Rise and Dine - Brunch in Palm Springs (2024)

Eating Brunch in Palm Springs

Let’s be honest: is there a meal that more synonymously captures the spirit of Palm Springs than brunch? Not by our estimation! After all, the ingredients that make a brunch experience memorable are the same that set Palm Springs apart in the first place—extravagant culture, electric energy, chic atmospheres, delicious fare, and enough caffeine and mimosas to keep the good times rolling into the nightlife scene.

From chic poolside settings to lively drag brunches, there’s a Palm Springs brunch experience for everyone. Get ready to explore the best brunch spots in Palm Springs, where the food is always Instagram-worthy, and the vibe is unapologetically diverse.

1. Norma’s

Tucked inside the luxurious Parker Palm Springs hotel, Norma’s is where “over-the-top” is a way of life. Their "Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata" might set you back a cool $1,000, but hey—it’s got 10 ounces of White Sturgeon Reserve caviar. Want something more wallet-friendly? They also have an award-winning roster of pancakes, French toast, waffles, and eggs Benedict. Lastly, the quirky, colorful decor and lush garden setting make it an ideal spot to linger over brunch in Palm Springs—and maybe even spot a celebrity or two.

2. Gigi’s

Located at the V Palm Springs, Gigi’s offers poolside brunching with a side of style. This spot is perfect for those who want their avocado toast with a view and their mimosas bottomless. The sleek, modern decor and chill vibes make it easy to see why it’s a favorite among the Instagram crowd. Pro tip: Try the house-made granola parfait—it’s practically health food, right?

3. Wilma & Frieda

In the heart of downtown, Wilma & Frieda’s serves comfort food with a twist. Their blackberry custard French toast will ruin you from all other French toasts. The short rib eggs benedict is equally life-changing. The cozy, vintage vibe and friendly service make it feel like you’re brunching at your grandma’s—if your grandma was a culinary genius.

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4. Farm

Farm is a Francophile’s dream. The French-inspired menu has organic delights, from savory crêpes to fresh omelets. The setting, hidden in the La Plaza courtyard, is rustic and charming, with twinkling lights and lush greenery. It’s the kind of place that makes you want to sit and sip French press coffee all morning long—preferably with a cute dog at your feet.

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5. Grand Central Palm Springs

Grand Central in La Plaza mixes retro decor with a lively atmosphere. Their Salmon Benedict is the stuff of legends, and the classic American breakfast options are all top-notch. The Hollywood posters and colorful lights give it a fun, nostalgic feel—perfect for a laid-back Palm Springs brunch with friends or a post-hike refuel​​.

6. Boozehounds

If you love brunch and dogs (and who doesn’t?), Boozehounds is always a doggone good time. This trendy joint—where “dogs bring their humans”—offers an all-day café vibe with a California-chic aesthetic. The inside is adorned with matte and muted colors and a small jungle of plants and palms. Outside, you can access a wonderful open-air patio with great people-watching (and dog-watching). The chilaquiles are phenomenal. So, too, are the breakfast burritos. Just try not to get jealous when your dog gets more attention than you do​.

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7. Eight4Nine

With its all-white decor and eclectic menu, Eight4Nine is your answer to chic Palm Springs brunching. The Ahi Tuna Poke and Fried Chicken Milanese are must-tries, and the co*cktails are as pretty as they are potent. The spacious dining area and contemporary design make it feel like a special occasion spot, even if your only celebration is surviving another week​.

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8. The Pink Cabana

The Pink Cabana at the Sands Hotel & Spa is an Instagrammer’s paradise with a Moroccan twist. Chef Jason Niederkorn’s menu features standout dishes like shakshuka and lamb burgers. The vibrant decor and elegant design make it the perfect place for a leisurely brunch that is visually stunning and delicious. Just make sure your phone is fully charged—you’ll want to take plenty of pictures​​.

9. Cheeky’s

Cheeky’s is a Palm Springs staple known for its rotating menu and fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The bacon flight and buttermilk corn pancakes are legendary. The casual, laid-back vibe and dog-friendly patio make it a popular spot for locals and tourists. Just be prepared to wait—good things come to those who do brunch here​.

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10. Oscar’s

Oscar’s isn’t just a place to eat—it’s an experience. Known for its lively drag brunches, Oscar’s serves up classic American breakfast items with a side of fabulousness. The bottomless mimosas and lively performances make it a brunch you won’t forget. Come for the food, stay for the show, and leave with a smile​.

11. Chill Bar

Want a laid-back Palm Springs brunch with great food and even better people-watching? Chill Bar is not only accurately named; it’s the perfect spot for brunch in Palm Springs. The casual atmosphere and friendly staff make it a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a leisurely brunch. The hearty breakfast dishes and refreshing co*cktails don’t hurt either. It's a spot where you can kick back and—well—chill​​.

Palm Springs has something to offer everyone, whether you’re in the mood for luxurious frittatas or simply a lively brunch with friends. These iconic spots bring their unique flair to the brunch scene, making them must-visit destinations on your next trip to this sunny desert oasis. And while you're planning your perfect Palm Springs brunch tour, don't forget to book your stay with Acme House Company. Our stunning vacation rentals will ensure your Palm Springs experience is as fabulous as your brunch lineup.

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Images courtesy of Visit Greater Palm Springs and Parker Palm Springs

Rise and Dine - Brunch in Palm Springs (6)

Published by Matthew Bruce
Thursday, May 16, 2024

Rise and Dine - Brunch in Palm Springs (2024)
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