while.

Husk re-entered the room with a bouquet of deep red roses. "Here, Princess."

Angel accepted the flowers and buried his nose in them.

"Happy Valentine's day," Husk whispered with a kiss to the top of Angel's head. "I love you, Sweetheart. Thanks for comin' out with me."

"Mm." Angel placed the flowers on his lap, playing with the petals. "Thanks, Francis."

Husk nodded with a smile.

"I... I've never really had someonewanna do anything like this for me."


"Twowhole weeks of spoiling me? That'sinsane t'me."

"That's..." Husk sighed, pinched the bridge of his nose, and looked up at Angel. "I'm sorry no one's ever done that for ya, Anthony. You deserve itall."

Angel smiled down at the roses on his lap, tied with a pink and gold ribbon. He placed the flowers gently on the table between them, quickly removed by Husk to place them on a nearby table.

"Whole room's ours tonight," he explained, "so we can put 'em there 'n grab 'em on the way out."

Angel nodded.

Husk sat back in his chair when the waiter approached with their food.

"Thanks!" Angel chirped with a smile.

He watched as Husk picked up his utensils.

"Go ahead," Husk chuckled, pausing in his cutting of his food. "Y'don't need t'wait for me."

"I just... I dunno the etiquette for this."

"Eat," Husk laughed.

Angel picked up his fork and knife, cut his mushrooms into wedges, and brought one to his mouth. He groaned happily, eyes fluttering shut.

Husk's laugh was soft as he took his first bite.

Hours later, with plates cleared and dessert picked-at in front of them, Angel kicked his feet up onto Husk's lap with a groan as he leaned back in his chair.

"I think we can get goin' now."

Husk hummed, fingers tracing Angel's shin bones. "Hold on." He gently pushed Angel's feet back to the floor.


Husk got out of his seat, lowering himself to one knee with a soft grumble.

"Hey," Angel whispered, a gentle warning edge to his voice.

"Antonio Giovanni Michelacci-d'Amore-Husker." Husk pulled a light pink ring box from the inner pocket of his suit jacket. "I was supposed to do this before dessert came out, but we were talkin', and I got distracted."

Angel reached out to stroke Husk's ears with a smile, but they flattened out of the way as he grumbled, "Gonna distract me again."

"Would that be so bad? We're already married."

"Shush." Husk took a deep breath, then continued, "I know we're married. Have been for almost a year now. But I bought you a ring back when we picked out our wedding bands 'n never gave it to ya. I wanted t'do this on my own time."

"This is that?"

"This is that."

Angel beamed, turning in his seat towards Husk and gesturing for him to continue with a wave of an open hand.

"You are theonly thing that's kept me goin' for so long. You're the reason my bones haven't crumbled into dust. You're the reason I'm excited t'get outta bed each morning. You've given me a taste for frou-frou iced coffee and fruity co*cktails, made me a begrudging fan of Verosika Mayday--" Angel snorted, "-- and allowed me toexist without all the walls built up that've kept me safe for so long. But I know I'm safe with you."

Husk reached out to take Angel's top left hand in his, kissed his wedding band once, and laid the hand back in Angel's lap.

"You've done so muchgood forso many souls here in Hell, and there's a part of me that feels like you're outta my league. Which y'might be."

Angel opened his mouth to protest, but Husk held up a hand.

"But I know that y'love me forme. You'rehere. Y'haven't run, y'haven't killed me in my sleep... I'd call that a win. You've stayed with me because youwant to, and, for that? I'm grateful. I will be forever." Husk kissed the back of Angel's hand again. "I amso f*cking proud of how far you've come, just in the few years we've known each other. I've loved you for only a small portion of your time in Hell, but I can't wait t'be with ya as y'grow even more."

Angel sniffed weakly and wiped his eyes gently with a tissue.

"Your makeup waterproof?"

"No..." Angel laughed wetly.

Husk chuckled. "We'll head home after this."

Angel nodded.

"You, for the first time in my existence, have given me a home and been my home. Anywhere you and I are together, I'm ready t'face whatever thef*ck Hell wants t'throw at us. You're my other half-- I'd argue mybetter half, but I'd rather not have that argument again, thank you-- and I can't imagine my life without you. I know what it's like, 'n I don't miss it."

Angel stroked Husk's cheek gently with one hand.

"I love you more than I've ever loved anyone or anything. With all that being said: Anthony, Darling? Would you accept this way-too-late engagement ring?"

"Obviously?" Angel whispered, tears running down his cheeks and voice wobbling.

Husk opened the ring box but, instead of a ring, a folded pink sticky note sat in the slit of the velvet inside of the box.

Angel took it in shaking hand to unfold the note.

Anthony ismine.

"You f*ckin' sap," Angel laughed, tugging Husk to his feet to kiss him and pull him into his lap. "Sit."

Husk dropped to sit on Angel's thighs.

"I love you. Y'know that?"

"Love you, too, Anthony." Husk stroked his cheek. "Ido have the ring, if y'want it?"

"Later," Angel whispered. "We should go before I make even more'f a fool of myself."

"Sounds good t'me." Husk stood up, took Angel's roses from the table beside them in one hand, then extended the other to Angel. "Come on. Back door's through here; everything's already paid for."

Angel dug through his clutch for a few bills and tossed them on the table.

"I would've done that--"

"He put up with usall night. He deserves a hearty tip."

Husk laughed, squeezed Angel's hand tight, and led him out of the restaurant to where the limousine was parked about half a block away.

As the car started to move and Husk pulled Angel's feet into his lap, he tugged off Angel's boots and asked, "Y'wanna know somethin'?"

"Mm?" Angel dropped his head between Husk's ears.

"I didn't know if you were gonna say 'yes'. So I had two boxes: one with the ring, one without."

"Did they both have the note?"

Husk nodded.

Angel laughed, pulling open the front of Husk's jacket to grab the other box. He shook it, then said, "Y'gave me the onewithout the ring."

"I didnot."

Angel pulled the box from his clutch, opened it, and showed Husk the empty bottom section. "Can I keep both notes?"

"Sure, Princess," Husk laughed. "I think I can make that happen." He carefully took the ring from the box that Angel was still holding. "May I?"


Husk slipped off Angel's wedding ring, placed the engagement ring on his finger gently, and replaced his wedding ring. He kissed the rings gently.


"I'vebeen your husband for, like, ayear. Y'just realizin' now?"

Husk shook his head, still holding Angel's top left hand in both of his. "I just... It'sfinal now."

"It wasn't before?"

"You're beingmean."

Angel laughed loudly and leaned his entire weight into Husk's side. "I know. I'm allowed. You love it."

Husk rolled his eyes as he wrapped his arm around Angel's waist to pull him even closer. "I loveyou. You're allowed t'do...pretty much anything, and I'll deal with it, 'cause it'syou."

"Y'know y'don't have t'do that," Angel said, yawning into Husk's shoulder before he continued, "You can say 'no'. I can be a lot, I know--"

"Ilove 'a lot'. Your 'a lot' is myfavorite brand of 'a lot'."

Angel snickered.

Husk tugged Angel even closer, practically holding the taller demon in his lap. "Youhave t'know by now that I'll doanything for you. 'Cause Ilove makin' you happy."

"Is that offer t'sit on your face when we get home still there?"


Angel beamed. "Well, then."

Husk trailed his right hand up the outside of Angel's left leg, stopping at Angel's mid-thigh to just hold him. "Kiss me."

Angel obliged him easily, head dropping to Husk's shoulder when he pulled back.

The two sat silently as the limo drove back to the casino.

Husk's claws danced up and down Angel's back and thigh, and Angel fiddled with the end of Husk's tie.

When they arrived at the casino, Husk took Angel's clutch, flowers, boots in one hand. Angel hopped onto his back and kissed his neck.

"Hi-ho, Silver!"

"f*ckall the way off."

Angel laughed.

Husk linked his hands under Angel's ass as he walked to the elevator.

Angel wriggled until Husk let him down, then pressed the button for their floor. "Hey,Francis?"

"Yeah, Princess?" Husk asked.

"Can y'unzip me?"

"When we get upstairs, sure."

Angel pouted.

"C'mon, I'm not gonna undress ya in the elevator."



Angel pouted. "I know Isaid y'can say 'no', but I don't like it."

"Sucks. I can say 'no', whether or not y'like it."

Angel leaned into Husk's side with a sigh. "Fine. Is this 'cause you want me t'ride your face in it?"

"... Maybe?"

Angel cackled.


"You'reonly a man," Angel sighed, still laughing. "Hey, I'm down for it."

"You're down foranything."

"Maybe so. But anything withyou."

Husk kissed Angel's neck and shoulder and admired the pink-tinted stone on his new ring.

"Can y'tell me what it is?"

"It's a padparadscha sapphire. Pink, obviously."

Angel smiled, admiring the simple circular stone. "I love it. Thank you."

"Only the best for my princess."

"Ew. Sap."

The elevator arrived at their floor as Husk laughed. "Come on." He set the roses on the pulled Angel to the bedroom and sat him down on the bed, kissing him gently.

"Would y'be alright if I said that I changed my mind about you sittin' on my face? I just wanna go t'bed, honestly."

Angel's shoulders slumped as he breathed out, "Oh, f*ck, thank you. I was thinkin' the same thing. Didn't know how t'say it."

Husk kissed Angel's neck. "Turn around for me?"

Angel spun once more to watch his skirt twirl, then stopped with his back to Husk.

Husk pulled the zipper down and helped Angel out of the dress. He hung it on the hanger behind the door.

"Hey,Baby?" Angel purred as he sat back on the bed and peeled off his socks.

Husk stared at him for a moment, then asked, "Yeah?"

"Can y'get me some water?"

"Where's your water bottle?"

"Your desk, I think."

Husk nodded, kissed Angel once, and left the bedroom.

Angel curled up under the blankets and peeled off his panties to toss them aside.

Husk returned with Angel's water bottle, clinking with ice. "Here y'go."

Grinning, Angel pulled Husk close to kiss him. "Get outta that suit, would ya? I wanna cuddle."

Husk laughed. "Alright, alright." He kicked off his shoes, then pulled off his suit jacket, shirt, suspenders, and pants.

Angel sipped at his water as Husk grabbed himself a fresh set of boxers. "You're f*ckin'hot."

With a chuckle, Husk got into bed beside Angel. "Thanks, Sweetheart."

Angel moved towards him and pressed his entire body to Husk's side, Husk's muscles tensing.


"You aren't wearin' anything."


Husk pushed Angel away gently, kicked off his own boxers, and pulled him in again. "Y'could've saved me the trouble'f gettin' changed."


Husk snorted. "Y'know somethin' I appreciate about you?"

"My tit*."

"No-- I mean,yeah, obviously, but no. I appreciate that y''re always makin' my life interesting. I can't go aday without you changin' it up somehow."

"Is that... a good thing?"

"Thebest thing."

Angel smiled into Husk's hair. "I like thatyou keep me kinda... subdued. Life was f*ckin'insane before I met ya, but...this is nice."

"Domesticity," Husk said, nodding.

"Yeah! Exactly. There's... It'snice. I like havin' someone t'come home to at the end of a long day."

Husk's hand smoothed down Angel's lower back as he said, "And I'm glad I can be that for ya."

Angel ran his hand down Husk's chest, playing with the coarser hair leading down to his co*ck.

"Hands to yourself, Princess."

Angel snickered. He sighed, then whispered, "Thank you."


"I never thought I'd have this."

Husk looked up at Angell, brows furrowed.

"I mean... I was just talkin' t'Nuggets about this the other day."

"Of course, you were."

"Shut up."

Husk snorted.

"I... when I was alive, Inever believed I would be able t'have...this. A husband, a job I love, a pet... I always expected t'die alone." Angel paused. "I guess I technicallydid, but... I thought it was gonnastay that way. 'N I'm glad it didn't."

Husk smiled against Angel's sharp collar bones. "I am, too."

"I think I make a pretty good mob wife."

"You do."

Angel curled around Husk, who turned onto his side to bury his face in Angel's fluff.

Husk's wings relaxed on the bed behind him. He brought his claws up to dug through Angel's chest fluff and kissed his sternum, already half-asleep.

Chuckling, Angel kissed Husk's hair. "Francis?"


"We should have a wedding ceremony. Areal one. We can invite our friends, employees, whatever."

"We can. Another day, though."

Angel snorted, hand smoothing over Husk's braids and down his neck. "Another day," he agreed, almost silent.

Husk was quiet, only his purring making noise in the small space.

Angel's lowest set of hands ran down Husk's back and massaged the base of his tail, and he extended his top left hand to admire his engagement ring.

"If y'don't like it," Husk murmured, "We c'n look for another one."

"Are youkidding? It'sperfect."

"Perfect ring for my perfect Princess..."

Smiling into Husk's hair, Angel whispered, "Thanks..."

Husk rested his chin on Angel's sternum to look up at him with heavy-lidded eyes. "You're still wearin' your jewelry."

Angel reached up to remove his earrings, but Husk stopped him from taking off the necklace.

"Sit up."

Angel groaned as he followed the direction.

Husk unclasped the necklace with gentle claws, then brought it and the earrings to the vanity on the wall opposite the bed.

"Comeback," Angel whined, and Husk obliged.

Angel laid down on top of Husk with a groan. "Love ya. Gonna marry ya again."

"Do it. Can'twait."

"Can I buy a new wedding dress? A real one?"

"Ofcourse. I'd offer t'come with, but--"

"I'm bringin' Cherri. You seein' it before the wedding's bad luck."

"We alreadyhad the wedding, Loser."

Angel pouted up at Husk.

"... Fine. Whatever you want,Mon Ange."

Angel's pout melted into a sappy grin, and he leaned in close to kiss Husk's nose. "That'sright, Whiskers. Anything I want."

"Anything you want," Husk echoed, nodding with wide eyes.

"And you love me?"

"And I love you," Husk laughed, leaning in for a kiss.

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