EARLY DEADLINES VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany - [PDF Document] (2024)

EARLY DEADLINES VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany - [PDF Document] (1)

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Courtesy of architect Wayde Hoppe of Hoppe DesignThis is an architectural rendering of the north elevation of a proposed expansion to Bethany Bible Church as presented to the Van Buren Township Planning Commission on Aug. 14 during a public hearing for special use approval for the church.

Former White clients can get their files through attorney Gold

By Rosemary K. OtzmanIndependent Editor

Over the past few weeks, clients of disbarred Belleville attorney Thomas A. White have been going to his closed office on Main Street, peering through the windows, and wondering how to get their legal files back. Over the weeks, witnesses have reported seeing boxes of papers being loaded into a pickup truck at the office and being transported to White’s residence on Savage Road. Under the regulations on disbarment, an attorney is supposed to send letters to all his clients telling them he is no longer practicing law and recommending they get new legal representation. He also is supposed to inform them who is the trustee of their files and where to pick them up. But, White didn’t do that. He took the records home, along with his copy machine. Attorney Steven Z. Cohen of Royal Oak is representing some of White’s former clients who claim he stole money from them. Cohen said he has found that White’s bankruptcy attorney Stuart A. Gold of Southfield is accepting emails and letters from White’s former clients asking for their files. Gold then contacts White and White gives the files to Dale Harrison to deliver. Harrison worked for attorney White for 18 years delivering legal papers to the courts for him. He still does some work for White. (Gold’s address is 24901 Northwestern Hwy., Suite 444, Southfield, MI 48075, (248) 350-8220, [emailprotected] . His office would neither confirm nor deny that he was handling acquisition of the files.) Cohen said the clients’ files should not be in White’s possession now, especially since he has been disbarred and is under investigation by the Michigan State Police for possible criminal charges.

By Rosemary K. OtzmanIndependent Editor

A large number of supporters of Bethany Bible Church attended the Aug. 14 public hearing before the Van Buren Township Planning Commission to consider input on the church’s request for special approval for expansion of its church in a residential district. Architect Wayde Hoppe explained the need of the growing church to build a new worship area for the congregation since the church members now have to meet in their gymnasium to accommodate the crowd. The church at 810 E. Huron River Drive was built in 1959 and is on a long, narrow parcel of 11 acres that runs from the railroad at the south to East Huron River Drive at the north. A year ago, a neighbor to the east sold the back part of the parcel to the church and another neighbor to the west also sold some property. A privacy fence was installed by the church for the neighbor on the east. Hoppe said the new worship area addition would have 548 seats and a large stage in front for the choir and other things. He said the ordinance calls for one space for every three seats, so they are limited to 220 parking spaces. The church entry would be to the north

VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany expansionso people driving in can see the front door first. Land on the north and west will be used for more parking. Hoppe said Wayne County has storm water regulations and they will comply. He said the existing building is 14,000 square feet and the new building would be 13,800 square feet, giving them almost 38,000 square feet total. The addition would also include additional classrooms and office space. Hoppe said the church’s old stone front is dated and the new design will give it a new look. It will include a large glass entrance with an open casual area before the entrance to the formal worship area. There will be a small tower, masonry, and a lot of glass to get a lot of daylight, he said. The main entrance will be in front, with the weekday entrance to the west with a courtyard. The construction would be pushing to the north away from the current building, he

said. Hoppe read a letter of support from Robert Goldbach, who has lived on East Huron River Drive since 1977 and sold half of his property to the church for this project. The church built him a new garage/barn closer to his house, since his old structure was on the sold property to the rear. “The church tries to be good neighbors,” Hoppe said. Darwin Loyer of 763 Greylock Street said he was on the planning commission when Bethany came in for an expansion in 1997. He said his house is next door to the west. He said Bethany says it wants to be good neighbors, “But in my opinion this is not so.” He said he doesn’t think they have lived up to their promises and he will be one of those impacted by the expansion. Loyer, who was fired as Van Buren Township fire chief, wanted to know if the fire department has reviewed the plans, if the engineers have looked at the fire hydrants, and if there is a loading area involved.

U of M student killed by semi while walking across I-94 in VBT George Orley, 20, a University of Michigan student from Bloomfield Township, was stopped on the side of I-94 near Rawsonville Road at about 10:30 p.m. Monday, when he tried walking across the road and was hit by a semi and killed. Eastbound I-94 was closed at the accident scene for several hours.

EARLY DEADLINES VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany - [PDF Document] (2)

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Map courtsey Wade TrimThe box drawn on Belleville Road at left is the site of the proposed new full traffic signal, with undeveloped land currently on both sides of the street. At the far right is the square marking the current traffic light at Tyler Road. Meijer parking is in the foreground.

New VBT traffic signal proposed in front of undeveloped field

Belleville DDA committee to consider public art for downtown

By Rosemary K. OtzmanIndependent Editor

At its regular meeting on Aug. 21, the Belleville Downtown Development Authority set up a committee to consider public art to be displayed in downtown Belleville. On the committee are DDA TreasurerSabrina Richardson-Williams, who has worked over the past few years to try to get a mural in the downtown, and DDA member Tom Fielder, who is enthusiastic about getting a discussion going on public art in Belleville. Belleville Area Council for the Arts president Steve Jones said his group would be glad to send someone to serve on the committee. Also on the committee is DDA coordinator Carol Thompson, who started the public art discussion by presenting a proposal from the Midwest Sculpture Initiative that provides outdoor sculpture exhibits in “art underserved” communities. Such a program, which involves renting a minimum of six sculptures for a year, would cost between $10,000 and $11,000, Thompson said. The sculptures are created by professional artists from around the country. The deadline for a community’s commitment letter for sculptures is Nov. 1 and then a call goes out for artists November through February, with judging in March and sculpture installation beginning April 15. The date of a community’s commitment establishes its order for sculpture selection. The exhibit artwork is available for purchase and the sales commission is split between MSI and the host community, with 20% going to the community. Thompson said MSI reports that some communities have been able to support the next year’s exhibit with sales commission

income. The MSI project has been in existence for ten years and other communities with MSI sculptures on exhibit include Canton, Dearborn, Adrian, Frankenmuth, Hastings, Okemos, and Tec*mseh. The on-loan sculpture is placed on a small concrete base three feet wide. The fee per sculpture is about $1,700, which includes a $750 stipend to the artist. Thompson said businesses could sponsor sculptures and fund raisers could be held. MSI would work with the local community on site selection and programming ideas. “It seems like it wouldn’t be different than the DIA, but it would be sculptures instead of paintings,” Thompson said, referring to a past DDA program that involved erecting outdoor paintings from the Detroit Institute of Arts. “I’ve always wanted public art in downtown Belleville,” said Richardson-Williams. She said her research on the mural showed it would cost about $10,000, but there was a problem with getting a publicly owned site. She had no problem with the cost of the sculptures. “I think it would be something neat to have, to bring people here,” said DDA member Gary Snarski, adding he has seen people taking pictures of the flowers downtown. Thompson said the insurance is easier if the sculptures are on public property. Snarski said they should think of places to put it in the DDA district. Fielder said there has been talk about duplicating the DIA project, but with local art. Councilwoman Kim Tindall, a member of the Belleville Area Council for the Arts, spoke from the audience saying that as a taxpayer in the community, she thinks the cost of the sculpture lease is too much. She said the DDA could commission

local artwork for $1,700 each from the local thriving art community. She said the problem is raising $10,000 to rent art when you could commission local artists in the tri community and own the art. She noted there are artists here who have won national and international awards. DDA chairman John Hoops said the committee could consider a number of things and bring a recommendation back to the DDA. “We can get the discussion going on public art,” Richardson-Williams said, adding if they could get the artists and the public property it would work. Mayor Kerreen Conley, who serves on the DDA, said the public art idea is certainly worth exploring. In other business at the one-hour-and-22-minute meeting on Aug. 21, the DDA: • Encouraged the Wayfinding Signs committee to continue its work on the design and placement of signs to 11 different locations. The groups of signs will be in six different places, mainly at the north entrance to the city and at Five Points. For the most part they will use existing light poles, but will have to put up three new poles, without lights, to hold the signs around Five Points. This was the first time sample signs were displayed for the “work in progress.” There was some discussion about having better markings for the police department, which is not planned to be on a sign. Members of the committee are Rosemary Loria, Fielder, and Snarski; • Heard a final report on the crosswalk repair at Main and Denton by Spicer engineer David Vallier, who said it was all done by the day of the Bridgewalk, as promised. He said there was a “little overspray” on the new section of the crosswalk, but Blue Ribbon will do a power wash within a few days. He said the bricks taken out are at the

By Rosemary K. OtzmanIndependent Editor

A new traffic signal on Belleville Road in front of an undeveloped field was unanimously endorsed by the Van Buren Township Planning Commission at its regular meeting Aug. 14. David Nummer of Wade-Trim Engineers gave a presentation on the $780,000 federal grant received by the VBT Downtown Development Authority to make Belleville Road safer. Nummer asked for the vote of support from the planning commission for the whole project, including placement of a new traffic light about 350 feet south of the Meijer store south drive. Nummer said the four-way light would be placed where there is no driveway or road, but a development being proposed south of Meijer (AutoZone) has agreed to put a drive from the light curving around on the unimproved property to the Meijer parking lot. There is nothing on the west side of the road, either, and so that light would be put up and bagged, Nummer said. The same property owner has the property on the east and west sides of Belleville Road at that point, he said. He said the Michigan Department of Transportation has to approve the light placement and other details of the project. Commission vice chairman Donald Boynton suggested that they do away with the south drive of Meijer’s that exits onto Belleville Road. Those turning south from that exit sometimes end up in collisions. “It’s hard to change drivers’ habits, but we’ll do the best we can,” Nummer said, adding they are not going to prohibit left turns from the south Meijer drive. He said the road project is expected to go out for bids in November, have the bids let in January or February and have the construction next spring and summer. Nummer said the new developer’s project (AutoZone) south of Meijer is expected to dovetail with this road project. He explained a proposal to put a light at the north drive into Walmart was turned down because it was too close to the light at the main Walmart drive. Nummer said out of 36 or 37 applications for the federal funds, which became available suddenly, only seven were funded and VBT’s project got the most funds. The project will be on Belleville Road from the South I-94 Service Drive north to Tyler Road. Nummer said this is the 13th most-dangerous roadway for crashes in Wayne County. The evening of the meeting, there was a head-on collision in the area of the planned traffic signal.

The project is to modernize the existing signals and replace six signals with black mast arms like on Ecorse Road and replace all the controllers and timers, to make it a safe experience for bicyclists. There will be some new asphalt laid along the roadway, replacement of cracked and damaged roadway and replacement of sidewalk curb ramps with ADA designs. The project is expected to cost $2.6 million, with $780,000 in federal aid and the rest paid by the VBT DDA. He said they are now working with the MDOT to get everything permitted.

EARLY DEADLINES VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany - [PDF Document] (4)

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O P I N I O N SEXTRA THINGS I KNOW ...By Rosemary K. Otzman

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It’s been reported that Linda Luke of Van Buren Township was stopped by a female cop on the Belleville Bridge recently for going 44 in a 30 mph zone. Linda gave the cop her driver’s license, insurance, and registration and after the lady officer reviewed it, the officer asked if there was anything Linda wanted to say. Linda thought about it and said no and then the officer asked her if she was related to Sumpter Township Police Captain Eric Luke. She said she wasn’t. She was sorry she was speeding, however. The officer gave her a warning and let her go. Linda is a professional story teller and she could have told the officer a little story. Last November she performed with the Ann Arbor Storytellers’ Guild. She also is a gifted actress. Remember her leading role in the September Days film “I Remember Yesterday”? You know her also from her regular letters to the editor that tell of benefit events for the Friends of Michigan Animals Rescue.

*** One of our readers told about seeing a huge helicopter from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department flying really low over the West Willow neighborhood in Ypsilanti Township on Aug. 21. The incident began when Washtenaw County deputies were called to Greenlawn Avenue, south of Ecorse Road, shortly after 6 a.m. to investigate a report of shots fired at a residence on the street. When police arrived, suspects tried to flee in a Chevy Impala, but only made it three houses down before ramming into a parked car. They baled and ran. A deputy

was shot at but not hit. Two suspects were apprehended immediately and two more suspects ran across the freeway and into the West Willow neighborhood on foot and were apprehended five or six hours later. Van Buren Township officers assisted in the search efforts, along with Ypsilanti, Pittsfield Township and Michigan State Police.

*** Last week, Van Buren Township police officers tried to arrest a man who was wanted on a warrant out of Monroe County. It was over at the RV Center on the North I-94 Service Drive. The guy ran off into the nearby cornfield and got away. Too bad VBT no longer has a K-9 unit. A fresh track like that in a field would have been easy for the dog.

*** At the Aug. 19 work/study meeting of the Van Buren Township Board of Trustees they talked about the budget, including the repairs to the boat house bathrooms in Van Buren Park. Supervisor Linda Combs said she is calling Jim Kosteva, who works for the University of Michigan, to come talk to the township officials about the boat house. Trustee Jeff Jahr said the bathrooms are locked much of the time, although they are supposed to be open for park-goers to use under the agreement with U of M. Treasurer Sharry Budd said the bathrooms were locked when she was out there recently and the outdoor faucet was not

working. Combs said the maintenance of the bathroom was supposed to be by VBT and the repair by U of M. She said also part of the agreement was the help of U of M students, which the township has never taken advantage of, but should.

*** Last week VBT Director of Planning and Economic Development Arthur Mullen told me he has submitted the necessary documents to FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) in the ongoing saga of the Bayshore docks. Bayshore is in a cove in the west end of Belleville Lake, six miles from the dam, and residents said their docks wouldn’t interfere with dam operation. But FERC wasn’t so sure. When Mullen came on board at the township in February, he was told the Bayshore dock project was an important issue. It turned out Bayshore residents had to be creative with finding docks for their boats this summer. It’s a long story, but if all goes well construction could start this coming winter and they could have docks for their boating next year.



MSP needs to move ahead with White People continue to come to our office to tell us they just found out about Thomas A. White – disbarred Belleville attorney who has cheated a lot of local people out of a lot of money. The new victims have been away in Florida or in the hospital or away. They are sent to us because we’re the headquarters for information on White and the only newspaper that cares about their suffering. Two people, that we know of, tell us they have contacted the Detroit media. Too much else going on in Detroit for them to care. We keep adding up the totals and it’s in the millions of dollars. If you thought a small town like Belleville didn’t have residents with that much money, think again. Victims who have contacted the Michigan State Police, who supposedly have been investigating White since May, report the same response: Not much moving forward. MSP Det. Sgt. White was asked if he was related to Thomas White, since his part of the investigation wasn’t moving. He said he wasn’t related. MSP officers have told victims that White is “really sorry” and “he’s afraid his wife will leave him.” Victims don’t care. They want justice. Actually, they want back the money he stole from them. There are a lot of victims in Belleville who are extremely distressed and very angry. The MSP needs to get moving before something ugly happens.

EARLY DEADLINES VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany - [PDF Document] (5)

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Motorcycle club sets event to benefit John Chapman

To the Editor: I’d like to thank everyone that has come to my aid. First of all, I’d like to thank Sumpter Fire Department and Police Department, without which I wouldn’t have survived. The dedication and professionalism that was displayed at the scene makes me proud to live in this community. Jim Piper, you heard my calls for help and came and investigated. I owe you my life. All of the people that have visited me at the hospital, at home, or called or written letters, thank you. You have helped keep my spirits up and realize that this accident was only life-changing, not life-ending. The amount of support and prayers that have been directed towards me have been definitely appreciated. To my family, thank you. You have come together in this moment of need without the slightest hesitation. You have stepped up to the plate. It makes me proud to be your father. Robert, you have changed your whole life around in order to assist me at home and keep the shop running. I love you all dearly. Thank you, Dan and Georgia, the owners of Irrigation Doctor. He never doubted that I would recover so much that while I was in the hospital he replaced the windows of my new shop at 25891 Sumpter Road in anticipation that I would be working as soon as possible. However, to those that think I should be depressed, you are starting to depress me. I

consider this a life-changing event, not life-ending. In my life (as in everyone’s lives) we are dealt with things that challenge us. We can either rise above them or let them drag you down. I consider any day I wake up as a good day. So please don’t act any differently when you see me. I’m still the same person I always have been. I will be financially disadvantaged until I am able to get back to work. I will have one prosthetic leg by late September or early October and the other leg by November, so with God’s help and a little luck I should be up and around about the first of the year. Thank you to all of the people that have been dropping money in the cans at the local stores for me and my club brothers that are throwing a benefit for me on Sunday, Sept. 1, at 1 p.m. at the Iron Coffins Motorcycle Club at 10795 Whittaker Road in Whittaker, MI. The public is more than welcome to attend. Thank you, Susan. You have been with me every step of the way.Sincerely,John ChapmanSumpter Township

Editor’s Note: John Chapman, who ran an auto repair place at Five Points in downtown Belleville for many years, had both legs amputated after a brush-hogging accident at his Sumpter Township home on July 17.

Important to shop, do business where you live

To the Editor: I think it is important to shop and do business where you live! I try to do this whenever the opportunity allows. I was recently in the market for a new car stereo and thought I would go to Advanced Car Audio located next to Belleville High School. I am very glad I did! They installed my new stereo/ speakers and I am one satisfied customer! I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you, Mike Warden (owner).

Respectfully,Jill JohnsonVan Buren Township

EARLY DEADLINES VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany - [PDF Document] (6)

Page � Belleville Area Independent/August �9, �013August �9, �013/Belleville Area Independent Page �

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I have a questionfor the City of Belleville

To the Editor: I have a question for the City of Belleville. First, just a few preliminary items to mention. I love all the wonderful events that the City of Belleville has throughout the year for all of us to enjoy. All summer long, every Monday evening, you have the Auto Show. Recently, you had the Art Affair and Bridge Walk with the Taste of Belleville, which included the Rubber Ducky Race. There are musical events throughout the summer and tributes to our Veterans. You have parades to start off the Strawberry Festival and the Christmas Holiday Season. All these events are wonderful. I try to attend most of them. I enjoy the fact that you close the necessary streets of downtown so everyone can safely enjoy the events without worry of traffic. Now, for my question. WHY DO YOU NOT CLOSE MAIN STREET ON HALLOWEEN, for the safety of our children? I am totally confused about this decision. I know there was a voting process on whether or not to close the street on Halloween (for just a few hours) and for those of you that voted “No,” I wonder where your priorities are. I certainly hope this year you will reconsider and vote for our children.Thank you,Anita DrescherVan Buren Township Resident

EARLY DEADLINES VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany - [PDF Document] (7)

Page � Belleville Area Independent/August �9, �013August �9, �013/Belleville Area Independent Page �


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PAULA D. BARBEE(December 9, 1953 - August 19, 2013) Paula Denise Barbee, age 59, of Belleville, MI, passed away Monday, August 19, 2013 at University Hospital, Ann Arbor, MI. She was born December 9, 1953, daughter of Paul Dennis & Frances (Huffman) Vance.Paula graduated from Belleville High School in 1971. She was a life-long resident. She loved the outdoors -- walking in the woods, four-wheeling, riding horses, and especially going to Northern Michigan to enjoy the solitude. She also enjoyed baths, books and loved rescuing all animals.Paula is survived by husband of four years, David M. Fallon; six children Crystal (Dan) Lesperance of Southgate, MI, Paul Burke of Oregon, Jennifer Barbee of Belleville, Robin Barbee of Westland, MI, Aaron (Jill Cashero) Barbee of Westland, and Will Smallman of Belleville; and 15 grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, two sisters and one brother Pam (Charles) Kinzel of Belleville, Paul “Bo” (Diane) Vance of Prudenville, MI and Polly (Gary) Little of Belleville, also survived by numerous nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.She was preceded in death by her parents, her first husband Robert Barbee in 2004, also a brother in infancy, Patrick Vance.A gathering was held Friday, August 23, 2013 from 1-7 PM at the David C. Brown Temporary Chapel, 500 E. Huron River Dr., Belleville. Cremation rites have been accorded.Memorial contributions may be made to the Humane Society and would be greatly appreciated by the family. Please sign her on-line guest book and share a story for them to treasure at www.davidcbrownfh.com .

Paula Barbee

JUDITH ERICKSON FITZGERALD SUTTLE(May 13, 1939 - August 22, 2013) Judith, age 74, passed away on August 22, 2013 after a long, courageous battle with ovarian cancer. Beloved mother of Jim (Jeanie) Fitzgerald, Dan (Nancy) Fitzgerald, Theresa Fitzgerald and Julie Protiva, as well as 7 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren.She was predeceased by her husband William Suttle and brother Gregory Erickson. A Memorial Service was held at First United Methodist Church of Garden City on Monday at 11 a.m. Contributions to either U of M Hospice or St. Jude would be appreciated.The family has entrusted care and services to the L. J. Griffin Funeral Home, (734)522-9400. Share a “Memorial Tribute” with the family at griffinfuneralhome.com .

Judith Erickson Fitzgerald Suttle

ROBERT M. COURTNEY(September 22, 1926 - August 24, 2013) Robert Merrill Courtney, age 86, of Belleville, MI, passed away Saturday, August 24, 2013 at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Ann Arbor, MI. He was born September 22, 1926 in Wayne, MI, son of the late Edna Merrill & Maggie Mae (Malott) Courtney.He proudly served his country in the U.S Navy in WWII. He retired from the General Motors Willow Run plant in 1992 after 37 years of loyal service. He married Doris Jean (Bieszk) on January 26, 1957 at St. Paul Lutheran Church, Belleville, MI.He was preceded in death by his mother in 1936, his father in 1966, his wife November 7, 2011, his in-laws James Jacob & Mary Leona (Czubowicz) Bieszk, sisters Betty Courtney in infancy and Catherine Kmet in 2013, brothers John and Marvin Courtney, brothers-in-law Lazarus (Whitey) Kmet, Fred, Donald, Carl, Paul and Lloyd Bieszk, sister-in-law Lee (Sambo) Courtney, also a son-in-law Williard Green III.Robert is survived by daughters Karen Courtney-Green and MaryLynne Courtney-Craven, both of Belleville; granddaughters Vivian (Jeff) Komaromi of Belleville and Ann Courtney of Milwaukie, OR; grandsons Will Green and Joseph (Heather Plowman) Courtney, both of Belleville; great-grandchildren Chloe Courtney of Milwaukie, OR, Tiffany, Joshua, Xavier and Anastasia Komaromi, all of Belleville; in-laws Patricia (Bieszk) Mayer and Danny (Donna Bailey) Bieszk, both of Belleville, Jerry (Rita

Mayer) Bieszk of Willis, MI, Phyllis (Young) Bieszk of Tawas, MI, Marilyn (Bailey) Bieszk of Whittemore, MI, Alice (Sheryburg) Doan of St. Clair Shores, MI, Linda (Pippo) Bieszk of Temperance, MI; also several nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.Visitation will be 11-5 PM Friday, August 30, 2013 with a 5:00 PM funeral at the David C. Brown Temporary Funeral Chapel, 500 E. Huron River Dr., Belleville.Memorial contributions to the wishes of the family would be appreciated. Please sign his on-line guest book and share a memory for his family to treasure at www.davidcbrownfh.com

ROGER JOSEPH KING(February 1, 1970 - August 13, 2013) Age 43 of Wyandotte. Survived by a daughter, Paige Marie Stauffer of Sheppard, TX, a son Andrew King and Andrew’s mother, Kirsten Paige, both of Romulus. Cremation rites accorded. David C. Brown Funeral Home.

WILLIS LEONARD MANNS(May 8, 1949 - August 15, 2013)Age 64 of Belleville. Retired as professional truck driver. Survived by siblings Macie Church, Zennith Manns and Linuard Manns. Local viewing at Janowiak Funeral Home, Sumpter Chapel. Burial in West Virginia.

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BILLY SPARROW(March 25, 1923 - August 9, 2013) Billy Sparrow, 90, of Ypsilanti, MI, passed away Friday, August 9, 2013 in Zephyrhills, FL. Cremation has taken place. Memorial service 2 p.m. Sunday, September 8, 2013 at Stark Funeral Service, 101 S. Washington Street, Ypsilanti. Contributions to the American Cancer Society would be appreciated. Envelopes available at the funeral home where visitation will be 1 p.m. until service. Complete obituary and guest book at www.starkfuneral.com .

Billy Sparrow

Robert M. Courtney

EARLY DEADLINES VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany - [PDF Document] (8)

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ROBERT G. (BOB) COLLINS(September 24, 1939 - August 24, 2013) Robert G. (Bob) Collins, age 73, of Belleville passed away August 24, 2013.Beloved husband of 51 years to Donna. Survived by children Robert Jr. of Wayne, Scott (Virginia) of Berwick, PA, Rachel (David) Murray of Sumpter. Grandchildren Haley, Kimberly, Kenneth, David, Austin, Tyler, Sydney, Lucas and Grant. Sister Jessie Pauline Collins, brother Rodney Collins, and many loving nieces and nephews. Also, the Hajduk family, great neighbors and loving friends, and Jennifer Delano, wonderful caregiver and friend.Bob was born in Cumberland, KY and moved to Belleville in 1952. He served in the U.S. Navy during peacetime as a Boatswain mate. He retired from G.M. after 32 years of service and volunteered as a Gold Coat at Beyer Hospital and drove seniors for six years. Bob was a Kentucky Colonel for 30 years.Bob also worked at Action Rental for seven years. He was twice Past Master of Myrtle Lodge #89.A memorial service will be held Saturday, August 31, at 11 a.m. at Belleville First United Methodist Church, 417 Charles Street. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration, www.theaftd.org .

DAVID A. JAMES(January 4, 1960 - August 24, 2013) David Allen James, age 53, of Romulus, MI, formerly of Canton, MI, passed away Sunday, August 24, 2013 at Oakwood Hospital-Annapolis Center, Wayne, MI. He was born January 4, 1960, son of the late Charles Edward & Barbara Louise (Case) James.David enjoyed fishing, video games, watching television, especially NASCAR, and spending time with his friends. He was a member of the Arc of Western Wayne County, MI.Dave is survived by a sister Gail (Donald) McAnulty of Belleville; three nieces Melissa McAnulty of Belleville, Melinda (Robert) Norris of Ypsilanti, MI and Michelle McAnulty of Belleville; two great-nieces Alexa & Leah Norris; and two great-nephews Tyrell & Nikolas O’Neal. He was preceded in death by his parents.Visitation was Wednesday, August 28, 2013 2-6 pm with a 6:00 PM Funeral service. Pastor Gordon Moore officiated. Memorial contributions may be made to the Arc of Western Wayne County and would be greatly appreciated by his family. Please sign his on-line guest book and share a story for his family to cherish at www.davidcbrownfh.com .

Robert G. (Bob) Collins

More Letters9�-year-old woman needs fast help with storage

To the Editor: I am a senior lady of 92 years young and have a dilemma I can’t fix. I usually can solve most problems, but this one has me helpless and homeless for my many years of collecting crocheting patterns, ideas, and some supplies. I have enough patterns, etc., to furnish a garden shed of shelves of patterns and

ideas from way back when. I have and still do make afghans, hats, scarves, boots, etc. Baby afghans, dresses, ceremonial gowns, church laces, caps for the cancer clinic at the University, as well as the burn center and caps for the newborn. I make and donate to the unwed mothers and people in need that they themselves cannot make. I’ve made hats for the Goodfellows, the Tree at the Senior Club, and give to whom the Good Lord puts in my path. I have to move into a senior complex where there is no storage. I teach to whomever desires to know this trade. These things should be stored, protected, and used as much as necessary. I hope to keep continuing in this art and passing it on. I don’t want one individual hogging all this to his own. It’s mine, bought and paid for and accumulated over the years. I’d like a space or place to store these while I’m still living, and access to them. I’m moving over to the Co-op at 575 Sumpter Road, Belleville. My telephone # is 1-734-699-6345. Would appreciate any ideas or help that is available. I only have a couple of weeks left, otherwise all these will be put in the dumpster. Will someone please help me? I thank you. God Bless and may the Good Lord Help Me!Sincerely,Ms. Mildred C. RichmondI have shelving and crates for all this. Just need the room! I also make all sorts of animals and dolls, such as Mr. T., Popeye, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse. You name

it, I think I have the pattern and time to make it.P.S. Maybe someone could start an open library for these things: a hobby shop or crochet shop. I’ll help, if I can. I just want to use my patterns, also. Is there someone willing?

Art world lost talented, beautiful lady

To the Editor: Last week the art world loss a talented and beautiful lady. Judy Suttle was memorialized this past Monday at the First United Methodist Church in Garden City. The Red Hatters, Dewey Faulkner Art Class and many friends celebrated her home-going. I just wanted to say thank you and to remember to be happy and sunshiny as Judy Suttle. Gone but not forgotten. Marian CaldwellVan Buren Township

Birthdays Aug. 5 – George-Eddie Long IV Aug. 17 – Jen Glasco*ck Aug. 19 – Tori Long Aug. 26 – Laren Pennington Sept. 3 – Jeidan Kaminski Sept. 4 – Adrianne Lindly

EARLY DEADLINES VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany - [PDF Document] (9)

Page � Belleville Area Independent/August �9, �013August �9, �013/Belleville Area Independent Page 9

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By Rosemary K. OtzmanIndependent Editor

A woman known as the “Detroit Shed Mom” was arrested by Sumpter Township Police on charges surrounding the stolen car parked in front of her residence in Rawsonville Woods. Meghann New, 34, was arraigned at 34th District Court for receiving and concealing stolen goods over $1,000 and less than $20,000, receiving and concealing a motor vehicle, and the unlawful driving away of a motor vehicle. Each charge carries a penalty of five years in prison. At her arraignment, New was released on personal recognizance bond and her preliminary exam was set for Wednesday, Sept. 4, in 34th District Court. Sumpter Township Police Detective John Toth said on Aug. 20 Captain Eric Luke got an anonymous tip on a stolen vehicle being parked in front of a trailer on Greenmeadow. The tipster described the vehicle and gave the plate number. Sumpter Police ran the plate and found the vehicle had been reported stolen two months earlier out of Northville. Det. Toth, Captain Luke, Sgt. James Cayce, and Officer Danielle Buccellato went to Greenmeadow and knocked on the door. Det. Toth said at first the woman who answered gave a fake name for herself and told some other lies, but then she confessed to stealing the car and driving it around for the past two months. She told police that she went into a gym in Northville and acted as through she wanted membership. They showed her around and she saw the key board, where people hung up their keys while they exercised. She said she stole a set of keys, went out in the parking lot and hit the button on the key until she found the car, and then she stole it. During her confession, she announced

‘Detroit Shed Mom’ arrested for car theft by Sumpter Twp. Police

she was the “Detroit Shed Mom,” who was in the news in 2011. She and her two daughters (ages 4 and 5), her sister and her sister’s boyfriend, and a dog and a cat were found squatting in an 8x8’ shed in Detroit in winter, with only a small space heater for warmth. Drug needles and paraphernalia were on the floor. Since then, New’s children have been taken away from her and she had a warrant out for her arrest because she failed to appear for trial in February 2012. After checking with Detroit Police, Sumpter Police transported New to the Detroit PD Detention Center where she is being held on $100,000 bond.

Meghann New

DPW yard and the invoice of $19,371 is ready to be paid; • Heard a report from the Belleville National Strawberry Festival Executive Director Joan Bodnar and festival representative Sharon Pokerwinski on this year’s event; • Discussed what to do about the 20, teakwood benches at the DPW yard that were removed for the new streetscape and stored outside under weeds and vines. There was talk about a possible Eagle project for a scout, having artists paint them, refurbishing them and putting them in Victory or Village parks or selling them on ebay. “Scrapping them is out of the question,” Hoops said; and • Heard City Manager Diana Kollmeyer report that juvenile court workers were at Village Park the previous week to clean up the play area. She said Police Chief Gene Taylor made arrangements for that.

DDA art(continued from page 1)

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One Call Does It All . . .. . . At the Independent


One Call Does It All . . .. . . At the Independent


EARLY DEADLINES VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany - [PDF Document] (10)

Page 10 Belleville Area Independent/August �9, �013August �9, �013/Belleville Area Independent Page 11

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By Diane MadiganIndependent Court Reporter

Arrests, convictions and sentencing for three men responsible for break-ins to homes in the Denton neighborhood in Van Buren Township in 2011 and 2012 have come to a close. Surveillance and police investigations by Van Buren Township’s Special Investigation Unit (SIU) led to the April 4, 2012 apprehension of Thomas Michael Johnson, 52, of VBT and Sheldon Brummette, 28, both charged with receiving and concealing stolen property. At the time of the arrests Brummette was on probation for a 2011 drug charge. When Johnson was arrested he had been seen carrying a stolen flat-screen TV to his then-residence in Town and Country Mobile Home Park. A search warrant was executed at his residence by Van Buren police. A large cache of jewelry and electronics were seized along with prescription narcotic bottles from prior break-ins in the Denton neighborhood. Johnson was charged with three counts of possession of stolen property and pled guilty to one. 34th District Court Chief Judge Tina Brooks Green postponed sentencing for two months because Johnson said he was to have heart valve surgery. On June 7, 2012 Johnson was sentenced to one year probation for possession of stolen property by Judge Green. Johnson had five convictions between 1979 and 1985 for breaking and entering, home invasion and intent to commit larceny. On July 5, 2012 Johnson was a no-show for a pretrial exam on another case in 34th District Court Judge David Parrott’s courtroom. The Independent later learned that Johnson was incarcerated on a federal charge of a felon knowingly and unlawfully in possession of a firearm, in this case a Colt .45 pistol with a laser sight which had previously traveled in interstate and foreign commerce. The firearm had been stolen in a home invasion on Old Michigan Avenue in VBT. At the time of his July 2, 2012 arrest he was in the company of two other felons: Sheldon Willie-Earl Brummette (a/k/a Famo) and Javon Franklin Ellis, both of whom were listed as defendants in the case. Court records say police allege Johnson sold the Colt .45 with laser sight, which was stolen Jan. 27, 2012, to Willie-Earl Brumette for $200 and Brummette sold it to Javon Ellis for $250. Ellis was arrested by Eastern Michigan

Court Watching:

Jury convicts final burglar in Denton neighborhood break-ins

University Police on charges of possession of marijuana and possession of the Colt .45 handgun with laser sight stolen from VBT. The federal weapons case took some time making its way through the system. Johnson’s court-appointed attorney, Mark Magidson, asked for more time to locate, interview or subpoena witnesses for Johnson’s defense Thomas Johnson and Sheldon Brummette finally accepted felony plea agreements for possession of a firearm and are facing 10-year minimum sentences in federal prison. VBT Police Lt. Charles Bazzy reports that Javon Ellis refused a plea agreement and demanded a trial in U.S. District Court. A jury trial began on Aug. 19, 2013 before Judge Denise Page Hood in Detroit. On Aug. 22, the case went to the jury. The jury deliberated for about 1½ hours before returning with a guilty verdict on all counts: felon in possession of a firearm, armed career criminal, and possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Ellis is looking at a sentence of 20 years to life in the federal prison system. Sentencing is scheduled sometime in December, Lt. Bazzy said.


Belleville Arts Council extends deadline for art show entries to Sept. 9 The deadline to enter the Community Art Show on Sept. 13 and 14 has been extended until Monday, Sept. 9. The non-juried show is open to all artists in all media and has three age categories: 6-12, 13-17 and 18 and over. There is a $10 fee for artists and cash prizes will be awarded in each age group. Admission to the show is free to the public. Baked goods will be available for purchase. The show is sponsored by the Belleville Area Council for the Arts and will be held from noon to 7 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 13, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 14, at the Father Folta hall behind St. Anthony Catholic Church. For entry forms and more details go to www.bellevilleartscouncil.org or call 734-697-8123.

EARLY DEADLINES VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany - [PDF Document] (11)

Page 10 Belleville Area Independent/August �9, �013August �9, �013/Belleville Area Independent Page 11

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By Rosemary K. OtzmanIndependent Editor

School Board President Brent Mikulski said he asked for upgrades to the employment contract of School Supt. Michael Van Tassel because he wanted the superintendent to be around long enough to lead the district to achieve the long-term goals Van Tassel has set. He referred to the One, Three, and Five-Year Strategic Goals prepared by School Supt. Van Tassel and praised by the board at its Aug. 12 meeting. The rest of the board agreed with Mikulski and at Monday’s regular meeting voted unanimously to add a third year to Van Tassel’s rolling contract and another five days of vacation. He now will get 25 days. When he was promoted in February, he was given two years rolling contract which meant his contract was good through June 2014 unless the board fired him. This spring, the board decided not to vote on Van Tassel’s contract and it was automatically approved until June 2014. Now his contract runs from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2016. His pay for the one year starting July 1, 2013 continues at $139,000, plus benefits, with any subsequent years to be negotiated. He will work 260 days annually, exclusive of 25 paid vacation days (instead of the previous 20 allotted), plus 12 paid holidays, 12 days sick leave, and three personal business days. President Mikulski said the previous contract was started in the middle of the school year and so needed work. Board Vice President Martha Toth said the rolling three-year contract is standard in Michigan. A rolling contract means it automatically rolls on each year to keep the three-year term unless the board intervenes. “I did question the timing,” said Treasurer Sherry Frazier, saying she could see no rush to do it, but after discussions, “I’m behind it now.” She said Van Tassel didn’t ask for any salary increase, but did ask for five additional days of vacation. Trustee Scott Russell said if the board was going to hold its superintendent accountable for the goals he had set it had to make sure that it kept him around for three years to work on those goals. Trustee Kathy Kovach said she believed the late School Supt. Pete Lazaroff also had a three-year contract. Kovach said when she worked in the superintendent’s office, she had 25 days of vacation, five more days than her boss, Supt. Van Tassel. In other business at Monday’s 40-minute meeting, the board: • Approved paying $46,230 from high school construction bond funds to AEROLAB for an Education Wind Tunnel

VB School Board adds another year to supt. contract, more vacation

for the new physics lab at BHS. The wind tunnel has velocity up to 145 mph, is six feet tall and weighs 600-700 pounds. BHS Principal Abdul Madyun made the presentation to the board on the equipment, saying he has yet to find a high school anywhere that has what BHS will have. “We could become a beacon to others … to come to school here,” he said, adding the new Einstein Room is to spark educational fire in students. Madyun was asked about the life of the tunnel and he didn’t know, but said, “It’s not going to go out anytime soon.” He noted all the teachers are excited. He said the University of Michigan has a wind tunnel, but the Ford Center where Van Buren sends its vocational students doesn’t have one; • Approved milk bids from Sun Valley/Berkshire Dairy of Detroit and bread bids from Aunt Millie’s Bakeries of Fort Wayne, IN, through the Downriver Co-op for the 2013-14 school year; • Approved a resolution urging continued implementation and funding of the Common Core State Standards in an effort to influence the Michigan Legislature which may prohibit participation through upcoming budget action. MASA and RESA have asked local school boards to pass resolutions. Van Tassel said 81% of the districts in the state want Common Core to take effect and the battle now “is political in nature”; and • Agreed to cancel the Sept. 9 meeting because there is nothing for the agenda. The next regular meeting will be Sept. 23 at the BHS Commons. The Sept. 16 workshop session may or may not be held.

Belleville Community Chorus seeks singersfor upcoming season Monday, Sept. 9, will begin the new fall session for the Belleville Community Chorus. Rehearsals are on Mondays at 7 p.m. at the Belleville United Methodist Church 417 Charles St., Belleville. If you like to sing, the chorus invites you to join them. Whether you are soprano, alto, tenor, bass, or not really sure, consider joining this fun and dynamic group of friends and neighbors. The BCC, with members from Belleville, Sumpter, Van Buren and other surrounding communities, is open to all singers from late teen to 80 years-plus and is always looking for new voices. If interested, come to the first rehearsal by 6:30 p.m. so that the director can place your voice in the appropriate section. For questions or more information, call Lori Day at (734) 325-2369 or go to www.Bellevillechorus.org .

EARLY DEADLINES VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany - [PDF Document] (12)

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Gerry’s Small Engineand Equipment Repair

Tractors, Lawn, Garden &Small Construction Equipment

Gerry GentzWillis, MI 734-461-0158

Pick-Up/DeliveryService Available


Home Improvement & Handyman Service

Painting, Drywall, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing,

Ceramic Tile, Kitchens & Bath.Serving Belleville Since

1995. Call Aaron Schultz @ 734-740-0628


FREE ESTIMATES!!!YEAR RouND SERvICESWeekly Mowing, Aerations, De-Thatching, Seed & Sod,

Tree, Bush & Stump Removal And Much More!


Take Advantage of Early Bird Rates!MANUFACTURED HOMES FOR SALE

RAWSONVILLE WOODSBankruptcy, Foreclosures

and bad credit ok.Handyman Homes starting at $1.

Rental homes availableAsk about our specials734-461-6700



2 Bed, 1 BathFor as little as $499!*

Total payment priceof home - $18, 995!*

Call Sun CommunitiesLakeview Today

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*some restrictions apply. NMLS #33675



MOVE IN FORONLY $398!!!*Lincoln Schools

Call Sun HomesToday

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www.4lakeview.com*some restrictions apply. WAC, EHO

Expires 9/1/2013. NMLS #33675

QUIET 2 BR. APTBeautiful country living, no high

traffic, no constant sirens, 1acre of property. W/appliances,laundry facility, patio, storage

shed. 5 min. south of Bellevilleon Wilmot near Sumpter &Willis Rd. No Dogs/Cats.$625/mo. 734-260-0374


------------MUST SELL / MAKE OFFER. Belleville Manor, 247 Ponderosa Trail S. Doublewide 1998 Fleetwood, 3BR, 2 Bath, Great Condition, Private Lot, Quiet Street. Asking $32,000 call Ken (734) 558-4667 8/29


------------BEAUTIFUL 1 Bedroom ApartmentUtilities included w/cable. Tenant paysElec. Located on Main St. (734) 788-1719 8/29

------------DOWNTOWN BELLEVILLE.Upstairs 1 BR. Apt. $600/mo. plussecurity deposit. Heat & water included.Also Small office space on Main St. $300/mo. plus security deposit(734) 578-4383 8/29

------------5 BR. HOUSE with attached garage on 1 acre, Belleville. Close to Ann Arbor Uni-versities, Hospitals & Metro airport. No Pets. $1,800/mo. plus security deposit (734) 391-8704 or (734) 716-7953 8/29


------------C.T.S. AUTO Engines, Transmissions Discount Prices - Guaranteed!(734) 282-1700 TFN


DEPENDABLE LAWN SERVICE. COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL.Lawn Cutting – Spring Clean-Up – Aerating –Mulch – Shrub Trimming – Pruning – Brick Pavers – Power Rak-ing - Sod & Seeding. (734) 587-2410 or (734) 693-4712 9/26

------------SEASONAL MOWING. Sm. Lots up to 3 acres. FALL CLEAN UP & Haul-ing. Murray’s General Services. (734) 325-6062 9/19

------------SQUEEKY CLEAN - Need your home or office cleaned? Call us for a reason-able rate. (734) 231-2025 9/19

------------HOUSEKEEPING SERVICE avail-able Mon. - Thur. 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Weekly or Bi-Weekly. Affordable rates. Have supplies or you provide. (734) 262-9551 9/19



By Angela Nettro

I am here to answer questions pertaining to buying or selling real estate. Send your questions to “Ask Angela”, c/o Belleville-Area Independent, 152 Main Street, Ste. 9, Belleville 48111 or send me an email at [emailprotected] . I’ll answer questions in this column. Question from Tom in Sumpter Township: What is an occupancy permit? Do you need one to sell a house? Do you need one to rent a house? If you rent a house with an option to buy do you need one? Answer: Tom, an occupancy permit is also called a certificate of occupancy (C of O). It is required by some municipalities and not required by others. The City of Belleville and Sumpter Township require it in the local areas when you sell a home or building or change to a new renter, including a rental with option to buy. The purpose of an occupancy permit (C of O) is for the building department of the municipality to inspect the property for any code violations and safety hazards that NEED to be corrected before there can be a change of occupants -- buying, renting, or lease/option to occupy a residential, multiple, industrial, commercial building – if required by the local municipality. -- AngelaAngela Nettro/BrokerReal Estate(734) 697-6655Email: [emailprotected]

Belleville Area District Library announcesfall story times Fall Story Times will be held at the Belleville Area District Library from Sept. 16 to Oct. 16. Registration begins Tuesday, Sept. 3, at the Circulation Desk at the library, 167 Fourth Street, Belleville. • Family Story Time (elementary-school ages) will be held at 6:30 p.m. Mondays, Sept. 16 through Oct. 14. • Preschool Pals (ages 4-6) story times will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesdays, Sept. 18 through Oct. 16. • Terrific Toddlers (ages 2-4) story times will be held at 11 a.m. Wednesdays, Sept. 18 through Oct. 16.

EARLY DEADLINES VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany - [PDF Document] (13)

Page 1� Belleville Area Independent/August �9, �013August �9, �013/Belleville Area Independent Page 13


Dedicated & Reliable Bus Drivers for

Permanent Positions for Van Buren Public

Schools. Starting Pay: $11.50/hour.

Call 734-699-5100


DIRECT CARE ASSISTANTFeel good about the work that you do. Support personswe serve in residential settings. Country home. Training

provided. $8.40 total per hr. plus good benefits.Call (734) 753-4804 New BostonEmail resume to: [emailprotected]

DIRECT CARE ASSISTANTWork close to home assisting persons

we serve in their homes in theBelleville & Romulus communities.

$8.25 total per hr. plus good benefits.Call (734) 699-3808 or (734) 699-6543Email resume to: [emailprotected]

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The Belleville independenTnow AccepTscrediT cArds!(Minimum $5 Purchase, Classified Ads Excluded)

The Belleville independenTnow AccepTs crediT cArds!

(Minimum $5 Purchase, Classified Ads Excluded)

The Belleville independenTnow AccepTscrediT cArds!(Minimum $5 Purchase, Classified Ads Excluded)

The BellevilleindependenTnow AccepTs

crediT cArds!(Minimum $5 Purchase, Classified Ads Excluded)

The BellevilleindependenTnow AccepTs

crediT cArds!(Minimum $5 Purchase, Classified Ads Excluded)

The BellevilleindependenTnow AccepTscrediT cArds!

(Minimum $5 Purchase, Classified Ads Excluded)

The BellevilleindependenT now AccepTs

crediT cArds!(Minimum $5 Purchase, Classified Ads Excluded)

The BellevilleindependenT now AccepTs

crediT cArds!(Minimum $5 Purchase, Classified Ads Excluded)

The Belleville independenTnow AccepTs crediT cArds!(Minimum $5 Purchase, Classified Ads Excluded)

The Belleville independenTnow AccepTs crediT cArds!(Minimum $5 Purchase, Classified Ads Excluded)

“Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn’t.”

Mark Twain

“Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education”

Mark Twain

“Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and

gradually approach eighteen. ”Mark Twain



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Local Excavating/Septic Service Company Looking for CDL Drivers/Laborers & Equipment Operators.

Full & Part Time Positions Available. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

To Apply,Call 1-800-566-6626 for



WANTED:JUNK CARSRunning or Not. Top $

Paid. Call For FreePickup. Drive In For

Extra Dollars.734-282-1700


$300 & Up!Cash Paid!

(734) 787-1444

QUILTING GUILD YARD SALE Sept. 6-7 9am-5pm 15750 Haggerty. Lots of fabric, furniture &much more 9/05

------------2-FAMILY YARD SALE Aug.29-30 9am-5pm. New items both days. Across from Victory Park. 48 East Columbia. 8/29

------------20th ANNUAL YARD SALE.56 Henry St.. Sept. 5-8. Clothes, Toys,Bikes, Bike parts, New & old car & truck parts, TV’s, Video games, Furniture and Much more. 9/05

------------MULTI FAMILY SALE. 45831 Harris Rd. W. of Sumpter Rd. Aug. 30 - Sept 1, 9-?. Puzzles, Toys, Pet carriers, Pictures, Snow blower, Recliner, TV’s and Lots More. 8/29

------------5 FAMILY SALE. 21000 Haggerty Rd., Aug. 29 - Sept 7, 9a.m.-6p.m. Glass dis-play case, Tools, China, Crystal, Fur-niture, Baby clothes & Much more.9/05

------------ESTATE SALE. 641 Lynne Ave., Ypsi. Between Forest & Cross Rds. Aug. 28 - Sept 1, 10a.m.-5p.m. Furniture, Christmas and Much More. 8/29

------------6500 WESTERN between Michigan Ave. & Ecorse off Denton. Aug. 29 - Sept. 1, 8 a.m. - Dusk. Designer clothing (Men’s, Women’s & Children - all sizes), Fur-niture. Lots of Everything - Must See. Rain or Shine. 8/29


HUMMELS half off 1986 price list, obo Over 75 to choose from. Various sizes (734) 699-8153 9/12

------------1992 HORNET MINI MOTOR HOME Chevy Chassis 350 V8 Engine, Auto. Trans. Gen. Microwave Oven, Good Tires, New Bat. Air Cond. Stored Inside Very Good Cond. Runs Good. 65,000 miles. $11,000 (734) 697-6618 8/29

------------GENERATOR - RRO 4000E, 4000 watt electric start. Very low hours, like new. $295 (734) 383-3000 (Wayne, MI) 8/29

------------PORTER-Cable Saw, 84“ $20. (4) New Monroe gas shocks, $20 for some Ford ve-hicles. (734) 697-4130 8/29

------------KENMORE WASHER $50, COMPUTER DESK - $150. Never used Pearl starter band kit/bells $250 Kawai piano/keyboard $3000 Call: (734) 730-4412 8/29


------------C.T.S. AUTO Engines, Transmissions Discount Prices - Guaranteed! (734) 282-1700 TFN




2003 V-Star Classic Cruiser 650cc less than 5000 miles. Ex. Cond. $4,500 OBO (734) 732-8012 9/05

------------2007 SATURN SKY TURBO. Ex. Con-dition, 25,000 original miles, 5 speed, new tires, medium blue. $18,000 (734) 270-2196 8/29

------------1994 CHEVY LUMINA. Auto., Cold air, Loaded, Like new, 120,000 miles. South Carolina Car. $1,495. (734) 383-3000 (Wayne MI.) 8/29

------------2003 MUSTANG MACH I. 5 Speed manual, Slightly modified engine and ex-haust. $15,900 (847) 815-5714 8/29

------------2000 TAHOE Z71 SUV. Family owned. Needs nothing. Cold air, Clean. $3,000 (734) 697-1417 9/12


------------WANTED – ANY SIZE MEN’S JEANS for the homeless. Please drop off at Bladez’s 601 E. Huron River Drive. (734) 697-5600 TFN

------------WANTED – SMALL CONTAIN-ERS of Shampoo, Toothpaste, etc. to take to homeless in Detroit. Drop off at Bladez‘s, 601 E. Huron River Dr. (734) 697-5600 TFN


Maureen Bradley - Martinsville Rd.You’ve won a dozen free roses. Pick them up at Main St. Flower’s downtown, Belleville. (734) 697-7400 or www.mainstreetflowersbelleville.com TFN


LOST 20’x40’ TENT in white canvas bag with “Anchor Tent” label. Lost on road-ways; Martinsville, Dunn, Bohn, Wear Rds. Overnite hours of Wed. Aug. 14. Call (734) 740-1483 9/05

------------LOST CAT - Last seen Aug. 18 near Fret & Renton Rds. Small, Tortoise, Shell cat with clipped ear. Fixed female. (734) 699-1761 9/12


FOUND BASEBALL GLOVE Child size. Has name of “Brock” on the inside (734) 699-8480 9/05





------------AREA TRAINEE for local Real Estate Firm. For appointment call (734) 697-1800 TFN

------------Drivers CDL-A: Lots of Miles. Great Pay/Benefits & Bonuses. Home WeeklyNo Slip Seat. No Touch. Newer Equip-ment. (877) 723-8932 8/29

------------DRIVERS: CDL-A. Local Runs. From Brownstown to Flat Rock. Company Drivers. Home Daily! Safety Bonus Program. Benefits available after 90 days. 6 month verifiable experience. Call (800) 599-0087 8/29


EARLY DEADLINES VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany - [PDF Document] (14)

Page 14 Belleville Area Independent/August �9, �013August �9, �013/Belleville Area Independent Page 1�

Charter Township of Van Buren Public Notice

Public NoticeAdvertisem*nt for Pizza Bid

The Van Buren Food Service Department is now accepting firm, sealed bids to provide fresh-made pizza for the 2013-2014 school year. Bid specifications are available at the Food Service Office of Van Buren Public Schools. All bids are due to the Van Buren Public Schools Administration Office, 555 W. Columbia Ave., Belleville, MI 48111, Attn: Deb Evans, no later than September 6, 2013, 9:00 a.m. where they will be opened and read. No determination of winning bid will be revealed at that time. Bids will not be accepted via oral, telephonic, email

or fax.Publish: August 29, 2013

SNOW REMOVAL BIDSThe Township of Sumpter 23480 Sumpter Road, Belleville, MI 48111 is seeking sealed bids for snow removal of sidewalks and driveways for the Senior Chore Program.

Bids must include the following: 1. Commercial Vehicle insurance for all vehicles used. 2. List of equipment used to provide snow removal. 3. Employer Federal tax I.D. 4. Copy of Township business license. 5. List of all drivers and their driver’s license numbers. 6. Liability insurance naming Sumpter Township as an additional insured. 7. Workers compensation certificate if employees are used to provide service. 8. Liability insurance naming Sumpter Township as an additional insured if sub-contractors are used to provide snow removal from each contractor. 9. Sealed bids must be submitted to the Township Clerks office by 3:00 pm the 18th of September 2013

The Township of Sumpter is an equal opportunity employer.

Clarence J. Hoffman Jr., ClerkPublish: August 22 & September 5 & 12, 2013

Sumpter Township Public Notice

More LettersBelleville Fire Auxiliary thanks all who helped

To the Editor: The City of Belleville Fire Department Auxiliary recently held our 7th-annual golf outing fundraiser at Thorne Hills Golf Course. Over 55 golfers attended the outing. We would like to thank all of the golfers, our sponsors, and door prize contributors for their support of the Fire Department Auxiliary. Our sponsors included: Gold Sponsor, EQ; Hole-in-One Sponsor, Atchinson Ford; Silver Sponsors, Wayne County Commissioner Kevin McNamara, Contract Welding, Loranger Family Chiropractic, and Unified Communities Federal Credit Union. Hold Sponsors included David C. Brown Funeral Home, Millie Baker in memory of Bob Baker, Bayou Grill, St. Anthony’s Men’s Club, Fox Auto Parts, J&T Towing, Belleville Tax & Accounting, FRC Fire Research Corp., Friends of Michigan Animal Rescue, Save-On Andrew’s Pharmacy, Belleville Area Council for the Arts, Burhop’s Collision, Garden Fantasy Florist & Greenhouse, Family Dentistry, Edward Jones, State Farm Insurance-Jake Hunt, Rapid Home Improvement, Lyla Tax Accounting, The Lunch Box, BIO Care, Pioneer Landscape, 21st District State Representative Dian Slavens, HVA – Huron Valley Ambulance, Sumpter collision, Van Buren Fire Association, 34th District Court Judges, Johnny’s Grill, Real Estate One, Martin & Son auto Repair, Dr. Michael Lanzetta Orthodontist, Superior Auto & Turck Service, Inc., Belleville Lake Current, Davenport Brothers, Walled Lake Collision, Master Maintenance, Osier & Sons Electric, LLC, and Seal Tech. Door prizes were donated by the following: JT’s Pub & Grub, Cool Cone, Prime Time Fitness, Cracker Barrel, Carl’s Golf Land,

Miles of Golf, Team Design, A&W Root Beer, Frosty Boy, Loranger Chiropractic, Jet’s Pizza, Priority One, Mr. Muffler, Denny’s Salon, Sam’s Place, Great Clips, Leon’s Coney Island, Big Boy, and Thorne Hills Golf Course. Other donations were provided by R&R Fire Truck Repair, Twisted Rooster, and the Belleville Area Chamber of Commerce. We are extremely grateful for the community’s continued support of the Belleville Fire Department Auxiliary.Jennifer BlackburnAuxiliary President

St. Anthony celebrates Father Tom Cusick’s��th birthday Three hundred parishioners from St. Anthony Catholic Church of Belleville celebrated Father Tom Cusick’s 75th birthday on Aug. 18 with a chicken dinner,

cake, and ice cream. Father Tom was surprised by a special cake presented to him by the American Heritage Girls and the Cub Scouts from St. Anthony’s who also led everyone in singing “Happy Birthday” to Father Tom. It was a joyous afternoon for the Parish Family of St. Anthony’s.

BHS 21st annual Half-Time Marching Band Review set for Sept. 1�

The 21st-annual Belleville High School Half-Time Marching Band Review will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 17, featuring marching bands from several area high schools and including the BHS Marching Tigers. The event will be held on the Belleville High School athletic field. Gates will open at 5:45 p.m. with performances beginning at 6:30 p.m. Admission is $5 for those ages 13 and up, and those age 12 and under are free. Mark Laginess is BHS Band Review Coordinator.

EARLY DEADLINES VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany - [PDF Document] (15)

Page 14 Belleville Area Independent/August �9, �013August �9, �013/Belleville Area Independent Page 1�

Charter Township of Van Buren Public Notice

Charter Township of Van Buren Public NoticeCHARTER TOWNSHIP OF VAN BUREN


Supervisor Combs called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room. Present: Supervisor Combs, Clerk Wright, Treasurer Budd, Trustee Hart, Trustee Jahr, Trustee McClanahan and Trustee Miller. Absent: None. Others in attendance: DPW Director Taylor, Planning and Economic Development Director Mullen, Public Safety Director Laurain, Fire Chief Besson, Senior Director Jordan, Deputy Supervisor LaMothe, Engineer Nummer, Secretary Cline and an audience of twenty-two (22).APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Jahr moved, Hart seconded to approve the agenda as amended. Add New Business Item #3 “Consider Design Services Contract for Beck Ball Fields Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) project.” and New Business #4 “Consider a contingency fee of 10 percent ($22,000) during the repair and replacement of the roof project performed by Tri-Star Roofing & Sheet Metal, LLC.” Carried. APPROVAL OF CONSENT AGENDA: Hart moved, Wright seconded to approve the Consent Agenda [Closed Session Minutes July 15, 2013; Work Study Minutes August 5, 2013; Regular Board Meeting Minutes August 6, 2013; Appointment of Amos Grissett to full member of the Board of Zoning Appeals with term to expire on December 1, 2014 and appointment of Joseph Barnabei as an alternate to the Board of Zoning Appeals with a term to expire December 1, 2015; Adoption of Resolution 2013-14, affirming approval of Senior Alliance multi-year plan for Aging Services; Voucher List of August 20, 2013.] as presented. Carried.PUBLIC HEARING: None.CORRESPONDENCE: Supervisor Combs stated the Belleville Area Museum has received an anonymous $5000 donation from a descendent of the Randall family. Supervisor Combs read a brief synopsis of the Randall family who owned Randall’s Sales and Service in the area.Supervisor Combs read a letter from Van Buren Public Schools Superintendent, Michael Van Tassel thanking the Board of Trustees for the opportunity to address the Board at a recent Board of Trustees meeting.PUBLIC COMMENT: None.UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Hart moved, McClanahan seconded to approve the second reading for adoption of Rezoning Ordinance 8-6-13 to amend the Township Zoning Ordinance 06-02-92, as amended, by rezoning parcel V125-83-045-99-0001-701 located at the SW corner of Hannan and Ecorse Roads from AG (Agriculture) and C (Local Business) to all C (Local Business). Roll Call Vote. Yeas: Jahr,

Miller, Hart, McClanahan, Budd, Wright and Combs. Nays: None. Absent: None. Abstain: None. Carried.*(A copy of Ordinance 08-06-13 follows the minutes. Copies may also be obtained in the Clerk’s Office, Township Hall, 46425 Tyler Road during normal business hours.)NEW BUSINESS: Wright moved, Hart seconded to approve the first reading of General Ordinance 08-20-2013, an ordinance to amend the General Code of Ordinances, Charter Township of Van Buren by replacing and repealing Chapter 46, Article II, Section 46-31 through 46-33 and adopting the New Fire Code of the 2012 edition of the National Fire Prevention Association (NPFA): 1 (Fire Prevention Code) and the 2012 edition of NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code), 2012 appendices and documents adopted by Chapter 2 of NFPA Code. Carried.*(A copy of the Synopsis Ordinance 08-20-13 follows the minutes. Copies may also be obtained in the Clerk’s Office, Township Hall, 46425 Tyler Road during normal business hours.)Hart moved, Miller seconded to remove the amendments to the 2013 Budget Expenditures from the agenda. Roll Call Vote. Yeas: Miller, McClanahan, Jahr, Hart, Budd and Wright. Nays: Combs. Absent: None. Abstain: None. Carried.Budd moved, Wright seconded to approve Design Services Contract between Van Buren Charter Township and Wade-Trim for Beck Ball Fields Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) project and authorize the Supervisor and Clerk to execute the contract. Carried. Jahr moved, Wright seconded to approve a contingency fee of 10 percent ($22,000) during the repair and replacement of the roof project performed by Tri-Star Roofing & Sheet Metal, LLC. Carried.REPORTS: None.ANNOUNCEMENTS: Clerk Wright announced the next Work Study Session is scheduled for Tuesday, September 3, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. due to the closure of Township Administrative Offices on Monday, September 2, 2013 in observance of the Labor Day Holiday.AUDIENCE (Non-Agenda Items): Comments were made from 8:03 p.m. to 8:11 p.m. by residents regarding the following: Visteon Bonds and bankruptcy; Public Comment period for Agenda Items.ADJOURNMENT: Jahr moved, Hart seconded to adjourn at 8:12 p.m. Carried.Respectfully submitted,Leon Wright, Township ClerkLinda H. Combs, Township Supervisor Publish: August 29, 2013

For Classified Advertising, Display Advertising or News TipsOne call does it all: 734-699-9020 - The Independent

EARLY DEADLINES VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany - [PDF Document] (16)

Page 1� Belleville Area Independent/August �9, �013August �9, �013/Belleville Area Independent Page 1�

with Bob Mytych

MindingYour Business

Things to do in theBelleville area...

Upcoming Meetings

Sumpter Township Public NoticeSeeking bids for new roof

The Sumpter Township Clerks Office is seeking bids for a new roof at the Community Center Building located at 23501 Sumpter, Belleville, MI 48111 and the Old Township Hall 23483 Sumpter, Belleville, MI 48111 specifications are available in the Sumpter Township Clerks Office 23480 Sumpter Road, Belleville, MI 48111. Federal Regulations, EEO, Davis-Bacon Act Compliance required Minority Hiring and previling Wages set forth by Wayne Co. & H.U.D. paid by Wayne County Community Block Grant Funds. Sealed Bids are due at the Sumpter Township Clerks Office Clarence J. Hoffman Jr., Clerk by 3:30 pm September 4, 2013. Bid opening will be on at 3:35 pm. Sumpter Township reserves the right to refuse any or all bids.

Publish August 22 & 29, 2013

Charter Township of Van Buren Public Notice

Affordable Veterinary Clinic

835 Sumpter Rd., BellevilleNext to Secretary State

No Exam REquiREd.Walk-iN, Walk-out.aNimal must BE iN

Good HEaltH.

Dr. M. Dukes, Licensed Veterinarian • Member AVMA

loW Cost VaCCiNE CliNiCEvery Day During September, During Regular Business Hours

Bordetella $17Rabies 1 Year $14Rabies 3 Year $16distemper Combo $27Heartworm test $19Fecal test $10Exam $20

(734) 699-3800

The �013 Belleville Area Council for the Arts’ Community Art Show is coming up Sept. 13-14 at the St. Anthony Father Folta building and the deadline for application to enter has been extended to Monday, Sept. 9. The non-juried show is open to all artists and cash prizes will be awarded in three age-group categories: 6-12, 13-17, and 18 and older. The cost to enter up to three pieces is $10. Admission is free and baked goods will be for sale. Applications are available at bellevilleartscouncil.org. Show hours are Friday, Sept. 13, noon to 7 p.m., and Saturday, Sept. 14, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

***The Belleville Area Chamber of

Commerce will feature guest journalist Lila Lazarus at the Chamber’s Member Luncheon meeting on Sept. 25, held at the Wayne County Community College Western Campus on Haggerty Road. The cost is $15 for chamber members, $20 for non-members. Reservations are required and can be made by calling (�34) �9�-�1�1.

***The Belleville Chamber has announced

a fund-raising Casino Trip on Sept. 14 at a cost of $25 per person, which includes transportation to Greektown Casino, a $20 bonus play, a $5 food voucher, bottled water and snacks. The bus will leave the Belleville Walmart parking lot at 5 p.m. and return about 11 p.m. For tickets, call (�34) �9�-�1�1.

***Michelini Custom Building is offering

factory discounts and local installation on I-beam steel buildings, Call (9�9) 414-4��� for details.

***The Franklin Communities of Belleville

Manor and Van Buren Estates are offering great deals and incentives this fall on new manufactured home purchases, including 6 months of free site rent, $500 rebate, and a 42-inch flat screen TV. Even pre-owned home purchases will get you the free site rent and TV. To learn more about the two communities in our area and how home ownership can be easier than ever, call Joy at Van Buren Estates at (�34) ���-�1�9 or Belinda at (�34) �99-��00. For more info, photos and locations visit their website at www.franklinhomesales.com .

***The Belleville Church of God on Hull

Road will be passing out food today, and every last Thursday of each month, from 6 to 7 p.m. Call (�03) �0�-�001.

***Regency Kennels at ��0 Savage Road

just east of 5-Points is gearing up for dog boarding this fall and for the upcoming holidays. For information and reservations, call (�34) �99-�33�.

*** Do you have a business item you would like to see in this column? Call Bob Mytych at 734-697-9020 with your suggestion. There is no cost to be in this column.

• Thursday, Aug. �9 – African-American Book Group meets at 7 p.m. in the Library Tutoring Room. • Friday, Aug. 30 – Free family-friendly outdoor movie, “Here Comes the Boom” (2012) begins at dusk at Willow United Methodist Church, 369255 Willow Road, New Boston. Free popcorn, hot dogs, and beverage. Gathering begins at 8 p.m. Bring lawn chair or blanket. • Friday, Aug. 30 – Family Drive-In free movie at sunset, 8:00 p.m., by Friends Church, 7890 Tuttle Hill Road at Bemis, Ypsilanti. Free popcorn & refreshments. Cartoon and feature “Nikki and the Perfect Stranger.” In case of rain in Youth House Theater. • Sunday, Sept. 1 – Bugles Across America honors soldiers fighting now and veterans of past wars at 7:15 p.m. at the Veterans Monument in Horizon Park on High Street in Belleville. • Thursday, Sept. �, through Sunday, Sept. � – The Belleville Museum and Historical Society is holding its yard sale at the home of John and Debbie Juriga on East Huron River Dr.

• Tuesday, Sept. 3 -- Van Buren Township work-study meeting, 4 p.m., followed by regular board meeting at 7 p.m. Also, Belleville City Council, 7:30 p.m. • Wednesday, Sept. 4 – Van Buren Township Staff Review, 1-4 p.m.

EARLY DEADLINES VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany - [PDF Document] (17)

Page 1� Belleville Area Independent/August �9, �013August �9, �013/Belleville Area Independent Page 1�

White files(continued from page 1)

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734-930-9200Conveniently located right off Highway 23 by Arborland exit.

Easy and free parking.

2045 Hogback Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Bassett & Associates, PLLC since 1994.

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Born and raised right here in Belleville.

Jane A. Bassett, Attorney Amanda Murray, Associate Attorney

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He said he has contacted Wendy Turner Lewis, the Bankruptcy Court Trustee in charge of White’s filing, her lawyer, and the Michigan State Bar, but no one has shown any interest in securing the files. Attorney Cohen said he also was pretty frustrated with the work of the MSP since they have said they are investigating White for criminal charges and have been since May, with little progress. The Wayne County Prosecutor’s office said it is waiting for a request for a warrant from the MSP before it can move forward in this case. “Everybody knows they’re dragging their feet,” Cohen said of the MSP. Cohen said he has talked to almost 40 of White’s former clients. He said one person sued White for malpractice and won, but there was a confidentiality clause so that can’t be spoken of publicly. Cohen said some of White’s clients were awfully flakey, but White would promise them anything to get a commission, sometimes much larger than reasonable. Cohen said a gentleman sent him an email that said that on July 13, two days before White was disbarred, White was soliciting money for his janitorial business, saying he would be closing his law office in very short order. Cohen said he asked Gold to get the files of one of White’s former clients, which included original documents from the 1940s and the 1840s on oil, gas, and coal

leases in another state. “He finally got them back and then Harrison called and said, ‘We found more documents.’” Cohen said in amazement. Cohen said the prosecutor’s office ordered a freeze on the audit of the jail because there was a criminal investigation and the audit wasn’t released, so sometimes the prosecutor moves ahead. Cohen asked what is to stop White from doing things to the files while they are in his possession? Cohen said MPS Det./Sgt. Marc Moore said that White admitted to him some of what he had done, so Moore could charge White on that while they work on multiple additional charges. “All the clients believe he has an amazing power over the state police which is feeding a frenzy. There are a lot of upset people,” Cohen said. “They can’t get anything moving at the state police,” he said. “There is no sense of urgency.” Cohen said after White’s bankruptcy proceedings are over his former clients will be able to move forward with their cases, but until then White has many files at his disposal.

Sumpter fire fighters set annual Chicken Broil Sumpter Township fire fighters will hold their annual Chicken Broil from noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 8, at the fire hall, Sumpter Road at Kozma.

EARLY DEADLINES VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany - [PDF Document] (18)

Page 1� Belleville Area Independent/August �9, �013August �9, �013/Belleville Area Independent Page 19

Van Buren TownshipPolice Dispatch Log

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”

Mark Twain (Continued on page 19)

Sumpter TownshipPolice Dispatch Log

Belleville PoliceDispatch Log

The following are selected calls for VBT Police.

Sunday, Aug. 1�: 0005 – property damage accident, WB I-94 / Rawsonville 0005 – fight, Walden Woods 0129 – disorderly conduct, Walmart 0436 – breaking & entering, 11044 Borgman Rd. 0457 – property damage accident, NB I-275 / marker 19 1003 – malicious destruction of property, 44012 Timberview Ct. 1101 – juvenile complaint, 9239 Parkwood Dr. 1224 – unauthorized driving away of auto, 6390 Gilmore St. 1230 – operating while intoxicated, Rawsonville / Textile 1314 – malicious destruction of property, 10276 Belleville Rd. 1408 – larceny, 2037 Rawsonville Rd. 1446 – private property accident, 10760 Belleville 1531 – noise complaint, 48 N. Ponderosa Trl. 1611 – lake complaint, Huron River Dr./DNR boat launch 1641 – noise complaint, 6214 Gilmore St. 1709 – harassment call, 6820 Belleville Rd. 1733 – ATV/ORV complaint, Fret/Martinsville 1928 – retail fraud, 45525 N. I-94 Service Dr. 1932 – assault & battery, Van Buren Park 2141 – larceny from auto, Van Buren Park 2222 – assault & battery, 54 Maple Dr. 2236 – disturbance, 9828 Hamilton St. 2335 – malicious destruction of property, 9226 Parkwood Dr.Monday, Aug. 19: 0303 – larceny, 46121 Village Green Ln. 0549 – property damage accident, Rawsonville / Bog 0841 – assault & battery, 6735 Haggerty Rd. 1124 – private property accident, 42350 Van Born 1217 – suicide or attempt, 2033 Rawsonville Rd. 1728 – property damage accident, 10760 Belleville 1728 – juvenile complaint, 45525 N. I-94 Service 1957 – hospice, 95 Maple Dr. 2008 – fraud, WalmartTuesday, Aug. �0: 1042 – fraud, 10930 Belleville Rd. 1407 – property damage accident, Belleville/Tyler 1444 – fraud, Meijer 1457 – property damage accident, 9700 Belleville 1518 – narcotics crime, 45501 S. I-94 Service Dr. 1549 – narcotics crime, VB Plaza 1653 – property damage accident, Beck/Ecorse 1951 – private property accident, 6421 Briarwood 2057 – disturbance, Shell 2210 – noise complaint, 46171 Village Green Lane 2244 – assault & battery, 14490 Wildbrook Dr.Wednesday, Aug. �1: 0230 – trespassing, 46461 Village Green Lane 0839 – larceny, 437 Sumpter Rd. 0853 – assault & battery, 6373 E.. Sadie Ln. 0858 – private property accident, 42350 Van Born 0922 – unauthorized driving away of auto, 7872 Kirkridge Park Dr. 1134 – unauthorized driving away of auto, 485 Main St. 1140 – assault & battery, 49218 Paloma Dr. 1228 – larceny, 11837 Meadows Cir. 1412 – assault & battery, 49251 S. I-94 Service Dr. 1523 – private property accident, 42350 Van Born 1747 – malicious destruction of property, 44888 bl. Greenbriar Dr. 1810 – harassment call, 7927 Kirkridge Park Dr. 1828 – unauthorized driving away of auto, 9700 Belleville Rd. 2028 – shots fired, 9469 Van Buren St. 2134 – noise complaint, Savage School 2135 – suspicious situation, Tyler/Van Buren St. 2146 – malicious destruction of property, Tyler / Van Buren St. 2148 – assault & battery, 7869 Chloe Ct. 2207 – mental, 9532 Wheatgrass Ln. 2256 – sexual assault, 6 BrandiThursday, Aug. ��: 0111 – retail fraud, Walmart 0945 – narcotics crime, 50953 S. I-94 Service Dr. 1043 – harassment call, 5964 Vernon St.

1047 – personal injury accident, Rawsonville/Lake 1116 – unauthorized driving away of auto, 41480 W. Archwood 1127 – larceny, 41775 Ecorse 1429 – breaking & entering, 9485 Rolan Meadows 1550 – sexual assault, 783 E. Huron River Dr. 1635 – assault & battery, 49251 S. I-94 Service Dr. 1723 – narcotics crime, Building 19, Parkwood 1757 – suicide or attempt, 51286 Sylvia Dr. 1821 – trespassing, 45501 Harmony Lane 1923 – malicious destruction of property, 46000 bl. Lake Villa Dr. 2359 – disorderly conduct, 6159 E. AdamsFriday, Aug. �3: 0808 – larceny from auto, 48171 Bayshore Dr. 0850 – malicious destruction of property, 46161 Village Green Lane 0853 – private property accident, 8800 Parkwood Manor 1003 – property damage accident, Ecorse / Woodlands 1030 – mental, 46425 Tyler Rd. 1053 – suspicious situation, 48161 Bayshore Dr. 1113 – property damage accident, 574 W. Columbia Ave. 1414 – disorderly conduct, 46425 Tyler Rd. 1651 – retail fraud, Walmart 1703 – personal injury accident, Belleville/Van Born 1714 – personal injury accident, EB I-94/Belleville 1738 – personal injury accident, 43466 N. I-94 Service Dr. 1759 – ATV/ORV complaint, 10917 Van Buren St 1809 – trespassing, Walmart 1827 – disturbance, 10958 Oak Lane 1907 – larceny from auto, 16640 Bak Rd. 1935 – trespassing, Walmart 2114 – fraud, Walmart 2129 – disturbance, Sumpter/HullSaturday, Aug. �4: 0132 – disturbance, Belleville/BP 0141 – larceny from auto, 45501 N. I-94 Service 0143 – private property accident, 10760 Belleville 0249 – disturbance, 6240 W. Adams 0307 – suicide or attempt, 43333 Alva Dr. 0310 – noise complaint, Farm/Bog 0930 – disturbance, Dellor home 1015 – breaking & entering, 49702 W. Huron River Dr. 1042 – assault & battery, 45707 S. I-94 Service Dr. 1111 – private property accident, Walmart 1220 – property damage accident, 16531 Haggerty 1431 – private property ccident, 10950 Belleville 1446 – larceny, 50521 W. Huron River Dr., Pine Creek 1602 – suspicious situation, Rawsonville/Old Michigan 1605 – assault & battery, 9880 Haggerty Rd. 1758 – ATV/ORV complaint, 10917 Van Buren 1759 – property damage accident, 49000 Denton 1908 – private property accident, 11530 Belleville 1923 – breaking & entering, 48920 Denton Rd. 1958 – property damage accident, 50651 Old Michigan 2009 – juvenile complaint, 16800 Lohr 2029 – intimidation threat, Meijer 2053 – suspicious situation, 10540 Dewitt 2339 – fraud, WalmartAlso on this week’s log are 174 traffic stops, 74 of which were on the I-94 and I-275 freeways.

Sunday, Aug. 1�: 0000 – suspicious person, 568 W. Thornhill Ct. 0427 – intimidation threat, 201 Belle Villa Blvd. 0825 – trespassing, 54 Loza Ln. 1346 – suspicious person, Horizon Park 1434 – intrusion alarm, 45201 Owen St., school 1450 – suspicious situation, 113 Carmell St. 1609 -- suspicious vehicle, 213 Victorian Ln. 1629 – harassment call, 6 Main St. 1720 – harassment call, 6 Main St. 1944 – intrusion alarm, 275 W. Columbia Ave., Columbia Court 2150 – civil matter, 241 Second St. 2154 – civil matter, 226 S. Aberdeen Ct. 2242 – civil matter, Horizon Park

Monday, Aug. 19: 0743 – miscellaneous complaint, 10948 Van Buren 0954 – assist fire dept., 28 Loza Lane 1124 – domestic assault, 156 Belle Villa Blvd. 1246 – mental, 265 Main St. 1350 – traffic complaint, Belleville/I-94 Service 1542 – trespassing, 167 Fourth St., library 1604 – assist fire dept., 25 Owen 1621 – civil matter, 315 Brain St. 2008 – follow-up, 315 Brain St. 2027 – civil matter, 4 Belle Villa Blvd. 2310 – miscellaneous complaint, 6 Main St. 2342 – agency assist, 46425 TylerTuesday, Aug. �0: 0202 – welfare check, 25 Main St., minimart 0232 – suspicious vehicle, 645 W. Columbia Ave. 0407 – suspicious situation, 6 Menlo Park Dr. 0814 – information, High/Roys 0910 – miscellaneous complaint, 95 Bedell St. 1137 – fraud, 6 Main St. 1200 – trespassing, 125 S. Edgemont Ave. 1353 – parking complaint, Victorian Ln./Victorian Ct. 1354 – assist fire dept., 109 W. Columbia Ave. 1414 – property damage accident, BHS 1433 – property damage accident, South St. / W. Columbia Ave. 1656 – assist fire dept., 118 Wexford Ave. 1701 – animal complaint, 517 High St. 1824 – suspicious vehicle, Bayou Grill 2057 – intimidation threat, 87 Carmell St. 2259 – miscellaneous complaint, 6 Main St.Wednesday, Aug. �1: 0421 – larceny, 351 Edison Ave. 1017 – follow-up, 156 Belle Villa Blvd. 1030 – harassment call, 125 N. Edgemont Ave. 1107 – larceny, 331 Edison Ave. 1119 – agency assist, 34 Loza Lane 1209 – unauthorized driving away of auto, 458 Main St. 1255 – larceny, 25 Main St., minimart 1618 – breaking & entering, 450 W. Columbia 1727 – civil matter, 368 E. Huron River Dr. 2026 – welfare check, 416 Robbe St. 2139 – noise complaint, Savage School 2356 – suspicious person, 573 E. Thornhill Ct.Thursday, Aug. ��: 0013 – suspicious situation, 275 W. Columbia Ave., Columbia Court 0522 – animal complaint, 160 Church St. 0649 – assist fire dept., 8 Santa Clara St. 0925 – larceny, 435 Victorian Ln. 0943 – trespassing, 140 Church St. 1006 – suspicious vehicle, 60 E. Columbia Ave. 1152 – trespassing, 140 Church St. 1507 – follow-up, 161 Church St. 1555 – juvenile complaint, 110 Carmell St. 1629 – trespassing, 251 Church St. 1646 – domestic assault, 6 Main St. 1649 – parking complaint, Main/High 1728 – warrant arrest, 570 Clinton 2008 – assist fire dept., 279 Church St. 2147 – intrusion alarm, BHSFriday, Aug. �3: 0548 – suspicious vehicle, Denton/curves 0835 – trespassing, 256 Second St. 1033 – domestic assault, 357 E. Columbia Ave. 1114 – property damage accident, W. Columbia / High 1224 – property damage accident, BHS 1229 – breaking & entering, 176 W. Columbia 1310 – E-911 cellular, W. Columbia/BHS 1432 – E-911 cellular, 275 W. Columbia Ave., Columbia Court 1555 – shots fired, 805 Estrada 2026 – animal complaint, 111 Bedell St. 2117 – suspicious vehicle, Owen school 2130 – agency assist, Sumpter/Hull 2353 – civil matter, 132 Carmell St.Saturday, Aug. �4: 0023 – parking complaint, 478 E. Waterbury Ct. 0120 – follow up, 161 Church St. 0156 – agency assist, 47904 Hull 0622 – background investigation, 6 Main 0914 – vehicle lockout, Belleville Medical Clinic 1338 – malicious destruction of property, 6 Main 1618 – intrusion alarm, BHSAlso on this week’s log are 42 traffic stops.

Sunday, Aug. 1�: 0204 – fire dept. assist, 50000 bl. Judd Rd. 0415 – property damage accident, 25000 bl. Karr 0809 – suspicious vehicle, 22000 bl. Karr Rd. 1705 – suspicious incident, 46000 bl. Wear Rd. 1729 – follow-up investigation, out of township 1742 – suspicious incident, Willow/Elwell 1917 – animal bite, 5500 bl. Oakville Waltz Rd. 1941 – traffic hazard, Karr/Arkona 2217 – larceny, 28000 bl. Sumpter Rd. 2330 – civil dispute, 40000 bl. Harris Rd.Monday, Aug. 19: 0223 – warrant arrest, Harris/Martinsville 0302 – suspicious incident, 45000 bl. Willis Rd. 0649 – follow-up investigation, 23000 bl. Sumpter 1150 – citizen assist, 23000 bl. Haggerty Rd. 1218 – animal complaint, 21000 bl. Karr Rd. 1341 – suspicious person, 44000 bl. Judd Rd. 1703 – civil dispute, California 1715 – follow-up investigation, 21000 bl. Karr 1856 – assist other agency, 44000 bl. Judd Rd. 2026 – fire dept. assist, 22000 bl. Sherwood Rd. 2240 – suspicious vehicle, 25000 bl. Sumpter Rd. 2306 – noise complaint, 45000 bl. Judd Rd.Tuesday, Aug. �0: 0640 – fire dept. assist, 48000 bl. Willis Rd. 0759 – parking complaint, 44000 bl. Willis Rd. 1046 – fire dept. assist, 28000 bl. Karr Rd. 1138 – animal complaint, 23000 bl. Sumpter Rd. 1150 – recovered stolen vehicle, Greenmeadow 1239 – follow-up investigation, out of township 1257 – animal complaint, 23000 bl. Sumpter Rd. 1426 – suspicious vehicle, Carriage Ln. 1451 – follow-up investigation, 23000 bl. Sumpter 1507 – follow-up investigation, 23000 bl. Sumpter 1752 – malicious destruction of property, 24000 bl. Martinsville Rd. 1800 – fire dept. assist, Greenmeadow 2043 – well-being check, 47000 bl. Bemis Rd.Wednesday, Aug. �1: 0022 – suspicious person, Rustic Ln. 1335 – fire dept. assist, California 1511 – citizen assist, 4700 bl. Oakville Waltz Rd. 1635 – family trouble, 26000 bl. Sumpter Rd. 1724 – traffic hazard, 6700 bl. Oakville Waltz Rd. 1951 – civil dispute, 43000 bl. Willow Rd. 2010 – alarm, 20000 bl. Clark Rd. 2035 – assist other agency, Willow/ClarkThursday, Aug. ��: 0112 – citizen assist, Willow/Rawsonville 0603 – assist other agency, 23000 bl. Sumpter Rd. 0627 – suspicious person, 19000 bl. Sumpter Rd. 0842 – animal complaint, 21000 bl. Elwell Rd. 1003 – child abuse/neglect, 20000 bl. Haggerty 1039 – animal complaint, 46000 bl. Wear Rd. 1049 – animal complaint, 21000 bl. Elwell Rd. 1159 – family trouble, Greenmeadow 1302 – suspicious vehicle, 19000 bl. Sumpter Rd. 1331 – well-being check, 22000 bl. Bohn Rd. 1506 – shots fired, 23000 bl. Sumpter Rd. 1541 – follow-up investigation, out of township 1717 – warrant arrest, out of township 1914 – follow-up investigation, 5500 bl. Oakville Waltz Rd. 1922 – follow-up investigation, 5500 bl. Oakville Waltz Rd. 1935 – follow-up investigation, 5600 Oakville Waltz Rd. 1940 – property damage accident, Rawsonville / Judd 2341 – malicious destruction of property, HampshireFriday, Aug. �3: 0746 – follow-up investigation, 25000 bl. Carleton West Rd. 0822 – warrant arrest, Country Club 0848 – fight, 17000 bl. Sumpter Rd. 0905 – larceny, 50000 bl. Willis Rd. 0919 – citizen assist, 47000 bl. Willis Rd. 1022 – ordinance violation, 24000 bl. Karr Rd. 1053 – assist other agency, 22000 bl. Fenster 1139 – citizen assist, 23000 bl. Sumpter Rd. 1212 – fire dept. assist, 19000 bl. Clark Rd. 1215 – suspicious person, 47000 bl. Willow Rd. 1313 – suspicious vehicle, Sumpter/Bemis 1430 – follow-up investigation, 20000 bl. Sumpter 1435 – follow-up investigation, 23000 bl. Sumpter 1620 – assist other agency, 22000 bl. Clark Rd.

EARLY DEADLINES VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany - [PDF Document] (19)

Page 1� Belleville Area Independent/August �9, �013August �9, �013/Belleville Area Independent Page 19

Bethany church(continued from page 1)

(Continued from page 18)

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Sumpter TownshipPolice Dispatch Log

Office: 734-753-4905Ken: 734-250-1968Mark: 734-502-3383


2ND GENERATION ROOFERSPet of the WeekFriends of Michigan

Animals Rescue

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1820 – 911 hangup, Redwood 2044 – threats complaint, Rustic Lane 2236 – follow-up investigation, 20000 bl. Sherwood Rd. 2236 – assault, Rustic LaneSaturday, Aug. �4: 0159 – fire dept. assist, 40000 bl. Harris Rd. 0240 – property damage accident, Elwell/Arkona 0920 – follow-up investigation, 23000 bl. Sumpter 1143 – civil dispute, 23000 bl. Sumpter Rd. 1244 – animal bite, 18000 bl. Martinsville Rd. 1326 – well-being check, 44000 bl. Arkona Rd. 1448 – animal complaint, 22000 bl. Clark Rd. 1525 – fire dept. assist, 43000 bl. Judd Rd. 1535 – alarm, Oregon 1537 – assault, Rustic Lane 1547 – follow-up investigation, 22000 bl. Clark 1618 – shots fired, Redwood 1738 – follow-up investigation, 20000 bl. Sherwood Rd. 1949 – animal complaint, 45000 bl. Paris Dr. 1950 – ORV complaint, 24000 bl. Sherwood Rd. 2041 – ORV complaint, 20000 bl. Haggerty Rd. 2056 – ORV complaint, 24000 bl. Sherwood Rd. 2128 – noise complaint, 47000 bl. Wear Rd. 2308 – family trouble, 22000 bl. Sherwood Rd.Also on this week’s log are 39 miscellaneous details, 112 patrol checks, and 71 traffic stops.

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Loyer wanted to know if there is a new air conditioner, since he hears the church’s air conditioner on the roof kicking in at night. He wanted to know if storm drainage will be kept on site. Another neighbor, Pat Veerkamp of 791 Greylock, complained that she is going to lose her view of the woods when they decimate it for parking. She said she would like a huge, guaranteed buffer. “When they built the daycare, the planning commission required a buffer that turned out less than intended,” Veerkamp said. Duane Bonner, Bethany’s senior pastor since 2010, of 43249 Bradley, said he would like Pat Veerkamp and Darwin Loyer to come sit down with him, since he hasn’t met them yet. “We’d like to work on the buffer and privacy,” he said. Kevin Losen, chairman of the building committee, said he has attended Bethany since 1970 at the age of five and was elected to the board in 1984. He said they have been at the present location since 1959 and, “We have a rich

history of giving back” to the community. He said there are nine different neighbors that connect to their property and they are all good people and, “We rarely get complaints.” Losen, who is retired from the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department, said there is no history of complaints to the police from neighbors. “We deny those allegations and desire to have a wonderful relationship,” he said of the charges by Loyer and Veerkamp. He pointed out the two other neighbors that were present to show their support. “Our growth forced us out of our auditorium to the gymnasium,” Losen said. He said in initial talks with Van Buren Township it was suggested the church try to buy more property. The church spent $100,000 to purchase property and hire an architect and engineer. “We pledge to be responsive to concerns,” Losen said. Planning Commission Chairwoman Carol Thompson answered questions brought by Loyer and Veerkamp: There is no planned loading zone. The plan is for rooftop HVAC units that will be shielded and there will be no change to the current units. This is unlikely to add noise. All storm water will be retained on site. Trees will come out for the parking lot on the west. She said as they go through the site plan they will make sure the fire hydrants and water pressure are correct, as part of the mechanical plans. Sally Hodges of McKenna Associates planning consultants said the township ordinance requires the parking lot be screened from residences with plantings or masonry. She said in an existing development the tree ordinance does not apply. Thompson said the township economic development and planning director Arthur Mullen is willing to sit down with the neighbors and the church and work out the problems.

Hoppe told the commission that the church has limited funds and he wondered how long it would take to know the township’s decision. Hodges said it would be two or four weeks before the commission votes on whether to recommend the special use to the township board. She said they will deal with the preliminary site plan at the same time so the township board will have them both at once.

BYC files with Tax Tribunal for relief from tax on new clubhouse

By Rosemary K. OtzmanIndependent Editor

BYC Commodore Scott Jones has filed an appeal with the Michigan Tax Tribunal seeking a reduction of property taxes on the former Moose Lodge that is now the BYC clubhouse. The 3.98 acres of lakeside property and building at 831 East Huron River Drive was assessed taxes of $10,411.12, which was paid on July 8. The property was purchased by the. BYC from the Moose on Jan. 14, for $251,000. The winter taxes of $2,879.85 were paid on Jan.18, along with the summer 2012 taxes of $10,569.77. The State Equalized Valuation of the property for 2013 was $498,900, which is supposed to be half of its real value. After an unsuccessful appeal to the Van Buren Township Board of Review, Jones took his appeal to the state tribunal. BYC stands for Belleville Yacht Club, but the yacht club name is legally owned by the owner of Johnny’s Grill. The Moose Lodge is in the process of purchasing the PNA Hall and 4.2 acres from Sumpter Township for $175,000 and hopes to hold an open house after it moves in this fall.

EARLY DEADLINES VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany - [PDF Document] (20)

Page �0 Belleville Area Independent/August �9, �013

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EARLY DEADLINES VBT Planners hold public hearing on Bethany - [PDF Document] (2024)
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